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Written by Richard Barber

I left the Trucker's Bunkhouse and headed for the truck parking lot outside. This area was reserved mostly for trucker's overnight parking; however an occasional auto would wonder into the area. These were mainly "ladies of the lot". (Prostitutes) or "truck hawks", (cocksuckers) searching for a good time with one of the `hot to trot' drivers


I worked nearby and when I got off work about 11 PM. I would head for the lot to make my regular rounds and stops. After you have been there several times, the truckers get to know your car and what you are searching for.

Truckers have signals to let you know they are available for sex. One signal is to turn on the cabin lights or blink their taillights when you pass by. You would then respond in the same way. It is a quick and easy way to make contact without lots of hassle. Many of the drivers are hot to go and want it fast so they can go to sleep or head on to their next stop. Most are singles but sometimes you find the drivers have a partner that wants some `action' too.

It was a nice warm weeknight and there was more than usual amount of trucks parked in the lots. Many of the drivers were standing by or near their trucks talking. I noticed a group of men chatting and laughing so thought I would walk by to check them out. As I approached one of the truckers said ‘hi’ to me and ask if I had some matches. I dug through my jacket pocket and found some matches to give him. They were still talking about some the x-rated movie that was showing in the bunk room TV room


"Damn! I guess I got in there too late,” one of the truckers commented,”

I understand there was a cock sucker in there was giving all the dudes head."

"Aw, shit, I always miss out on the fun," said one of the younger dudes


"Your horse cock is too big for him anyway, Peter, You would have probably choked him with that big fucking cock of yours. Besides I thought you didn't like `fags'. You were complaining the other day about the one in the showers." He said then Peter spoke up and added, "but he wanted to fuck me and I'm not into a poke in the ass."

"Oh? You afraid you might like it?' One man said "Peter, I bet you never got your dick sucked in your life. You probably are still a `virgin' too."

"No, I'm not." Peter said.

One of the truckers looked at me and asks.

" Did you see that cock sucker in there this evening? The one that was sucking the truckers in the TV room?" he asks bluntly.

"Yes, I saw him. It was me!" I said.

Suddenly the conversation came to a stop as they all looked at me. Then they all laughed as if they did not believe me.

"Na, I mean did you see him, not, `did you get sucked by him'."

"No, I said `I am the cocksucker that gave your buddies' head."

Once again there was a silence and the young one they called `Peter' looked at me again and said with a smile on his face.

"Really? You’re just joshing. You're not a `fag' are you?"

"Sure! I'm one of the best cocksuckers in this lot and I'm looking for some more action. Is anyone interested?" I said. Again a silence fell over the men until one of the men turned to the trucker beside him and said.

"I have to be going. This is too queer for me."

"Me too" said his buddy. "I have to split early in the morning."

Then he took off too. This left me with 4 remaining truckers. They began to change the subject real quick. I assumed they were too embarrassed to talk anymore about their sex life


"I didn't mean to shock you dudes with my confession. but I am not ashamed to suck a cock or two. I enjoy getting you men off just as much as you enjoy getting you nuts off. So who would like to give it a try?"

One of the older men spoke up.

"You know what? You gave me a blow job in the TV room tonight and I’ll have to say it was the best one I have had since I was in the slammer 3 years ago." Then they all laughed.

"So, is that a recommendation?" I said

"Sure, man. I could go for another one if you want to go to my truck. I'm right here, so hop in the other door." The trucker said to me without hesitation.

The other men stood there with their semi-hardon's listening to our conversation. I went to the other door and got into his cab. The other men stood talking like nothing was happening except for the young dude named Peter. I felt he was still curious about getting a blow job from a fag. He was a handsome dude and he made me even more interested when I found out he had a large dick.

I crawled into the cab as my new trucker friend held out his hand and introduced himself as John.

"Wait until I clear the bunk and we can get back there and get more comfortable." John said as he leaned back into the bunk area.

John was about 35, 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighed about 175 lbs. He had a nice strong face with a hint of a beard. I was especially attracted to his large dark eyes and the dimples when he smiled.

He opened the curtains and moved some objects around on the cot, then he took off his boots then crawled into the bunk. I took off my boots and followed him.

It was large enough for two men but not too much headroom. He took off his pants, and then unbuttoned his cowboy shirt exposing his manly chest. He wore no underclothes so he was all ready for action and his 2nd blow job for the day. By the time he was undressed I had taken off my pants and shirt and was crawling between his legs. He placed his arms behind his head to relax and waiting for me to service his cock. I placed my one hand under his big hairy balls and the other one on his large cock.

I had remembered sucking his cock earlier in the TV room but didn't see what he looked like. I was on my knees most of the time going from one cock to another without looking up to see the giver. I was more interested in serving the cocks being offered to me. I was so busy and there were so many cocks being shoved in my face I didn't have the time to look at most of there faces. I had so many at that time I had even lost track of how many cocks I’d sucked off. Now I was serving one of these men's cocks again.

I was going to take my time with John this time because I knew he enjoyed a blow job. I looked up at his long lean body reflecting in the soft lights of the parking lot outside. His body was firm and the stomach rippled like a washboard covered with soft hair. His arms were over his head and his armpits were exposed edging the form of his muscular arms. On one arm was a tattoo of a flying eagle. He was a sexy cowboy type trucker.

I started to lick his cock with my tongue and he signed with delight. I caressed his warm balls and slightly fingered below his balls next to his hairy ass hole. He responded to my every move. I licked on his hairy balls and kissed the underside of his legs, going up then down until I reached his long feet. He still had on his white gym socks so I slowly took them off one at a time and tossed them aside. I licked the top of his ankles then up his foot to his long smooth toes. He was in ecstasy. I lifted his legs and wondered down his balls and started to lick his buttock then slowly towards his warm ass hole. His body was so clean I could not resist sticking my tongue into his sweet ass hole.

Placing my hands around his ankles, I lifted him up until his legs were over his head. This gave me full access to his sweet warm ass hole. I darted my tongue in and out in a fast fucking motion until I though he was going to cum. By this time I had his ass hole wet enough to place my middle finger into the entrance of his hole. He squirmed with delight. I pulled my finger out and replaced it once again with my tongue.

After a few moments of tongue licking, I scooted my body under his buttocks placing the head of my throbbing 8-inch cock into the entrance of his ass. I wet the remaining shaft of my cock with the pre-cum juices from his cock. This would make it easier to slide my cock into his warm asshole. I went in slowly, but firmly.

When I was ready to slide my cock in further, John reached for my butt to pull me closer to him. I went all the way in, up to my balls. He gasps and held on to me


He began to relax and put his arms back behind his head once more and gave me full control to his body. I started to pump my cock into him slowly at first then increased my movements deeper and faster. He moaned and sighed, as he was giving me his body to pleasure myself.

We were fucking so hard that I could feel the truck cab move as our bodies slammed into each other. I could feel my balls filling up with sperm ready to shoot my hot warm load into his ass. With each plunge of my cock I knew both of us were getting ready to release our man juices. His big cock was rubbing against my body and my cock was deep in his hole.

 We could wait any longer. I started to cum as I fell on his hard muscular body. He released his load between our hot and sweaty bodies. I licked his arms and buried my face in his armpits. He turned his face towards mine and started sucking my ear. I turned towards his face and we embraced in a forceful, wild and passionate way that only 2 men could do. We exchanged kisses while both our tongues were searching the depths of each other's mouths. We both moaned in delight as I pumped my cumming cock against his prostrate causing him to release his juices between our bodies. I continued to pump my hot sperm into his willing and wanting ass.

"Oh, my God, I am Cumming "he shouted into my ear as I came.

"Yeah, fuck that ass, man, fuck that cowboy ass." He said as I dropped my load like a grunting horse in heat.

We both lay there in each other's arms. Our sweat was mingled with the warm sticky cum between our bodies. Neither of us spoke for a moment until I started to move off him.

"Let your cock stay in me for just a bit longer." John said.

"I’ve never, ever had this happen to me. Boy, to think what I have been missing."

He looked into my eyes and smiled.

"You know what? I have your warm cum up my ass hole and it feels good. Real good." Then he squeezed me tightly.

I gradually lifted my body off him and let my cock slip out of his cum filled ass hole. My cock was wet with my sperm. He reached around as I pulled out and felt my cock.

"My God, I had that cock up my ass? Wow, if I had know it was that large I would have had second thoughts." John said.

"I hope you were pleased with your orgasm. It is great when we can cum at the same time." I said as John handed me a small towel.

I proceeded to dry off his body, then myself. He lay there looking satisfied and happy at his new experience. I leaned over and took his soft cock into my mouth licking off the cum from his last orgasm. He was sensitive but let me lick his cock and balls. His body was relaxed but his cock started to rise again. I slowly sucked on his cock until it got completely hard again. He had such a beautiful cock. It matched his body. I didn't know if he could cum again so soon but he was beginning to move in and out with my head movements.

"I can't believe this but I am going to cum again." He said, as he raised his hips to meet my mouth, releasing another load of sweet warm cum.

I took his cock all the way down to his balls and drank his love juices. When I came up for air I milked his shaft of the last few drops of cum. As I released his cock from my mouth John fell into a deep sleep. I gently moved next to my cowboy trucker as he turned on his side with his back towards me. I placed my arms around him as we cuddled and fell asleep very satisfied in our man-to-man lovemaking.

End of this portion of "Truck Parking" Jan 19, 2002 rcb

Copyright Revised 09, 2002 rcbarber at 

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