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'Well I Ain't Never!' Until Now....

There’s two things a Trucker really depends on when it comes down to the nut cuttin. A good CB for weather reports, road conditions, emergencies, etc. and getting cruised of course, and you need a good road map. Now, the most important thing is the GTC! Yeah, maybe I’m plugging the guy’s magazine in this true story, but let me tell you fellas something. The GTC has helped me meet more men ‘on the road’ than any other way I can imagine. I can hook up with guys ‘coast to coast’ by reading the ads and responding to them out of each issue. I have a network of horny guys, just about in every state I travel. I have met some wonderful people and continue to do so as long as I have my latest issue of the classifieds. If you are a cruiser, ‘place you damn ad’ so we guys driving trucks can meet you! If you are a Trucker, that enjoys man to man play, you are a nut traveling without one! Now, this brings me to my story.

I started driving about four years ago. I’m a gay man, very straight acting, more red neck than anything else. I fit well in my profession. I love to suck cock, top a hot bottom, and get fucked like a mad man with a willing well hung top guy. I never in my wildest dream knew so much man to man contact was going on ‘over the road’ until I had my first encounter in a pickle park outside of Oklahoma City. I found a whole new world and love it! I came across the GTC in the book store in the Habanna Inn, I’ve been a subscriber ever since. Before I went over the road, I would have called anyone a liar if they told me about all the road action that went on. Hell, I had to find out on my own and now I have a ‘fuck buddy, good buddy’ network from coast to coast. Some of you know who I am and all of us have had great times, and needless to say, “they continue!” 

I pulled into the rest area north of Oklahoma City one night, headed north, had fueled, showered and ate some grub and had to pull over, pour coffee, take a piss. As I stood between the truck and trailer, cock in hand, a guy came up behind me, ‘hey, you want me to hold that root for ya?’ He ask. ‘Fuck! You scared the fucking shit out of me, damn guy, at least make some noise before you walk up on someone, shit!’ I preached at him. He was a tall scanky looking guy, nice build, but rough looking. After I got over the shock of someone walking up and scaring the life out of me, I thought, what the fuck, I’ve been too fucking busy to jack off, now would be a great time to get a blow job. ‘Yeah, I could use some relieve, you give a blow job?’ I ask. ‘Yes sir, I’ll suck next week’s cum right out of your balls,’ was his reply. Before I could ask him if he wanted to get up in the cab, he dropped to his knees and put my wet dick in his hot mouth. In a few seconds my manhood was up and rock hard. He tugged my balls out of my jeans and played with them and he bobbed back and forth on my cock. As he sucked on my dick, I was really getting into it when I saw a couple of ‘lot lizards’ walking behind my trailer. Lucky for us they kept on waking by. He sucked on my cock like a fucking mad man. He slurped and sucked and squeezed my balls, I could feel my juice working it’s way to the firing chamber. As he sucked I looked down and ask him if he swallowed and as he continued to suck he shook his head yes and didn’t loose a beat! I placed my hands behind his head and pulled him hard into my crotch. I could feel my cum working it’s way up the shaft, his tongue went into over drive and sucked that juice right out of the head of my cock. I damn near fell over it felt so fucking wild! No! That’s not my first blow job from a guy, I’ve been fucking and sucking cock since I was twelve years old, but it’s really wild and crazy out on the road, you just never know when or whom will be your next sex toy. I’ve placed an ad in the GTC and have had great responses, I’ve met up with some really hot guys. I never thought that guys would really get that fucking horny and sex crazed in the sleeper of a truck. It’s totally awesome to get a horny guy in the sleeper after he cruises you in a pickle park. I’ve had more sex in rest areas than any time in my bedroom at home. Get a hot, horny guy in the sleeper and watch the man juice fly. They get so fucking turned on they cum multiple times. One day in Ontario, California, at the trashy truck stops there, I was checking out some ads in the GTC, I came across an ad with a phone number in it and he was looking for passing Truckers in the Vegas area. Since my pay load was taking me to Denver, Vegas would be a great place to take my first break. A few casinos around there have truck parking, good food and free coffee for Truckers. I gave the guy a call and left a message and my cell number, I also left in the message that I was going to be in town for an 8 hour break, thought we could hook up for some sleeper fun. I was looking at a little less than 300 miles, so I figured up my time and told what time I was gonna be there. I was half way to Vegas when my cell rang, and it was the guy I was looking for. He was around my age, into the same thing and sounded quite excited about the hook up. I did some racket jawing on the CB on my way north, ran into a few drivers daring to go over the speed limit and we made Vegas in record time. I gave Randy a call and in no time at all he was cruising the truck lot looking for my truck. I had nothing on when he showed up, butt naked behind the wheel playing with my cock. By the time I got him in the cab I was one horned up mother Trucker. He had on a pair of loose shorts, tank top, slender build, well tan and a huge package. When he saw my naked ass he shucked his clothes in a flash. Without very many words spoken we got in the sleeper and sucked on each other’s cock. His grew, grew and grew as I sucked all I could. I was so fucking hard and ready to shoot my load it was almost unreal. He toyed with my ass hole as I sucked on his cock. I too, played with his hairless hole and fingered it while sucking the precum from his shaft. I wanted to fuck this guy in a bad way. ‘You want your ass fucked? You have such a hot hole, I think my cock could do it some good.’ I told him. He lay on his back and pulled his legs back. His hot hole looked up at me, his 9 plus inch cock lay back on his stomach, his balls hung low. I got my face between his legs, rimmed that waiting hole to get it moist enough to fuck. His huge low hanging balls lay across my nose as I sucked on his fuck hole. He squirmed under me and begged for my hard cock. I pushed his legs back further and shoved my cock in that round small hole. It opened up and my shaft eased into his rectum. Damn, it was like it sucked me right in, tight, that fucker was tight too! I got my whole 8 inches in his ass and his eyes rolled to the back of his head. He let out several moans as I started to work my member in his hole. Damn, not bad at all. I set up some what and grabbed his huge hard cock and used it as a joy sick as I plowed his ass. He grabbed the back of his legs and pulled them back even further. As I fucked him faster and faster and just about ready to leave a huge load of man juice in his ass, he ask for me to fuck him doggie style. I pulled my cock out of his hot ass and flipped him over. He got on all fours and I slid my hard, ready to shoot, right back in his ass. He sat up and I grabbed him around his waste and fucked him as hard as I could. He jacked his cock and sprayed his hot juice all over the wall of my sleeper. About the same time I pumped my man juice up inside his ass. I came and came what felt like buckets full of cum. I set back and his well fucked ass followed. It took us a few minutes to catch out breath, but we were both well fucked out. Randy is a great guy, and to date, every time I know I’m headed through Vegas, we hook up and catch up on some fucking fun. He can fuck a hot ass too! The last time we hooked up he fucked my hot hairy hole and it was a few days before the soreness went away. It felt so fucking good, and I’ve jacked off many times thinking of the hot times we have when we meet. I made my way on I-15 and across that fucking I-70 on into Denver. There I had to lay over a day because someone had died at the place I was to deliver and they shut down for the funeral. Denver isn’t too bad, I’ve cruised other Truckers there and have been cruised many, many times. I had called this black dude a few months prior to this trip, he called me back but I had already gone. I figured I’d give him another call, his ad was still in the GTC, so, all I had to loose was a phone call. Sure enough, Clyde answered. I explained who I was and if he was able, I’d love to get together. He had previous plans, but could meet me later that night. I killed some time in a books store located behind the Sapp Brothers Truck Stop, lots of cruising going on in that joint. One hot Hispanic driver kept giving me the eye. I went into a booth and he followed. We both pulled our cocks out and played around until he dropped to his knees and sucked on my root. I was close to cumming when he stood up and the most beautiful uncut cock was sticking way out from his crotch. I fell to my knees this time, pulled the thick skin back and sucked on that huge head. His hairy crotch tickled my nose as I sucked up and down that huge cock. He pulled my head real close to his crotch, gagging me and shooting his sweet juice down my throat. Mother fucker! I damn near chocked to death. But then again, what a way to go! He pulled his hard dripping cock back out of my mouth, zipped up and took off. I was still on the floor when the booth door shut. I was dizzy from the excitement. I made my way back out to my truck to  wait for Clyde. After sucking off that cock, I just about had blue balls from not being able to get off. Not sure if Clyde was really going to make it, I decided to get into something more comfortable and go back into the book store. This time, instead of blue jeans, boots and shirt, I had on cut off shorts, tank top and tennis shoes. You know, something easy to get out of. About the time I was ready for more book store cruising, my cell phone rang. A deep voice on the other end ask which truck I was in and where was I parked. It was Clyde. Hot damn, more fun! Clyde is a very tall, large build man with a cock from hell. He crawled up into my truck and this huge man took up most of cab. No, not fat, by not means. This guy was twice the size of a very healthy lumber jack. His arms were as big around as my thighs. We made some small talk and in no time I had my willing mouth around his thick 10 inch cock. Clyde is a good looking black man that loves to get sucked, fucked, give and receive. We hit it off real quick. He’s an aggressive guy too, and loves to take control. He had me stripped in no time. I was so turned on I felt like I was high on something. He ate my hot willing ass and drove his thick manly tongue right up my hole. He sucked my cock and almost made me cum. Then he had me sit on his huge fuck pole. It took more that 30 minutes for me to get all the way down on that shaft. He drove that mother fucker home. I could almost feel the huge mushroom head in my throat. Clyde worked my hot skinny ass over. He left enough hot man cum in me that it dripped out of my ‘well fucked ass’ for the rest of the night and half the next day. He too is on my ‘frequent fucker’ list when I’m in Denver. I have one hell of a network of fuck buddies, and I’m proud to say that the GTC magazine works for me. My adventure continues, I’ll send more in later, I have freight to haul and guys to meet. Thank you for the opportunity to share this with you guys! TJ Reynolds - Driver.

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