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Trucker Training

I’m 24 and a ‘former’ student driver. I went to Truck Driving School at 21, six months later I was a full fledged Trucker without the experience. So, what’s a young Trucker dude to do? I went to work for a company that hires new drivers. I had to ride with their trainer for 6 months at which time if I get a positive nod from my trainer, I’ll be out on my own. Needless to say, I learned more about Over The Road driving with my trainer than I would had in the next twenty years. Clede was an older guy, late 40’s, well built black man. Now, figure this, I’m a 21 year old white dude, teaming up with a 50 year old black guy. Some would argue, but we hit it off real quick in orientation. He taught part of the class. We had lunch together everyday for a week, we even had a few beers one evening. There were sixteen new drivers, three being fresh out of truck driving school and the rest were well seasoned drivers. Now, on with my story. Clede and I teamed up, but while training me we drove as a single driver would drive, thus helping me learn the paper work and such for the single driving group I would be placed in. Right out of the shoot, Clede ask about my family, brothers, sisters, etc. When we got to the girlfriend part, I played along as I always have, ‘oh, I play the field, no steady.’ That answer seemed to have satisfied Clede for the time being. The first night out, we pulled into a busy truck stop and bedded down until after midnight when we could get back out on the road. For an older guy, Clede was in damn good shape, my experience with black guys, that just seem to come natural. He sported a large package in the front and a nice round bubble ass on the back. Just a thought, I’d love to see what that black piece of meat looked like. That night we sat in the front seat drinking a couple of cold sodas, going over paperwork and the company’s policy on log books. Clede looked at me and said he would take the top bunk because in no time, I’ll be in the truck by myself, so I just soon get use to the bed. As he got up and went to the back, he left the curtain open as we talked back and forth. He dropped his jeans and there were no under shorts to be seen. He turned around and a huge black elephant trunk was hanging before me, with two huge black balls to go right along with the sagging meat. His pubic hair was jet black and tightly curled. He had smooth shaved balls and I could smell that black stallion smell coming up off his skin. Clede was saying something, I could hear him but I didn’t know what he was saying. I was in a black cock trance. Clede looked down at me as I was mesmerized by the size and looks of his huge cock. I didn’t know if he knew I was gay and didn’t really care, it’s never been a issue, but I guess the slobber coming out of my mouth gave it away. Clede reached down and tapped me on my shoulder and said, ‘Do you see something you want Carl? Just ask.’ I couldn’t move my jaws, they seemed to have been froze shut. I looked up at him and said, ‘Can I suck your huge fucking cock, Clede?’ He stepped out of his jeans and pulled his shirt off. He sat on the bottom bunk and lay back. I stood up and fell to his crotch. I tugged, at times, with my clothes as I sucked his huge cock hard. It got even bigger. The slit on the head was big enough that I could wiggle half my tongue in it. I licked his clean shaven balls. I licked his hot hairy ass hole and sucked more on his cock. It took me thirty minutes or so to get out of my clothes. I didn’t want his cock to leave my mouth. Clede laid back and took it all in. His huge cock waved around the cab like a loose flag pole. I sucked and sucked, wanting to taste that huge glob of cum to shoot out of the large slit on the head of his cock. The harder I sucked the harder and larger his cock got. Finally he grabbed the back of my head and forced me down on his pole. He held me there for a sec and let go and let his man cum pump out the head of that huge back shaft. Gob after gob of thick salty cum filled my mouth. I swallowed as fast as it shot in my mouth. I sat up and looked at Clede. ‘I like to fuck too, Clede.’ He looked at me and ask, ‘Can you take my cock?’ Clede lay on his back as I worked that huge ball bat up my rectum. I worked and worked and finally got most of his cock in me. I could feel that huge cock head up inside my cavity. I rose up and down like riding a pony, but much more pleasurable. Clede was breathing hard and his large hands were around my waist. He would pull me down farther on his cock each time. My hole has never been stretched so fucking far open. I’ve taken some major dick in my life, but never have I ever been opened up like this. My cock stood straight out. Clede reached up and grabbed my hard cock and stroked it. I shot four or five steams of white cum all over his belly. I kept riding the cock, my cock stayed just as hard as ever. My balls were slapping on the nest of wiry pubic hair above Clede’s cock. My ass was numb from pain, but I kept letting his huge cock plow my wide open ass. Clede then flipped us both over and gave me the raping of my life. He pound his huge fuck pole in my ass. It sounded like a hole full of mud the way his pounding sounded from my behind. For the next several months, I couldn’t hardly go without getting plowed by Clede. He taught me all the tricks on the road. How to be picked up by cruisers in the parks, to getting a shower buddy at just about any fucking truck stop in the country. We see each other now and then, but this mountain boy’s ass loves to get plowed by other truckers and cruisers too! Needless to say, Clede gave me a high grade, I only trained four out of the six months required. My CB handle is ‘Bottom Trucker,’ you guys Keep On Truckin! Carl K.

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