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Truckers Profile #2

Hello fellow GTC followers. I’m Rick, a regional driver out of St. Louis, Missouri. Regional, meaning I run Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee and some Kentucky and Illinois. I’m usually out on the road a week at a time. Home most weekends, out all week. My sexual appetite is large, very large. I love leather, some kink, as cock rings, leather harness and oh, did I mention the ‘sling’ in the bunk? That’s right. A few of my driver buddies think I’m the most fucked up guy on the planet. Well, on weekends I might be, but that’s another story. I’ve had all kinds of guys in my bunk, yes, in the sling. Guys love it! I know I do. Once in a while I cum across a guy that’s into rough sex, and they do ‘me’ in my own sling, most of the time, I’m the dominate in the bunk. The company I work for have a few team drivers, most all of them are man and wife teams. The guys freak out when they find out I have a sex sling in my bunk hanging from the roof of the sleeper. The ladies think it’s wild and get me to explain the pleasures to their mates. Late one night in Memphis, laid over at a truck stop, one married guy wanted to see my set up and ask a few questions. Everyone at my company knows I’m gay, it’s not an issue, except this time. His wife was asleep, we had coffee in the truck stop bull shitting, talking about places we have delivered. He ask to see my set up in the bunk. We made out way out to the truck, got it, and I showed off my play pen. He got up in the sling, asking a few questions when I noticed his sweat pants had some movement in the crotch area. As he was looking around asking some really foolish questions, I reached over and tugged on his cock. At first he ignored me, finally, I had his pants off, nipple clips on his tits, and a tight leather cock ring around his stiff cock. His eyes were closed and he told me, ‘do to me what you do to other guys.’ Wow! Don’t ask twice! He lay back in the sling, legs up, cock up and ass out. Now, remember, his wife was in their truck just two doors down! I took his cock all the way down my throat. I fingered his hot hairy ass and pulled on the nipple clamps. The guy broke out in a showering sweat and his legs shook like crazy. I could tell he was getting into it and nervous all at the same time. His cock swelled up even bigger, his hanging balls drew up and I knew this was gonna be the best fucking nut busting he has ever had. Just about the time he was ready to shoot, I backed off and didn’t let him cum. He fucking went wild! I let him catch his breath a moment and started up again. This time I had two fingers up his ass and sucking on his cock. Again, he just about came and I pulled back. He started begging then. This well hung, macho married mother fucker was ‘begging’ me to give him more. I slipped out a small, but thick dildo. Shaped just right for his hole. I spit on it several times and rubbed it up and down his chest. I pushed the big headed rubber cock up his ass. He fucking froze. This guy was jerking, moaning, begging and his cock was blood red and ready to pop all over the fucking place. I finally let the guy cum, I made him cum while I sucked him. His hot man juice filled my mouth twice. I drank all the spunk he could give me. I pulled the dildo out of his ass while he was cuming, seams the macho married man loved having that rubber cock up his ass. I still catch up with him and his wife, again, we have our slinging good times in my bunk. Rick, ‘Kix Boy’

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