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Under the Stall Wall

I’ve had as much rest room sex as I have any where else in the cruisy neighborhood. When I was in college (briefly) the rest rooms were the place to be. Any time a guy wanted a blow job, needed some tension release, that was the place to go. Glory holes are a plus, but I’ve had just as much fucking right there on the floor. I’ve fucked a guy’s mouth while standing on the toilet, so it only looked like one guy in the stall, to laying on my back inside a ‘enclosed’ stall at the Flying J Truck Stop. That trucker fucked me like a red headed step child, right there on the floor of the fucking bath room. I loved it! I drive a flat bed truck and haul a lot of product to Home Depot, Lowes, and other lumber yards, and some of those places can be really hot-n-hoppin! I’ve sucked so many Home Depot guys off, I’m almost a damn employee there! The biggest cock I’ve ever seen, much less sucked off, was at a Petro in Ohio. I had just finished my shower, ate at the Iron Skillet, and went to wash up. There were several guys at the wall urinals so, I headed to an open stall. As I drained my limp root, I noticed a guy’s hand, reach under the stall wall. Humm, he wiggled his fingers as to get me to look under the wall. I pulled on my cock as I shook off the last drop or two of piss, and it started getting hard at the thought of what I might see under the wall. I sat down on the toilet and took a peak. This guy had his pants down around his ankles, squatting in front of his pot, with a huge semi hard cock dangling between his bent knees. The head was huge! And he had balls that matched. “Wow!” I thought. I looked around the rest room from under the wall, and all I could see is guys walking around, coming and going, busy-ish. I reached under the wall and grabbed that huge piece of meat hanging there. He scooted up to the wall and that huge mother fucker stood erect and under the wall. I stroked on it and it just got harder. I had my cock out pulling on it while I reached down and put my mouth around this huge head. I took as much as that long shaft in my hot mouth as I could. The position we were in wasn’t the most comfortable, but hell, the taste of that huge cock was wonderful! Fuck! As I pulled and sucked on that cock, his balls were waving back and forth. It would flap under his ass and swing out and hit the underneath of his huge hard shaft. The traffic in the rest room was nonstop, no one had a fucking clue I was sucking this guy under the wall. The stall next to me had guys coming and going, but not one was watching us. Well, that I knew of. While a tough of paranoia hit me, a rush of thick hot jism hit the back of my mouth. It kept pumping in my mouth so fast and so fucking strong, some of it ran out of my mouth, down my chin and clumped on my shirt. I kept sucking and sucking, pulling cum out of the shaft of his cock. After he was done and when I finally let go of his cock, he pulled back, pulled up his jeans and disappeared into the truck stop. I sat on the stool jacking my meat off, cleaning up the spilt cum off my shirt. I shot cum all over my leg, scooped it up with my fingers and ate that too. That was fucking wild. When it comes to t-room, rest room, what ever the fuck you want to call it, showers too, there is always someone looking to get a quick nut off. Even if it’s a lonely, horny straight guy missing is wife back home, he too has the potential of getting off with another guy. If you are gay like me, just tell them, ‘your not gay unless you kiss me.’ That eases their minds, somewhat. Usually they have poor blood flow to the brain because their cock is so fucking hard. And don’t forget the urinal sex. I’ve jacked off with a few guys in a rest area, just standing at the urinals. Usually a guy (like myself) will be standing there with a half to full hard on, just stroking their cock, looking to show off a good cum shot. I’ve sucked a few guys off, right there in front of a urinal. While they got my attention, I’d ask, you want to blow that in my mouth? Two out of three, ‘sure!’ The other one, ‘naw, just watch what I have to blow.’ I’ve sucked cock and had mine sucked many a time in front of the pisser. When I’m real horned up, I like to get fucked standing there too! Come on, I’m not stupid, the best time to fuck around a rest area or in the rest rooms is late at night. You want to stay away from family traffic. Rule of thumb, don’t give anyone the edge when it comes to cruising any where USA. I delivered to a real busy construction site once, right about lunch time. So I had to wait to get unloaded. Not a problem, roach coaches were parked selling food to the construction workers, there was a line of porta potties a few hundred yards away. While I had time to kill, I hiked out across the lot to go take a piss. I got into the steamy porta potty unzipped and pissed away. Damn if there wasn’t a nice size glory hole in the back wall. As I stood there pissing a guy’s mouth showed up at the knife cut hole. Wow! I pulled on my wet cock and stuck it in the hole. The mouth on the other side of the wall went to work on my root. Quickly it got hard, the guy worked my cock over real well. In a few minutes I was dumping my juice in the hot mouth sucking on my cock. The guy knew what the fuck he was doing, after I got through cuming he continued to suck the left over sperm out of my almost limp cock. I pulled back and the guy was gone. Damn! In a fucking porta potty. Wow! I made my way back to the truck, picked up a sandwich, the fork lift drivers were ready to take the shit off my truck. As the ass holes took their time, I got in the sleeper, pulled out my cock and jacked off at the thought of the hot suck job I had just gotten. Before the guys got the rest of the lumber off, I had creamed again. I ate my own load this time, for lunch. What ever you do, cruise safely, have fun, there is a lot of cock out there. EA, Denver.

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