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Truck Parking, Part 2

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Story by Richard Barber

I woke up with my arms still around John the hot Cowboy trucker. We had a great time but I knew he had to leave early the next morning. I tried to be quiet as I put on my cloths before crawling out of the bunk. He woke just as I was about to pull back the curtains.

"Hey, buddy. You taking off?" John said as he set up using his elbows to rest his body.

"Yes, I know you need to get some sleep and if I stay any longer I will be sticking my cock back in your ass. We would be up all night doing this." I said as I continued to put on my socks.

"I don't think I would mind that at all." He said as he put his foot to my back and started rubbing it.

"You know, I am in this area about 2 times a month. I would like to be able to contact you if you don't mind."

"Yeah. I’d like that. I have a card with me in my boot."

I looked at this hunk setting there in the soft light shinning on his face. His big brown eyes sparkled underneath his hair now hanging over his face. He was a handsome cowboy and could make any of his partners happy. Especially now that he was more experienced with man sex. He sure likes the way I fucked him tonight. I was starting to get hard again just thinking about it again. I came back to his leg and kissed his thigh as he reached for my arm and pulled me closer to him. He planted a warm manly kiss on my lips and rubbed my crotch.

"I liked what I had tonight. Please take care of yourself." He said as I got out of the bunk and started to look for my boots. I found then on the floor and pulled out a personal card and handed it to John as he peeked from the bunk. I opened the door and jumped out of the cab carefully closing the truck door behind me. John was nice but I have never met a trucker yet that gave me any trouble. Some gays are afraid to make a play for one of these Highway Cowboys, but they are only human. Most are just in need of attention and loving. Men are so different than women in many respects. Men need as much if not more attention and affection as women. The problem is our society thinks women should be pampered and sweet-talked. I find men need it too but in a man-to-man sort of respect.

I wondered between several more trucks as I headed back to my car. Two men were setting on the open side of their trailer bed. They were just hanging out drinking a beer and talking. As I walked near by I looked over at them and spoke.

"Hey, you have a good spot there. Can I join you?" I said as I leaned against the side of the truck bed.

I couldn't see them too clearly because the door was open on the other side and the lights from the station were directly behind them. I got to the side where I could see 2 men setting and another one inside the trailer. One of the men looked to be about 45, nice trim body and a nice head of hair.

The other one was younger man about 18, thin, clean shaven and light hair. He wore a ball cap on his head, an open long sleeve shirt. 501 Levi Jeans and work boots. Another even younger boy jumped off the side of the truck bed and held out a fresh beer to me. He was in tight jeans, work boots, but no shirt. His youthful body rippled with well-defined muscles. I took a swig while still checking out the older trucker. He was hot looking. He had a denim long sleeve shirt rolled up over his muscular arms and his tight jeans clung to his ass. His jeans were tucked into his cowboy boots. His shirt was open down to the middle of his chest showing a hint of hair.

My first thought was I might be interfering with a family gathering but they all seemed so friendly I would remain a while and chat. The older trucker seems to want my company. They continued to talk about nothing special and then the other person inside come to the opening. He was a younger boy about 18. He had blond hair hanging over his forehead and he hung his head slyly down in silence. Perhaps he was a helper for the moving company. Very often the truckers that drive for movers hire men to help load or unload at their destination. Most time they pick some really cute college or high school boys to help out. I am sure they often do more than just load and unload. I think they take a load as well.

"My name is Dick," I said as I decided to introduce myself.

"I’m Rob. This is Will and that is Junior in the door way." We are waiting for a `pick up' Monday morning and then we are heading to Arizona, long haul." "I just dropped off a buddy," I said as an excuse. "He’s resting before heading for Denver." I continued.

"Will. Would you mind going up to the café and pick us up some coffee and something sweet?" Rob said as he tossed Will some money. " Make it 4. One for our buddy here."

Will nodded as he jumped off the truck and scampered away. I moved onto the edge of the trailer and hoped to the open edge. Rob stood up and said.

"Let's set inside on the blankets. It's more comfortable there anyway."

I turned around as Rob reached out a helping hand for me to stand up. He pulled so hard and we both fell backward on the blankets.

"Now that is better." He said. We laughed as we made ourselves a resting-place. My eyes adjusted to the darkness of the trailer as Junior joined near by. Rob was setting with his legs spread. I think he was already testing me. I turned towards him wondering how I could make an approach while the young Junior was here.

"You have a good looking young crew here, Rob. I bet you work their tails off too." I said.

"Yeah, they are good workers." Rob said as he pulled Junior close to him putting his arms around his shoulders.

"And I do work their tails off." Then Rob laughed and added.

"And a nice little tail too. Stand up Junior! Turn around and show us your sweet young ass." He said as Junior immediate made a quick turn around. I was surprised but pleased that he had broken the ice. Junior stood up very shyly as Rob swatted him on his ass. Rob placed his large hand at the top of Junior's jeans and gave them a tug.

"Take your pants off Junior. I want Dick here to see that sweet young ass of yours." Junior proceeded not only drop his pants, but took his pants completely off. He had on a white jockstrap, which framed his round `bowling ball butt' that looked so nice as he bent over. Rob stood up and took Junior in his arms and rubbed his ass. Junior did as his boss commanded.

"Come over here, Dick, look at these hot buns. Looks good enough to eat." He said as he laughed. I had to agree that Junior had a hot body and nice looking ass. I also notice a big bulge under his jockstrap. It was getting hard and was peaking over the top of the elastic top. I was beginning to wonder if Rob was going to share Junior's hot ass with me. Rob had put down his beer and started to unbutton his own jeans. I moved over to Rob and placed my hand to his crotch area. I continued to help him unbutton his jeans as I searched to find his cock. He also had on a jock strap instead of underclothes and his cock and balls were tightly bound up inside. I pulled at his jeans as Rob was feeling of Junior's ass. I pulled his jeans down and pulled on his jock strap to release his big uncut cock from its prison. I leaned over to taste the pre-cum from under his foreskin before it started to grow.

"I think we have a winner here." Ron said as I dropped to my knees to suck on his cock. Ron was fingering Junior's ass hole as I licked on Rod big hairy balls, then back to his wonderful manly scented cock. His pre-cum juices were giving his uncut cock a sweet and yet salty taste. I could taste the hint of beer as I cleaned beneath the skin tasting his pre-cum. He was getting harder and bigger as I sucked. I was well pleased with the size of him meat.

I unbutton my jeans and pull them down so I could release my hard 8-inch cock. I pulled off my boots never once removing my mouth from Rod's cock. I unbuttoned my shirt and finally got my pants off.

Rod had started to pull his boots off but was having problems so he sat on the bundle of blankets as I proceeded to pull his boots off one at a time. I caressed them as I would his cock and kissed them as I pulled them from his feet. He watched me carefully and pulled on his cock with one hand and his balls with the other. After I got his jeans off I put his boots back on. Meanwhile Junior was standing naked behind Rob rubbing and messaging his shoulders. Rob liked the attention he was getting from us. I had forgotten about Will, the other young man that went for the coffee.

Suddenly I was aware that he was getting into the truck bed with us. He sat the coffee down and took off his boots. He approaches us and placed his hands to my mouth to feel Rod's cock. I reached for his body and felt his bulge pushing out of his pants. I pulled open the buttons on his 501's as he pulled down his pants to release his cock and balls. I touch his young hard cock as I was sucking on Rob. I turned to him and placed his cock into my mouth and went all the way down on him. He gasps and reached for Rob's cock pulling on his foreskin. He leaned forward and licked Rob's cock as I suck him.

I went back to Rob's cock, now that I had tasted Will's nicely shaped cut cock. Big head and a nice set of balls. He also seemed to enjoy sucking Rob's cock too. Rob suddenly started to stand up as he headed towards the back opening of the doors.

"I have to take a piss. Hey, Will, get over here and hold on to my cock."

Will did not hesitate as he walked towards Rob now standing by the opening. Will reached over gently and held on to Rob's cock and aimed it out the door. Rob started to piss as we all paused to watch his big semi-hard uncircumcised cock start to release a big stream of golden piss. It was fascinating to watch Will hold on to him as if he worshiped every move of Rob. I had to admit he had these two boys under his control and they did not seem to mind. I looked up at Junior as he stood near me. I reached for his cock and he turned towards me. His cock was hard as a rock. He did not have much hair on his body and his balls were almost hairless. His cock was curved up slightly but a perfect shape. I took it in my mouth licking the head while whirling my tongue around and around, and then I went all the way down on him. He stood with his hands to his side and his legs spread.

As I was sucking this young dude Will and Rod were still at the door pissing. Rob completed his pissing as Will milked it down and shook it a few times. Then Rob pulled Will's head to his cock and forced Will to lick the final drops of his piss. Will did not complain but did his job well. I noticed Will's cock was still hard so he must have liked it. Rob headed back to his "blanket throne" and flopped down positioning his balls so as not to crush them.

"I see you like that cock of Junior's." I looked up and nodded.

"Come closer so I can watch."

We moved closer to Rob as Will moved between Rob's legs to suck on his cock. We continued this for a short time then Rob said to me.

"Turn Junior around and eat his ass. I want it wet so I can stick my cock up his ass hole." Junior pulled away from my mouth and turned around spreading his legs as he bent over for better access to his hole. I pulled apart his tight buns and inspected his pink ass hole. I kissed hiss ass then run my tongue up and down his crack finding his sweet hole. I slowly licked it then plunged my tongue in as deep as I could. He twinge with delight and pulled his but cheeks further apart so I could tongue him deeper. I licked and tongue fucked him with delight. Rob had taken position behind me ready to place his cock into the pretty little ass that was waiting for his master. Will was keeping Rob's cock hard and wet. I moved away slightly as Well came off Rob's cock. I took his big cock and guided it towards Junior's tight hole. The head of his cock started in as Junior backed into the cock. It seemed to know where it was going and slid right in with one plunge. Junior cried out in pleasure as did Rob. Will headed towards my cock and I decided to rim Rod as he fucked Junior. He liked my tongue on his ass and bent over slightly so I could tongue his hole. We were all having a great time just doing our thing.

Rob was holding on to Junior as he plunged his huge cock in that small ass hole. I don't know how he took it all but he seemed to like it. Rob fucked for a while then he pulled out and pulled me up and pushed me over to Junior's empty ass. I eagerly guided my cock into his hole. I thought perhaps Rob's big cock would have stretched it but Junior had good ass muscle control. He was tight. It felt great as I plunged my cock in his tight ass. Rob was enjoying the show and would reach for my balls as I pumped into Junior. I was not as big as Rob but had a good 8 inches long and 5 ½ inches around. Junior liked it as much as I. Will had gotten under my balls and was licking me. I was getting very hot and was going to cum real soon. I did not stop plunging his ass and I released my load into Junior. I kept pumping even after I came causing some of my juices to drip down my balls as Will licked up every drop. Rob was getting hotter and the second I pulled out of Junior's wet hole; Rob shoved his hard cock into Junior. He was pumping like a wild bull. Will grabbed my cock and lick off the juices left from my fuck stick. He continued to lick me and jacked on his cock.

Rob was about to cum so I caressed his balls as he released his load into Junior's hole. Will stood up and started to cum on Rob's back as I started to clean his Will's cum from Rob. He shot such a big load that it almost hit Rob's shoulder. He came about 6 times then slowly milked down his final shot. I licked all the cum from Rob's back even down the crack of his ass. I saw Junior's cock still throbbing so I went for it. I had only gone down on him about 4 times when he came while Rob still had his cock buried deep in him. He tasted so sweet.

"Good timing" Rod said as we all relaxed and set down on the blankets. I looked around at the 3 hot men as they relaxed. Rob looked over to me and winked. Will took a clean towel and started cleaning Rob's body of sweat. Then he went down on Rob's cock again cleaning it from all the left over cum and the juices left in Junior's ass. He seemed to be a good slave and seemed to be very attentive of Rob. I could see he worshiped the man. Junior lay on his stomach with his ass spread.

Will crawled over to him and placed his head to his ass hole and continued to lick him clean and suck out his hole. Then he dried his backside with the towel wiping his ass and his balls carefully. It was sexy watching Will service the other 2 men. He was enjoying it so much and his cock started to get hard again.

"I must admit I had a great time." I said as I sipped on my beer. Will pulled out another cold beer from the cooler and handed it to Rob, then me.

"Yeah, I did too. I didn't know it was going to be this good since we had not planned this. We don't usually have such a good partner to join us. Some of these truckers are uptight or just stupid. So what do you think of my 2 boys? Hot little dudes, huh?" Rob said.

"Seems like they like you very much. You have them trained very well. Where did you find such devoted boys?" I ask.

"Oh I have know them for sometime now. I married their mother before she left us. They are my stepsons. Pretty cool. Huh? Does it shock you? Junior is only 16 and Will is 18. We started playing around a few years ago. I walked in on Will as he was fucking junior when they were only 12 and 14. They got started early. I never stopped them as long as neither one got hurt. Then they started sleeping in my bed and they both were fascinated with my cock. They wanted to play with it and soon they were jacking me off. One night Junior was backing into me trying to get my cock up his ass. It took several tries but eventually we managed to get it in. I have been fucking him ever since. We have been very close over the years and I love them both. I like to share them with others that appreciate good sex.

End of Truck Parking. By RC Barber,

More to cum!

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