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Naked @ Work

Not everybody gets the pleasure to work naked, or, be naked at work. Wouldn't it be great if your work place was 'clothing optional?' Next question, would you take advantage of it? At my job, truck driving, I have plenty of opportunity to be nude, driving, and quite often delivering. Not so much at the pick up points (gas plants) but more so at delivery points (not all). Many places I deliver have rural locations, no one around, those close to highways are doable, moslty at night. I've delivered almost 'down town' San Antonio completely naked, and loved the rush. Of course, it was after midnight, the business was closed and I had the facility to myself. I've also took advantage at other risky places as well. Some of you might ask? Why take that risk? First and foremost, it's an awesome feeling being nude. Thus the nudist in me. I see no problem being nude, however, in our society nudity as well as sex is so taboo. Second, it's sorta a rush being all natural anywhere you go, work is really a plus. Have I ever been caught? Well, first off the work 'caught' is if someone is looking for you. So with that said, I've been walked up on a time or two. Both times at a truck stop, late at night while I was taking a naked stroll in the far back lot. One guy, walking his dog, made small talk and never mentions or even asked about me being naked. (In my opinion, no one really gives a fuck) The other, complemented me and fondled my cock. So, as I tell people that ask me about being nude at work, I know when it the 'right time/right place.

If you're new to nudism or have pondered the idea, try it out at home. Hang out doing you daily routine nude. Maybe for an hour or two. I promise that hour or two will grow to all day, then every chance you get. Check out a nude beach near you, or maybe a nude resort. Some countries have a 'clothing optional' law. You can go nude where ever you like. Google it.

Your comments and or questions are always welcome, and if you have a story or two to share, let me know, I'd love to post it here on my blog.

You can always check out my daily video clips and nude adventures on my Only Fans Page.

Proceeds' go to maintain this website.

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being nude is so natural to me. I would be very comfortable at a nudist camp and not worry about getting a hard on . If I did I think they would be good with it and it would be like a compliment .

Jul 16, 2023
Replying to

It happens, I've been to a nude beach and spotted a few stiff cocks, not in a sexual way, it just happens, part of the male make up. It's always a subject brought up from guys that have never been to a nude venue, (beach, resort, etc) they ask what happens when you get a hard on, or I'd get a hard on being naked with a bunch of people. Not gonna happen, trust me.

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