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Naked Chef is back in the Kitchen

On my days off I enjoy a host of things for relaxing and recharging after being on the road for days on in. Yes, I love my nude driving & nude work when I can get away with it. I love my nudity. Especially when I hang out at home doing nude chores, cooking, yard work, and just lounging in my Oasis. Well, this past week, while at home, I took my air fryer. I LOVE THAT MACHINE! From steaks, shrimp, sausage, pizza, french fries, the list is as long as my dick on a hot Saturday night! Whoop!

So I filmed myself in the kitchen cooking a few thing in my air fryer. The food turned out great! Yes, of course you can see my show on my Only Fans Page, but it's a long video and I've split it up in shorter segments and spread it out over a couple of days. Go check it out, I hope you enjoy seeing me cook, drink, and have fun in the nude at home. Go HERE to join my Only Fans Page.

Do you cook in the nude? What's your favorite recipe? Feel free to share your story, cooking or not, if you're in the nude, we want to hear it! Email me at

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