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Drive Naked

OK, now we've done the 'naked at home' assignment, let's move forward to 'nude driving.' Come on, you did good hangin' out at home naked, why not extend you new nudism 'on the road?' I do! Every day! I'm a 'naked trucker' for cryin out loud. Being naked is 'first nature' to me. I'd rather be nude than not. Yes, I wear clothes and I always have emergency pull on shorts. For the record, I'm far from stupid. Ok, let's get started, are your windows tinted? If not, that's ok, most likely, no one is looking at you! The fun part is walking out to your car nude, lol, but, that's ok if you wear a little something, get in, get naked, go down the road. You Will Be Surprised how liberating this assignment can be. Trust me, you are learning to be BRAVE, and enjoying the naked life you deserve. Sometimes it gets a little 'risky' but that's ok, the adrenalin rush can be better than a 420 party at the neighbor's hot tub party, trust me! So there you have it, get out, get naked, take a drive, trust me, you will do it more & more & more and LOVE IT! Be sober, be safe, and enjoy your naked life!

Tim ~ aka Naked Trucker

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Used to drive naked on long trips before everyone had cell phones. once I could tell a trucker was male and solo sometimes I’d stroke for them. Sometimes they would try and run me off the road but many enjoyed watching and encouraged me to cum. It was not unusual to have one flash his lights and we’d pull over at the next exit. Sleeper sex can be a helluva lot of fun!

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