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Nudist Publications

Nudist have been around since Adam & Eve. It's more accepted in public in a lot of countries is Europe, Asia and Africa. Here in the US it's still, to this day, just like sex, on the taboo list. I've & gatherings and it seems much more natural to me. You'll be surprise whom nudist really are. You may know some practicing nudist and not even know it. I encourage people all the time to go to a nude beach, or resort and try it out. Nudist are far more judgeless than anyone else. There are all types, shapes and sizes, do your research and go take a look see. These are some nudist publications from the past I came across, there are still nudist publications, but most, like the majority of magazines, are all online now. Check 'em out, don't be shy, let's get naked!

FYI, nudist resorts aren't sex clubs. While sex clubs do exist and very popular, you know where to go for that sort of thing. My favorite place to cruise for sex is Adult Book Stores, most have a theater and or video booths, and you know me, I've been totally naked there too, but that's another story. Go experience the nudist culture, and enjoy your life ~ naked!

Are you a nudist? Do you hang out nude on occasions are as much as possible? Have a story to share? Send it to me, or reach out to me, let's talk. Email me at:

Comments are more than welcome, post below!

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