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Warehouse CB'er

I work for a local grocery warehouse that receives a hundred truck loads of product each day. No matter what anyone will tell you, the action here is slim pickings most of the time. But once in a while, I hit pay dirt. Each driver comes in with his or her paper work and gets on our ‘first come, first serve’ list. Driver’s hate waiting, so, we do our best getting these guys in and out in a timely manner. I’ve been at this job for eight years and love it. The people I  work for are great, I get paid well, and I love my schedule. I clock in at 3 pm and work till midnight. Some really hot looking guys come past my dock, and the drivers are responsible for counting all that comes off his truck. We contact drivers via CB radio. They are instructed to turn to a certain channel when we find out what product they have. When my dock doors are open (I have two) I call the truck number that has the load that delivers to my door. I can tell pretty much which driver or drivers that might just get off playing with another guy. I usually check these guys out while looking their loads over. Like I mentioned, the lucky times are far and few between, but when it happens, I make up for much lost time. I’m one of many that run a fork lift here and unload trucks. There are two other guys that work on my shift that like to play around. On those slow nights, we hook up and get off during out shift. We trade stories about some of the guys we unload, and I’m not talking about paper plates or onions we unload either! A few weeks ago I called to a driver on the CB and told him what door to back into. It was a warm night, I had both my dock doors open and almost ran off the fucking dock when this tall hairy shirtless driver gets out of his truck to open his trailer doors. At the time, I’m not sure if he just pulled his jeans on, but they were so tight he walked as if he had a real bad wedgy pulled up his ass. His crotch sported a huge bulge as well. ‘Man,’ I thought, ‘I’d like to get in those jeans!’ He stood at my dock behind his open door waiting on me to finish up with the trailer I was currently working on. I signed off on the paper work and pulled my fork lift over to him. Turned off the engine and took his paper work out of his hands. ‘Paper plates huh?’ I ask him. ‘Yep, a whole fucking load of em. Right out of Compton, California.’ He replied. He seemed to be a friendly guy, so I figured I’d take a small break and shoot the shit with him. He had pulled on a skimpy t-shirt over his hairy chest. His arms were hairy, his face was hairy and I bet that huge bulge in his pants had a lot of hair too! ‘Compton is a long way to bring paper plates.’ I told him. ‘Nah, I like the drive out this way. I-10 east is a great interstate to fuck off on.’ He said. ‘Yeah, guess it’s a straight shot across the south to us here in Florida. You got a load out, or are you just gonna fuck off on the beach?’ I ask him. ‘Well, I don’t have a load out, not until Monday, so, I figured I’d take a three day weekend. Any good places to screw off a few days?’ He ask me. In my mind I’m thinking of him screwing off my ass. I might mention a few things during this unload, maybe I’ll get to see more of him. ‘Let me give it a thought while I unload you.’ I told him. ‘Unload me? Or the trailer?’ He mentioned and grinned. I swear I noticed his crotch jump when he said that, maybe wishful thinking. I started up my fork lift and started unloading the pallets in his wagon. As I drove back and forth I made eye to eye contact with him each trip. His bulge seemed to have gotten bigger. I’m no flaming queen, I don’t really hang out in the gay bars, I like man to man sex any time, but realize there’s time for that. I do have to work you know. Yeah, right! Two pallets left and it was my break time. I pulled up to the driver and figured to myself, well, do or die. ‘I’m fixing to take my break, but, I can finish unloading your trailer if you let me unload you next. I smiled and drove off into the trailer and picked up a pallet. I backed out of the trailer he was standing there rubbing his huge crotch. I just about fucking wrecked the fork lift! I came back for last pallet. He stopped me, looked at me with those deep dark brown eyes and said, ‘You want to meet me in my truck or do you want to hook up after you get off work?’ I replied, ‘How about both?’ Park out in the waiting lot, I’ll be right out, I get 30 minutes for a break and I only have six more trucks to unload, then I’m off work until tomorrow. Turn your CB on channel 33, I’ll give you a hollar on my way out.’ I parked the fork lift, called up the next two trucks and told the drivers I would take a quick lunch and be right back. I keyed the mic and let the driver know I was on my way out. He said to come on, he was waiting and ready. I reached the tractor and crawled up into the truck. Without many words being said, my mouth dropped open when I saw the tight jeaned driver completely naked with the biggest hard on I’ve ever seen in my fucking life. Nine inches or more, of well defined man meat sticking straight out looking at me. Huge fucking balls to go along with that huge root. I dropped my pants and pulled my t-shirt off and dropped to my knees. Right before I took that meat in my mouth, I looked up at him and said, ‘No fucking wonder your fucking jeans looked so tight! With a cock like this, I don’t see how you get your jeans buttoned!’ I began to coke on his cock. That huge fucking head was unfucking believable. I took it as far as I could. He had his manly hairy hands on the back of my head. My cock was hard as a rock and it took all I had not to cum. I jacked on my cock while I sucked on his. Without control I started shooting my juice all over the floor of his truck. I kept sucking, moaning and shooting cum. I was so fucking excited. His cab was sorta cluttered with clothes, DVD’s, magazines and food containers. He also had a supply of condoms, lube, cock rings, the guy was all set up. He knew what he was doing and what he wanted. He shoved his cock deep down my throat. I gagged. Twice! He pulled that long thick cock out of my mouth and pulled me up onto the bunk. He ask me, ‘You like to get fucked?’ I lay on my back and pulled my legs back. My hot brown hole was looking up at him. I wasn’t for sure if I could take that snake, I’m sure it was going to split me wide open, but I didn’t have time to spare. ‘There it is, fuck me Mr. Truck Driver. ’While I was getting in position, he had his huge cock all lubed up and ready to shove up my ass. And he did. He pressed that cock head against my hole as to ask permission to come on in. He pressed it against my hole, I opened up and in his cock went. I was still hard and had cum dripping out of my cock head. Deep, deep he went into my bowels. He shoved it in and out a dozen times and shot gallons of cum inside my ass. I too, shot another hot full load all over the both of us. I had no time to spare, I had trucks to unload, we did, however meet up over the weekend. I have a well worn ass hole to prove it too! We spent some time down on the beach, but most of the time I spent eating and taking his hot cum, down my throat and up my ass. Truckers Rule! Kevin T. Pensacola, Fl.

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