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Toilet Top Suck Buddy

I deliver lumber and steal to construction sites in the tri-state area where I live. There is one lumber mill I pick up some plywood from that use to be a large operation. Most of the mill has been moved somewhere else, and so they just have a small group of guys that run the place. I’ve been in and out of there six times a month for the last seven years. I’ve never had any kind of cruisy action out there, I rarely ever see anyone except the secretary and the guy that loads the truck. One trip I couldn’t get loaded until around midnight. No problem, I got there a couple hours early, so I parked and went inside to use the rest room. It was old style, those big toilet bowls, and partitions between the pots with no doors. You can see the feet of the guy next to you, but that’s about it. I walked in when I noticed someone in the first stall. I walked by, the guy was standing at the toilet, pants around his ankles. At first I thought he was jacking off. But there was another guy, butt naked, squatting on the pot so no one could see his feet. Hello! There’s no doors! The guy was giving one hell of a blow job to the guy standing up. It wasn’t like there were a lot of people around, I stood back a bit and watched the action. The guy squatting on the pot would deep throat the guy and choke every fucking time. My cock was getting hard, watching the ass of that guy pound the other guys face. I walked up behind the two and put my hands on his ass. The guy responded by reaching back and grabbing my cock, through my jeans. I undid my belt and dropped my jeans. My cock got rock hard and I rubbed it up and down the crack of his hairy ass. I was waiting for someone to walk in and catch us. The guy in front of me reassured me that it was all cool. Just enjoy it. So, I did. I got down and spread the guys hairy cheeks. I licked that moist hole of his with my hard tongue. He quit pounding the guys face, and let him go back to sucking him. The guy on the toilet had a large cock as well. He was a real skinny tall guy, but he had a fucking 10 inch dick. His balls were huge! They both stood up and over me. I sucked on both cocks. They started jacking their cocks off. I stood up and well all stood jacking our meat. The guy with the huge cock shot his load all over my stomach, cock and balls. I kept jacking my meat using his cum as lube. The other guy and I shot our loads at the same fucking time. Talk about a hot scene! We cleaned up, I backed in, got loaded and hauled ass. The next four times I hauled out of that plant, I’ve gotten laid. Big time! Those two guys are the only ones on the night shift. They have the run of the place and get it on nightly. I can’t wait to get back over there now, I’m so fucking horny. Terry L. Georgia Pacific

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