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Truck Stop Showers, (Old School)

Truck Stop Communal Showers It wasn’t that long ago, truck stops didn’t have the luxuries we have today. Single shower rooms, laundry rooms, game rooms or fast food. Even the trucks have come a long fucking way! Pickle parks were just as active, a horny man could get a blow job and go on down the road without question. Well, that’s if you were near a pickle park, they too, were far a few between. I’ll never forget the best time I ever had in a communal shower room at a truck stop just outside Memphis, Tennessee. Usually, truck stops didn’t pack up too bad, of course, this was in the day of little white pills, yellow jackets and rjs’s that could be bought out behind the truck stop. The weather was bad, flooding in low lying areas, that kind of bull shit had the truck stop packed. I squeezed in the parking lot, grabbed my bag and made made my way into the truck stop. I grabbed a bite to eat, went back to the driver’s lounge. That’s where the showers were located. I went in to find several guys standing at the long counter, some shaving, some washing up, some drying off and most, not all, but most, naked getting in and out of the showers. There were ten shower stalls, all were divided with a partition, and most had plastic shower curtains. Most of them open, like in a gym locker room, most of the guys were taking showers with half or full hard-ons. Seemed common back in those days. Several shower stalls had the curtains pulled, however, you could see more than one set of feet in the stall. Guys were ‘washing’ each other’s backs, or actually, jerking each other off. Guys were talking, laughing and some, in the shower stalls, moaning. As I stood waiting for an empty stall, a tall dark, real hairy fucker turned and showed me his hard cock. It stood straight out like a stick. He motioned for me to join him in the stall. My cock instantly stood up and I got in. He grabbed my manhood and stroked it slowly. I did the same. We had pulled the curtain while we played around. I dropped to my knees and started sucking. While I had his cock down my throat another guy came in with us. I ate three loads of cum that evening before I finally fed mine to one of the younger fuel attendants. It was fucking awesome ‘back in the day.’ Today, the action continues. Cock suckers are waiting ‘coast to coast.’ I just wish we still had the communal showers. The action was always hot and always there. Keep on truckin’ guys, good buddies, keep on suckin’! Roy R. Retired Trucker

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