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Waiting in the Pickle Park

I’ve always heard older guys talk about ‘how it use to be,’ when you could cruise a Trucker, give him a blow job and send him on his way. ‘How it use to be’ in Truck Stop community showers, how the action would go on for hours. As guys came in, they just fell in with the action that was going on. I have cruised Truckers since I was 17 or so. Now I’m 35 and the action is just as hot for me now as it was back then! What do you old fuckers mean, ‘how it use to be?’ Hell you old geezer, it’s still the same, you just have to get up off your duff and get it! On any given night, in any pickle park within driving distance from my house, I can get laid, sucked, suck and or fuck. All by hot willing horny Truckers. That’s no lie. The best fucking I get is in the bushes, on a blanket, naked with my ass in the air. Usually, I get the first hot driver to fuck me good, he tells the next one where I’m at and they come to me and in me like a pack of wild dogs. My ass gets so fucking worn out, cum drips out of me for hours on end. I love sucking those man smelling cocks too! I once had two hot Truckers fucking my ass, as I straddled their cocks, and two standing over me while I took turns with their cheesy dicks. I was getting fucked ‘double time,’ and sucking ‘double time’ as well. Pickle parks are my best bet. I have cruised truck stops and not had near the luck as I do with the parks. Once I fucked a Trucker in the bushes, the next one invited me into his rig, and while we were fucking his co-driver got back in the truck! Guess what? He was none other than the guy that screwed me in the bush! So he got a second sloppy second. Those two guys wanted me to ride along with them sucking and fucking the whole way. Might had done it if I didn’t have to go to work the next day, and no telling where we fucking would have ended up! You guys get up off your lazy ass’s and get out there. The Truckers are waiting for you. Hot stiff cocks are running down the highway just down the road from you. Go and get em! I also have great luck with my ad in the GTC. I placed my phone number and get tons of calls. Hey guys, come and get me, I’m just up the road in the next rest area! Billy/OH.
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