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Trucker in a Jail House

If you’re a trucker, and you’ve run California, you know it’s like the wild, wild west. Speed limit for commercial vehicles is only 55. In a big rig, go any faster and it’s high dollar ticket frenzy. Late one night running north outside of San Diego, there were five big rigs hauling ass. We had kept up with the smoky reports on the CB, and we had an all clear all the way to L.A. We kept up with each other and topped out speeds were to 100. About the time we really got to rock and rolling, two highway patrols pulled out behind us and pulled all five of us over. The first patrol man said he clocked the first truck at 109, and that’s what he was going by for all of us. The two troopers in the second car had clip boards and ticket books in hand. The first patrol said, ‘Oh hell no. Forget the tickets, these guys are going to jail for the night.’ We all looked at each other like, this shit can’t be happening! Sure enough, they took us all to a local county office with a few jail cells in the back and locked us all up until the judge got there around 10 the next morning. ‘Holy fuck!’ One driver said. ‘I’ve got to be in L.A. by six. I gotta call my dispatcher.’ The guards were cool, they let us do all the calling we needed. I still had a coffee buzz and two other guys were wired the same as I was. However, we all agreed, if we stay up waiting on the fucking judge, we will be tired by the time we get out of here. There were three bunks in the place, I took a top bunk the other guys tagged theirs. I sleep nude, and I’m not shy at all, so I stripped and jumped up on the top bunk. My soft cock waved in the air as I jumped up on top. The cowboy looking trucker, without a hair out of place, sat on the bunk below me with his tighty whities on, with a semi hard cock. Really hairy legs. My cock was stiff under the sheets as I looked down on him and the other guys getting read to lay down. We were just a group of wired truckers, horny, I guessed, and was talking some real shit. One guy told us he had a 9” cock. And bet none of us could match his cock size. It shocked me, the shy cowboy below me dropped his shorts and sported a real nice cock, balls and was well groomed. More to this stud than met the eye. I could smell man sex in the air. Not sure if this was gonna be an orgy or just a straight men’s circle jerk. I was game. The thought of us getting it one was turning me on. When the cowboy got up, pulled his shorts down, I jumped down and let my cock stand straight out. The guy looked down, he walked over and held his cock next to mine. The cowboy fell to his knees and started sucking both cock. One driver, in a lower bunk, put his face down into his pillow as not to watch because he was discussed. The cowboy took turns with our cocks. The driver next to me grabbed my balls as to squeeze a little and play with them. He moaned while the cowboy had his cock down him throat. I was fucking going crazy! One guy behind me walked up and rubbed his cock on my round ass. I leaned forward just a bit as to offer my ass. I wanted to get fucked so bad, but was still scared about these guys. Not too sure if it was nature turning these guys loose or was I just dreaming. The guy behind me licked his finger and put it up my hot hairy hole. In no time he was working his hard thick shaft up my ass. The cowboy was still sucking my cock and the guy next to me. The guy behind me got his cock up my hot hole and fucked me right there. He pulled out and switched with the guy getting the blow job from the cowboy. He stuck that cock in me and I shot my wad all over and into the cowboy’s face. The other guy jacked his cock off and sprayed the cowboy again. I was still being fucked by the guy behind me and he too, soon came flooding my asshole. The guy that buried his face in discuss, was out from under his sheet and jacking a real nice long thin cock. He moaned out load as he shot his man sperm all over his chest. The cowboy had gotten up and licked all the hot cum off his chest and off his cock head. I still thought I was dreaming. Did this really happen? In jail? The next morning they brought us breakfast, we all got dressed and in no time the judge had arrived. He gave us a preaching about running that fast in his county. We all paid a hefty fine of $1000 each and went on our way. I’d almost say, it was well worth it! Marty K. Central, WV.

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