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Trucker in a Bookstore

‘Fritz The Cat’ Adult Bookstore Located about 8 miles east of Wheeling on the Dallas Pike at exit 11 off I-70 across the street from the TA Truck Stop. This store is wild with glory holes, a sit down theater that is more like an orgy room, games and even a pool table for relaxation between orgasms! This spot is Real Popular with the Truckers who park at the TA Truck Stop! I stop in once a week to get my fill of man to man contact. Glory hole action, it’s to wait in line for. My route takes me through Wheeling once a week. Lucky for me, the company I drive for uses the TA there for our fuel stop. My hours of service is just about up when I reach Wheeling. My fun time begins at the boos store. I’ve been actually fucked like a goat right there in the theater. My favorite is the glory holes. Glory holes anywhere really, but the ones at Fritz always has a treat for you. If you are looking to suck, or looking to get sucked or even both. I went in late on Wednesday night, the place was dead. If figured what the fuck, I’d get off to the theater movie any way. As I sat there in the dark, pants around my ankles, once in a while someone would come in. After a while the place was full. I wasn’t the only one with my cock in hand. A guy sat two chairs over from my me and pulled out a nice long thick dick. My eyes were way adjusted to the dark in the theater, I could see pretty good. The guy kept looking over at me. I got up, butt naked from the waist down and moved over by him. I grabbed his hard cock and started playing with it. He grabbed mine as well. As we sat there jacking each other off, another guy came from behind us and sat on the other side of me. He too joined in the fun. His cock was short but fat. Really fat. He leaned over and sucked on my cock. I leaned over and sucked on the long dong next to me. In no time the guy was pumping cum in my mouth. I spit it out on the floor and went back to sucking. The guy next to me jacked his short fat cock off while he kept giving me head. The long dick guy got up, reeled in his dick and was gone. No sooner than he got up another sat down. He too wanted a blow job. I obliged. I sucked him off in not time. Wanting more, he got up, pulled in his well drained cock and left. Fuck, I wanted so bad to hollar, ‘next!’ The guy sucking my cock and his head in my lap was really getting into it. I was ready to blow my load when yet another guy set next to me. He pulled his jogging shorts all the way off and was nude from the waist down, like I was. I leaned over and sucked on his mule dick and balls. His cock drained so much fucking pre-cum, I thought he had already cum and was about done. He kept pushing my head down into his lap. I kept gagging on his cock head in my throat. It was fucking wild. The guy next to me finally shot his own wad in his lap. He gave up with my cock and left. I just wasn’t ready yet. I wanted someone or something playing with my ass. The guy next to me was really fucking my face. I pulled up for air and ask, ‘your cock is really wet enough, I want it up my ass.’ He looked at me and replies, ‘Well, just sit your hot ass in my lap and take this cock.’ I was so fucking horned up, I got up and worked my hole around his cock. It went deep inside me. I bounced up and down on his cock. I grabbed and squeezed his balls as if that was going to make more cum spurt out of the head of his dick. He pulled my waist to his lap and let me set all the way down on his cock. I could feel the pulse of his cock up inside me. A guy or two would walk in and sit, others would go back out. I didn’t give a fuck. I had a hot cock up my hole. I got back to bouncing in his lap, another guy walked over and had his cock in his hand. Soon, it was in my mouth. I sucked on him as I bounced on the stiff shaft breeding my ass hole. The guy standing before me pulled back and jacked off his cum in my face. At the same time, the guy fucking my hole started shooting up inside of my hole. It was fucking wild. I grabbed my cock and jerked it off onto the back of the seat in front of me. I couldn’t tell you what was on the screen, I just know I got good and fucked at Fritz The Cat and do every fucking week! Check it out guys, check it out! Tanner W. New England Express

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