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Time For Some Extreme Penis Plugs

If you've followed any of my post, you know quite well I'm all about cock play. Mine, others, solo, together, nothing like getting your cock swelled up via penis pump, extreme sounding, and/or just sporting a fat penis plug up your urethra enjoying the day. Nothing like cold stainless steal up your cock. Really compliments a jack off session. If you're into that kind of cock play, or just curious, check out my Only Fans Page for more detailed photos, videos about enjoying cock toys in a mind shattering awesome orgasm. Or, if you have any questions about such play, please feel free to email me. It's a fun yet harmless kink that's been around for years. Don't judge until you've tried it. Check out my Only Fans, I have tons of entertaining/educational content there.

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a few years ago i bought a hollow plug similar to the one in the last pictures, but i never seem to get it in AND get the ring around the top of my cock. i'd like to try a bit of sounding as well. but i must be doing something wrong, but what...because i like to try it. see what it feels like. i know: lube is important, but after that?

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