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Naked at Home (New Assignment)

Today's assignment, go naked 'at home'. Yes, get naked, stay naked 'at home.' For those of you that 'want' to be a nudist, but put it off, start off at home. Try it! No one can see you. So why be shy? Your dog, your cat, they could care less, go naked! Yes, at first it's kinda odd, so to speak, but, give it a minute or two, you'll be surpirsed. As I've heard it told, and it's true, when you put on clothes, you're putting on a character, think about that a minute. Yes You Are! So, hang out at the house, naked. Do laundry, do the dishes, make your bed, water your house plants, make lunch, enjoy the 'clothes free life' and let me know how it feels. Trust me, you'll thank me later.

Go! Get naked, and enjoy your day. Next assignment tomorrow. Stay naked!

Tim ~ aka Naked Trucker

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