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Naked on the Road

I've already explained about driving nude. Even at home, on a long trip, to the lake, to the beach, I'm all natural as well. Hasn't anything to do with sex or a type of perversion as some suggest. Don't knock it until you try it. I get ask many questions about driving nude, hanging out nude, cruising truckers, getting cruised, questions on all fronts and then some. Here are some answers to many of your questions, and by all means, if you have a question about any of the topics I cover, please ask. I'll answer.

Have you ever been caught/seen driving nude?

As far as caught, no. Usually I get the bypass on weight stations, I do, however, have a handy pair of gym shorts I can pull on in motion if need be. Seen? Maybe, if so I didn't know about it. I do pass and get passed by other truckers that can possibly see me, they would have to be intentionally looking to see moving at any speed. There is traffic back ups, I have nothing to hide, or am I putting on a sex show, so if they were to see me all they would be seeing is a nude dude behind the wheel. In my personal vehicle my windows are dark tinted, so there's that.

How do you get away with hanging out nude at a truck stop?

I've often mentioned walking around said truck stops nude. Well, not all truck stops. I know which ones I can and cannot get away with a nice night time naked stroll. Usually it's between trucks, behind trucks on the back row (better known as 'Honey Moon Row', got it's name from all the lot lizards hanging out on the back row looking to give a cheap fuck) where most times it's darker. I've been spotted by a trucker or two walking their dogs or putting trash in the trash cans. One guy made small talk, never mentioned my being nude. One trucker said 'it is a nice night of a nude walk, with there was a lake it'd be great to go skinny dipping.' So, right place at the right time. I don't stroll around looking for sex, however, once a guy walked up on me and ask about my cock ring. And started fondling my cock as he looked it over. One thing lead to another, needless to say we were back in my cab giving each other a blow job.

Have you ever been seen other nude truckers?

As a matter of fact yes. I like to walk about 2 miles a day. On the road, depending on my day, I walk around the truck stop for about an hour to get those miles in, a lot of truckers do. Younger truckers will be jogging/running around the truck stops to stay in shape, etc. Just about dusk I was walking around a Loves Truck Stop in Alabama I parked next to a truck with a nude driver behind the wheel looking at his phone. Why not. Your rig, your home. Nothing sexual at all. I do the same thing, I like to people watch, so I too set up front, drinking coffee, or what ever, checking out my phone doing paper work and such. Once, and I had to laugh, I was parked; minding my own business when a truck parked next to me. When the driver noticed I was nude, he pulled out and parked elsewhere. I thought it was funny. I'm comfortable in my own skin.

Have you ever had 'unexpected sex?'

Yes. I was parked in Columbia SC, my monthly run, on a 34 hour break. I was Sunday morning, I was sitting in the front seat drinking coffee wondering how I was going to entertain myself for the day. A guy drove up in a pick up next to my truck, rolled down his window and ask if I've seen the 'truck wash guy' ( a guy that power washes rigs at the truck stops). I hadn't. He ask if I get any lot lizard action on the road, of course, no, and wouldn't if I had the chance. He lived in Columbia, drove locally, so he said, and could hook me up with some action if I wanted it, he even knew some tranny girls if I were interested. I laughed and said I was good. He got out and stepped up my running board to continue chatting. 'Fuck! Your naked.' He barked. Then looked around to see if anyone heard him. I explained I was a nudist, I'm naked as much as I can. He seemed a little excited yet nervous, 'you suck dick?' He ask. 'What does that have to do with me sitting here naked. Kind of stereotyping don't you think?' I ask him. He apologized and was sorry if he insulted me. I replied, 'fuck yeah, you want a blow job?' With a confused look on his face, 'yeah, but someone will see us.' There was no body around, and it took me another 30 minutes to convince him it would be alright, 'Get in and pull your dick out.' Needless to say, mission accomplished. I think the guy was cruising to begin with, doesn't happen often, but it does happen.

Do you always drive nude?

Not locally, or trips less than 200 miles, I spend more time dressing and undressing and it's a time killer. Locally no, long hauls yes.

Nude hiking, places to hang out nude, how do you find those?

The more secluded areas you can find a good naked hike spot. Of course usually you're on private property and have to be careful. Some places in west Texas where I deliver are quite secluded, makes a great place to soak up sun and take a naked hike. The lake I frequent locally there are some secluded areas, I can get away with a good nude hike, even a place or two I can go fishing in the nude.

When hosting a trick in your truck, are you nude when they show up?

Of course. On any cruising venue (app) my handle is Naked Trucker. I get more curiosity seekers than any action actually. Of course, I like conversation as well. You'll be surprised at the guys that have always fantasized about being with a trucker, especially a naked trucker. If it happens and a trick shows up, knowing I'm already naked, they still have that surprised look on their face. I've even met other guys that like to be nude as well, and just want hang out nude, no contact. I'm cool with that too. I'm always up to meeting new friends. Side note, you would think as many places I've travel, and stay, I would have friends at all these places. It's actually hard to find locals in any area, and when you do, it's usually a one time thing. Amazing.

I'm always up for answering your questions, please feel free to email me, even if you'd like to say hello. Comments area always welcome as well. Log in and leave one. Email me anytime at;

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