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Trucker Three Way

I wanted to share my story about my first 3-way back in the summer of 2003. I was traveling east from Jamestown, NY to Binghamton, NY on Rt. 17. There are two pulloff type rest areas with no facilities and I pulled into the one near Howard, NY about 4:30 in the afternoon. There were 2 rigs parked and no 4-wheelers. Once I got my Pete shut down, I thought I’d stretch my legs a little and have a smoke. The afternoon was pleasant and warm, so I went shirtless, wearing only my black felt cowboy hat, pair of well worn jeans and my work shoes. Leaning on a picnic table, taking in the view of the valley and warm sunshine, it wasn’t long before one of the other truckers jumped down from his cab and joined me for a smoke. The guy was about 35, neat and well groomed, wearing a black tank top and a tight pair of blue jeans showing off a nice hard cock! We made a little small talk, where ya from, where ya headed, and all that shit. Turned out he was from Ohio and was due to get married in 3 weeks. Well, I’ve always been kinda direct and to the point about sex, so, I ask him if he had enough time left on his break to fuck off a load. ‘I aint sucked any cock in a long time and wouldn’t mind you fucking me in the mouth if ya go that route.’ Well, the stud grinned like he’d been offered a million bucks or something. Said his truck was kinda in a mess so we went to my Pete for some ‘Trucker Sport!’ Once in the cab, I instructed Ohio to kick off his boots and jump into the back. As I was unlacing my boots, I paused to check out an old black pickup truck that came tooling into the lot and parked in front of my rig. Must have been a farmer, cause he had bales of hay, bailing wire and a roll of fencing wire and other kinds of tools a farmer always has in his truck. The guy jumped out of his pickup and climbed into the back to rearrange his junk, a great looking guy, about 25 years old, tight t-shirt and jeans with holes in the knees. The sight of this guy sent my mind racing. ‘You see that!?’ Came out as I turned to the trucker in my bunk, already stripped down, bare ass naked. ‘Yeah, I’ve seen him here before, he likes to fuck face but he won’t return the favor.’ I didn’t really care if he sucked cock or not, but I did want to show him what two hot truckers could do for him. Ohio agreed to let him join in if he wanted, so down from the truck I jumped, went over to the guy. ‘Hey dude, how ya doin?’ I ask. The guy stood straight up, wiped sweat from his brow and replied, ‘OK, I guess.’ ‘You from around here?’ I spoke. The guy squatted down to get closer to face level with me. ‘Yeah, got a small farm about 5 miles over the hill there.’ He said. Well, like I said, I like to get right to the point, ‘you come here to fuck with the truckers that needs getting fucked with?’ The young farmer threw me a dirty look, but his blue eyes were going over my bare torso the way a computer scans a document. He jumped down from his pickup, stepped close and asked, ‘are you a cop or something?’ I smiled a little and grabbed a handful of farmer cock wadded up in his tight jeans. ‘Hey!’ He shouted as he jumped back, ‘don’t do that, someone might see.’ ‘Nobody gonna see unless they’re wanting to see, and cops never make the first move.’ I figured it was time to come clean with the guy and get things moving. ‘Look, you’re a hot looking stud, look like you throw a great fuck and have a good time doing it, I’d kinda like to take you on but,’ I hesitated a little. ‘You see that red Kenworth parked in front of your pickup?’ The guy threw a gaze toward the rig and I continued. ‘That driver is the same as you, same as me, hot, all cranked up and ready to pump off a load of fuck juice, he’s stripped down in my rig waiting on me to get back and trade off some good head. If you want to join us, I’ll leave the door open for you.’ With that I turned and headed back to my blue Pete, leaving the guy standing there in the hot sun, kinda dumb founded. Once into the rig, I stripped down. Ohio laid out in the bunk, asked about the kid and I reported, ‘he knows the score, maybe he’ll come, maybe not.’ I swung into the bunk and laid myself over Ohio’s sexy body, face to face, chest to chest, hard truckers cock to hard trucker cock. This was something I needed bad, as we ground our bodies against each others, we kissed hard and long, sucking on each other’s mouths for what seemed like hours, we broke and I chewed, sucked and kissed Ohio’s face, chin, neck, chest and down to his hard cock which fucked into my mouth real easy and natural like. Damn that cock tasted great, it had that tangy, ready flavor a trucker cock gets after a long trip wadded up in a pair of tight jeans. I sucked him up to the point where a stud starts to loose control and we switched. Ohio was a great cock sucker for a stud who was just about to get married. He sucked slow and purposeful, the way guys do when they really enjoy sucking cock. Then I felt it, the rig rocked a little and I heard the door slam shut. I looked up around the closet and saw farmer sitting in the driver’s seat. He glanced around the lot like he was afraid someone might have seen him climb in and then steal a look at Ohio working over my throbbing shaft. Ohio never missed a beat, but I could tell he knew farmer had climbed aboard. I spoke to farmer, ‘kick off your boots,’ which he did, he stripped off the tight t-shirt and swung into the bunk, kneeling on the floor before the bed still in his jeans. What a tan, he was dark like a Mexican from the long hours of hard work in the hot sun. Then he was running his right hand up over my chest and shoulders, his left hand over Ohio’s back as though he were inspecting an Angus steer or something. I reached over and tugged at farmers jeans and in no time, they were stripped off him and on the floor. Farmer carefully climbed into the darkness of the bunk. Ohio was in a 69 position to farmer and started giving the guy hard cock. The same treatment he’d given me, long, slow, purposeful cock sucking. I was face to face to farmer and started licking, sucking the guy’s neck up to his chin, but he turned his face away when I got close to his mouth. The farmer was breathing hard, his bronzed chest rising and falling to the beat of Ohio’s cock sucking. As Ohio brought farmer close, he’d switch to suck my trucker cock a while. Then I noticed that Ohio’s hard meat was kinda laying over farmer’s shoulder. I worked my torso up over farmer’s torso. I took Ohio’s cock into my mouth. I was sucking the cock only inches from farmers face and farmer was watching it all, getting a good lesson on how it’s done. Ohio had switched back to suck farmer’s cock and I stopped sucking the truckers cock, letting the slick shaft slap against farmers cheek. Then farmer surprised me by pressing his hungry mouth to mine. It was a strong, hungry kiss. I think he’d been wanting to try this for some time as he held me tight to his chest. Ohio switch hitting on the two cocks offered to him. When farmer broke the kiss, I again took the trucker cock into my hungry mouth, but this time, farmer began nuzzling, biting and licking at the root of the hard shaft. Then he worked his sucking mouth up the shaft, pushing me off and Ohio’s trucker cock slipped easily into the guys mouth. Yeah! Farmer was sucking cock. Though he never looked up, I think Ohio knew, we spent the next 40 or so minutes sucking, kissing, switching around and generally fucked our brains out till there was no holding back. It was farmer’s cock that fucked juice into my sucking mouth. I could feel his whole body quake as the cock spasmed and pumped. Ohio’s face was next to mine sucking on farmer’s balls when it happened, which meant farmer had two trucker cocks throbbing at his face. He had been sucking on Ohio and fisting my shaft when both cocks dumped cum about the same time, my juice covered farmer’s chest and Ohio’s was dripping from the young stud’s mouth, down his chin and pooling on his tensed up neck, thick with muscle and tendons raised. It was over, we lay there cooling down, like a truck coasting to a stop after 400 miles of hard running. The fuck juice rolled down farmer’s chest as he rose, pulled on his jeans, boots, grabbed his t-shirt and jumped down from my blue Pete. He wiped his face and chest with the shirt as he walked to his pickup, jumped in and sped out of the lot. Ohio said, ‘He won’t soon forget that!’ I said ‘I’m not going to either! It was a once in a lifetime type of fuck.

Mark R., New York

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