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My Nudist Neighbors are becomeing a Tourist Attracton

Some of us would shudder at the thought of being caught stark naked by our neighbors.

But one man has told how he was left red-faced when he found out his new next-door neighbors were nudists, who have no issue parading around with it all hanging out. While it's against the law to expose yourself in public, there are no rules that say you can't walk around your own property naked, if you so wish. Taking to Reddit, he explained: "All the homes are very close, and there's not a lot of us, it's a small community. "Anyways, our somewhat new neighbors are two nudist men and they're very proud to show off their lifestyle." He continued: "Things have been quiet for the past few months due to the colder weather, but now that the sun is out, their junk is out! "There's not much we can do about this, there are no complaints to be made, or laws being violated." But despite feeling the way he does, he did go on to admit that he can't help but see the funny side when he witnesses a "grown man push mowing his front lawn completely nude."

He said: "I mean, who would want lawn clippings blown all over their naked body? Weed-Whacking, naked. The confidence is off the charts!

"It's a very very unique lifestyle I'll never understand." And it's not only the man who got more than he bargained for, with drivers by even getting an unsuspecting glimpse.

"They're becoming local legends of the town though, everyone drives by their home, and then puts their car in reverse because they can't believe what they've seen," he continued.

"They're not loud or intrusive, so I wouldn't classify them as neighbors from hell, but they're interesting enough I thought a post here would be humorous," It wasn't long before the post garnered quite the response, with one writing: "That's kind of amazing.

"I'm surprised being out in the front lawn isn't considered indecent exposure, especially if there are kids around." A second commented: "I would kill to have my whole block be nudist in exchange for my neighbors from hell. "Sounds like a dream to have a couple keep to themselves but they're just naked." A third added: "Not loud or intrusive. You win the neighborhood lottery."

A special thanks to the US Sun for this article.

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08 мая

I've made my back yard 'somewhat' private, my neighbors can see me if I'm in certain parts of the yard, however, they know I'm a nudist, and no one cares.


Really wish I could do that here. In our old house in the country, I could do anything naked outdoors on three sides of my house. Sadly, we moved to town years ago, and there's no way to pull that off here.

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