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Trucker Shower Anyone?

I've been out on the road the last week or so, although my schedule can be hectic, finding a shower buddy takes a little bit of time. Like most cruising, truck stop, pickle park (rest area) it's hit or miss. CB always helps, and occasionally I score, I hook up with a fellow trucker or local cruiser and we sneak into the shower. Is it hard? Can you get caught? No, it's not hard, and unless it's really busy, it's a cake walk, easy in, get off, easy out. Personally I don't think anyone gives two shits. It's been a while since I've had that shower rendezvous, I've had more bunk play than anything else. I think I've mentioned the parking areas in Mississippi on I-59 North & South just north of Laurel MS,, you can hang out there for a short time and always have a willing local or traveler looking for some cock to suck, no facilities, but can have some active woods.

Now remember, these truck stop showers have one hell of an echo, so if you're fucking someone, it's best to stuff a wash rag in his mouth to keep the moaning to a minimum. Also, be careful, one could slip down while bent over taking some hard trucker cock, or visa-versa. Personally, I'm a versatile kind of guy, I can take a stiff dick all day long, but I enjoy plowing a hot hole as well.

If you're going to cruise the truck stops, I suggest the best way is with a cb radio, or, if you have a truck stop in the area, place an ad on Grindr, it too is hit or miss, plus you have to weed through the game players and curiosity seekers. Truckers looking for a quick roll in the bunk do use the app, not very much though. Straight guys willing to step across the line are more likely to be found on the cb. That's been my experience. I use Grindr on occasions to find local cock sucking talent where every I might be and have the time. My motto, 'Get'em in, get'em off, get'em out.'

What ever you do, always cruise with caution, and know your surroundings, it can be fun, and if you catch up with me sometime, in the shower, you can be it will be some 'clean fun.'

Be safe guys, Peace Out ~ Tim

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12 apr 2023

If you ever get to the owatonna Minnesota area, I’d love to “shower” together👿

Mi piace
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