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World Naked Gardening Day 2023

May 6th every year is 'World Naked Gardening Day', get out get naked and grow something! Do it in the nude. Of course, if you follow me, I do just about everything in the nude, every chance I get. Currently my back yard is trash after the winter took it's toll on my tropical plants, however, Mother Nature does her thing, I'm just dragging ass on doing mine. I'll have it all back in shape shortly. With neighbors behind me, I have made my back yard pretty much private. IF you wanted to see what was going on, one would have to step on a ladder, or stool to peak over the fence. I'll make a short video on my private back yard to share. Maybe you too can get some ideas to make you a private naked place at home.

I love working with my plants, it's my personal therapy from dealing with idiots on the highways. My escape so to speak. Of course, if you're a nudist, that too lifts a lot of stress when you're naked, you don't give two shits when you're nude, it's a freedom! If you're a plant person, get naked and take care of your plants today, who knows, you just might want to stay that way.

Happy 'World Naked Gardening Day' everyone! Stay naked!

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Want to see the 'Kinky' side of me? Check out my videos HERE

And as always, please leave a comment, share a pic (or two) or ask me anything. Enjoy your day!

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