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You Be the Judge

Here's a little something to ponder on, it's said the color of a guy's lips are the same color as the head of his dick? Well, I've sucked a lot of dick and kissed a lot of lips, but never gave it much thought. Makes sense though. I've also have heard that the color of your nipple is the same color as your ass hole? Who sees that? Or looks at his long enough to tell? Again, I've nibbled on many a nipple and rimmed a lot of ass holes, but never gave it much thought. So, my question to all my readers, is the color of my 'naked lips' (no chap stick) the same color as my cock head? Take a good look and leave a comment, I want to know your thoughts. And IF you're really interested enough, I'll post my ass hole, pre & post a good fucking, and my nipple, you tell me if they are the same. I'll bet some of you will have a mirror in hand tonight checking out your ass color. Don't be shy, I already have. Leave a comment. This should be fun! Tim.

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