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Q & A About Driving Nude

Just about every time someone learns about the 'Naked Trucker'. and me being a nudist, if it be online, Grindr, or in conversation, I get ask a lot of questions. Some are curious, some are intrigued, some want to know 'how'. So here are the questions I get ask the most, I thought I'd address them here just in case you too have often wondered but never ask. Now just a disclaimer, public nudity in most cases are against the law, unless it's in a designated area, place or a function, i.e. Naked Bike Ride, etc.

I'm also going to post a couple of articles about being naked on your own property, it's a very grey area, but I think you'll enjoy the read and maybe explore your own area. Here we go....

Have you ever been seen driving naked?

Most likely yes, but I can only recall once when going slow in traffic not very long ago. You see, my advantage is in a big rig. I set up high, the only other people that can see me is other truck drivers, and maybe someone in the scale house that set up higher than the truck. To address both, I'm no idiot, if I get sequestered to pull into a scale I usually put something over me, or if I have time, pull on my 'close by' emergency shorts. "It's not against the law to drive naked," it's against the law to expose yourself, in other words get out an pump gas in public. The other time was by another trucker. Going slow, very slow, sometimes stopped, because of traffic, the drivers to my left can most likely see me nude, on the right, no. While stopped a driver looked over, saw me, smiled, and gave me a thumbs up. What's he gonna do? Call the law?

Have you ever been seen naked at a truck stop?

Yes. I would say more than a dozen times. Usually you'd have to be looking up into my cab, or, I might have flashed someone going from the front seat to the back. I once had a guy just stand in front of my rig in hopes to see my again. My rig is my home away from home, I'll hang out naked if I like. Not breaking any laws, 'AS LONG AS' I'm not shaking a hard dick to the public, etc. After dark, at certain truck stops (again, I know when & where) I'll take a short nude hike. Usually in the back lot where it's darker than the front lot. I've been caught off guard several times, I don't say anything but 'hey' 'hello' 'how's you', and they usually say hello back, and keep walking. One guy, walking his dog came up on me, we made small talk about a beautify night, weather was great and he continued his dog walk. Almost like he didn't notice. One other time a guy walked up on me, ask about my cock ring, fondled my dick, well, from there we ended up in my sleeper. It happens.

While 'on the road' what's your favorite place to be nude.

Well, driving of course. Second would be choice places I deliver, mostly at night. Most places are out in the country, while unloading a get a good hike in, or just enjoy the night air on my body. I have been totally nude at locations in the cities, at night, however, again, right place right time. One of my favorites is San Antonio, the location if right off a busy thoroughfare, it's almost like hiding in plain site. I love the vulnerability of being naked and not around any clothes. What a fucking rush.

Do you drive your personal vehicle nude?

On road trips yes! Around town? No. Not unless I'm out on a 'drive around town, on my way to the lake, or coming home from a long adventure. But yes, if I'm headed to the lake, the beach, I'm nude, and of course, I have my pull on shorts, eventually I have to stop to get gas, end the trip, etc. but I love my life naked. Nothing sexual about being a nudist. I get ask a lot, 'why do you want to be naked, unless you're having sex?' First off we were meant to be nude, clothes are to keep warm and out of harsh elements. Second, you can have sex with most of your clothes on too. I encourage newbies to hang out naked at home, It's very awkward, but in no time you'll be surprise how you want to more and more.

What if someone sees you and calls the cops?

Two things. Driving or parked? I've been pulled over, randomly, for a road side inspection. I'll have my shorts on before the officer ever gets out of his car. My personal vehicle has tinted windows, so there's that. Parked, my rig, my home. If you look, it's at your own risk. I make a point not to deliberately flash anyone, not my style. Besides, if I get pulled over because someone reported a guy driving nude, again, I'll have shorts on by the time the officer gets to my door, my word against anyone else's. Drivers get called in on 'all the time.' Complaints like; a driver almost ran me off the road, a driver is going to fast, a driver is swerving all over the road, a driver is driving naked. Sorry, I've been told many times by an officer, that the law enforcement has much better things to do than answer petty calls like that, just sayin.

What if something happens and you're involved in a horrific accident?

Fist off, let's hope not! Second, I guess they'll find a naked truck driver.

Your comments are most welcome, below or to me personally.

You can always keep up with my naked adventures 'on and off' the road on my Only Fans Page.

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