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The Boss's Son

I’ve been around trucking all my life. My dad owns around thirty or so rigs and I’ve met all kinds of drivers. Seems they always befriend me trying to brown nose my dad, sometimes it works, sometimes not. Depends what I get out of it. I’ve driven the big rigs, but my dad always wanted me stick around the shop or dispatch office so he could keep me off the road. The roads fine, but I’m a party animal that loves to have my own time after work. Not tied down somewhere waiting on a fucking load. Of course, I can find all kinds of trouble to get into while on the road, I’d much rather be home. Our home is behind a our large terminal and shop. Complete with wash bay and all the perks of a family run business. Sometimes my dad hits the road to get away from the office bullshit, my mom and sisters work the office and run a tight fucking shift. The first sexual experience I’d ever had was with a younger driver when I was sixteen. He was in his early twenties. Late one evening I had to wake the driver up for his dispatch. With me on the running board of the truck, I banged on the window to wake him. ‘Hey Bill, got your dispatch here, you’re ready to go.’ The guy got up out of the bunk and jumped in the front seat. Butt naked and bone hard. He rolled the window down and to make some small talk. With sleep in his eyes, I never heard a fucking word he said. I was fucking paralyzed by the huge stone hard cock standing in his lap. When he realized I had my eyes stuck on his root, he grabbed it and jerked it a bit. ‘Bet you like to widdle your meat too, huh Ricky boy?’ He laughed. In an instant my cock was bulging in my shorts. To make a long story short, he invited me into his rig to watch a hotter than hell porn flick and jerk off. ‘It’s natural to stroke your joke,’ he explained to me. ‘Besides, all guys do it.’ Every time Bill came in the yard over the next two years, I was waiting for him to invite me into his rig. We’d beat our meats to his latest addition to his porn collection. Most were straight, but one night he had a hot all male film. I had just turned eighteen and he taught me how to suck cock. He sucked me off and I’d return the favor. He explained he never crossed that line because of my age. Later that year Bill bought his own rig and went out on his own. But my taste for cock only grew. I learned that a lot of horny drivers loved to be flirted with by a younger guy like me. The boss’s son. Another driver, Ralph, had worked for my dad for six or so years. A quiet, tall, well built guy. Didn’t talk too much unless he was bitching about his load or something wrong with his rig. Dad was on the road, Mom and my sisters had left for the evening to go shopping. I walked into the driver’s lounge area and into the rest room. Our rest room was complete with three shower stalls, toilet stalls and urinals. Plenty of room for drivers to clean up, shower and be on their way. I knew Ralph was taking a shower and I wanted to see if I could see what old Ralph was packing. My jaw dropped when I turned the corner and saw Ralph at the sink, looking into the mirror, shaving, and naked. What a fucking slab of meat. I pulled my cock out and stood at the urinal and made some small talk to Ralph. He never looked at me. As he shaved, he talked. ‘What’s a young guy like you doing tonight? Friday night, hell, I’d be chasing the pussy.’ He said. ‘Oh, I gotta hang around here, Mom’s gone, Dad’s gone. I’m the only one here to take the fucking phones. Guess I’ll just have to use my hand tonight.’ I replied. We both laughed. ‘Hell boy, I’ve jerked off so much in the shower, I get a hard on when it starts to rain.’ He said. Again, we both laughed. As I stood at the urinal, my cock started to stiffen up. Ralph kept looking into the mirror as he shaved. We kept talking and I found myself looking at his cock and stroking my own. ‘Yeah, I gotta make a run up to Denver, think I’ll head on out tonight and take my time for Monday’s delivery.’ He said. All of a sudden he dropped his razor, spun around and came over to the urinal next to me. He looked down. My cock rock hard and me stroking. ‘Looks like you’re starting early on that hand job.’ He said as his own cock started to stiffen up. As it jerked and swelled, hanging there, I reached over and said, ‘I’d like to hand job that thing too!’ And smiled. He turned to face me and grabbed my swollen cock. ‘Wanna play in the shower? Do you think it’s safe?’ He ask. I dropped my pants, stepped out of them, walked over to the rest room door and locked the dead bolt. ‘Yeah, sure is.’ I dropped in front of our number one driver and took his hard shaft down my throat. I instantly started cuming on the floor between Ralph’s feet. ‘Damn boy, you’ve got a hair trigger there.’ He said. I kept sucking and stroking my cock. I can cum multiple times without even touching my cock. My balls were hanging low, my cock still hard. I took his cock deep enough to choke me. I gagged and loved it. I could smell his man smell coming from his balls. His cock and balls were very hairy. Just the way I like ‘em. I took his cock deep and he moaned. ‘Seems you’ve done this before boy.’ Ralph said. I kept sucking. Soon his cock swelled more and cum gushed out the head of his cock flooding my throat, mouth and some ran down the corners of my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, the rest ran down my neck and onto my shirt. Ralph pulled his cock out of my mouth, turned around and started one of the showers. I stood up, shucked my tennis shoes and pulled off my shirt. We both got into the steamy shower and washed each other down. Ralph laid a huge kiss on me, I returned with my tongue in his mouth. His cock was still hard, mine was too! As we stood under the hot water he knelt this time and took my hard cock in his mouth. Quickly I started shooting again. ‘Damn, you have a hair trigger!’ He said again. He stood up, we washed down, got out and dried. I had a few more suck off encounters with Ralph, and loved every bit of it. But, a horny guy like me has to have some variety. When out on the road, which is seldom, I finally took it up the ass in a book store glory hole. Yeah, it was so fucking good. The place was outside of Houston, Texas. We had a hot load of air freight from Lake Charles, Louisiana to the large airport in Houston. I had to dead head back home, so I had plenty of time to kill. This particular book store is off Hwy 59 and had room for my rig. I parked, went in actually looking for a bow job. Give and receive. I paid for my tokens, went to the dark arcade and went into a booth until my eyes adjusted. There were a dozen or so guys in the place, the undesirables, a few twinks and a couple of redneck looking guys. I walked up and down, and around the hall way to make some eye contact. Several of the booths had glory holes. I spotted a nice looking cowboy guy and went into a booth near where he stood. I dropped a few tokens and watched a couple of guys go at it on the screen. In no time the door of the booth next to me shut and locked. I was so fucking horny to suck some cock, I had my pants down and was squatted looking up through the glory hole. Sure enough, a tight wrangler jean wearing cowboy with a large package stood on the other side of the wall. I stroked my cock as I knelt down and awaited the meat to come through the hole. Sure enough a large fat cowboy cock, with a dripping head came through and entered my open mouth. As I worked on this cowboy’s meat I started shooting cum on the wall. I couldn’t help it. But I was so fucking worked up, I wanted more, much more. As I worked his big, thick, hairy cock over, I took the cum on the wall and fingered my dry hole. I wanted his guy’s cock up my ass. I’m not really into much anal, but this cock was hooked to a cowboy and I’ve always wanted to get bred with a cowboy cock. With my ass wet from my own cum, I pulled on his cock and stood up. I pressed my ass up to the hole to offer the guy my hot willing fuck hole. In no time I had his cock up inside of me. The cowboy was bucking on the other side of the wall. I was bucking on my side. His fat cock head went far up inside of my ass. Oh he was working my hole over good. I’ve been fucked several times, once wasn’t too good of an experience, but this one takes the cake. As I stood in my booth, bent over, you could hear the cowboy banging the wall as he fucked me through the hole. He must have cum pretty quick in my ass, for I could feel cum draining out of my hole from around his cock as he fucked me even harder. I shot another load on the floor. Cum squirted out the head of my cock in several large wads, then dribbled out as I was getting ass fucked. He kept banging and I kept taking it. My cock was still hard and I kept stroking it. It felt so fucking good with him fucking me. I could hear him moan out loud as he came in me again. The thought had me, once again, shooting more cum out of my cock and onto the already soaked floor. Finally, his cock softened some what and he pulled out of my wet, cum dripping fucked hole. I stood there for a few minutes catching my breath. I could hear the door close as the cowboy left. I pulled up my pants, gathered my composure and was out the door as well. On my way back across I-10 I stopped at the rest area before I reached Beaumont, Texas. The seat of my pants were soaked with the cowboy cum. I always carry extra clothes, even on short runs. So I pulled off, got out of the rig pulled off the cum soaked pants, took a quick piss and stepped back into the rig. No pants on I got into the bunk and found an pair of shorts an pulled them on. Not paying much attention, a guy in a car was parked just a few yards from me. He tapped his break lights. I was really fucked down, but maybe, just maybe he’ll let me suck his cock. I was hungry for some cum. I blinked my clearance lights, the guy got out of his car and walked over to the rig. I rolled the window down and told the guy to get in. He did and in no time I was sucking on his cock. Yeah, it’s usually the other way around, but this guy loved it. He was a local black guy with a 10” cock. No shit! The head was the size of a large plum and the shaft was long and thick. I took what I could down my hungry throat and sucked as hard as I could. ‘Man, you always suck cock like that? Usually I’m the one sucking on the cock. Keep suckin boy, you like to swallow?’ He ask. I kept bobbing my head up and down on part of the long thick cock. In no time, my black good buddy was rewarding me with his man juice. What I didn’t swallow, I licked up when he was done shooting. ‘Man, I love white boy pussy? You like to fuck?’ He ask. ‘Well, I’ve been fucked pretty hard back in Houston, and besides, I’m not too sure I can take a large root like yours.’ I replied. ‘Give me a minute, I’ll let you suck another load out of me, I can cum several times.’ He reported. I started sucking his cock again after some small talk. His large hands lay on the back of my head as I worked on his long fat cock in his lap. I sat up and said, ‘Let me ride that mother fucker, I think I can do it.’ We got in the back of the rig, he with his pants down around his ankles, me nude from my waste down. He lay on the bunk with is huge flag pole standing up, I straddled him and worked his large cock in my pre-fucked hole. It took some time, but I worked my ass all the way down on the black studs fuck stick. It fucking hurt for a few minutes, but when the pain subsided, I bounced up and down his big cock. ‘That’s right, up and down white boy, up and down, work daddy’s cock up your pussy, boy.’ In no time the guy was cuming up my ass. His cum was mixing with what was left of the cowboy’s cum up my ass. That in itself made me shoot all over the black studs chest. We both collapsed. In no time I was back on the road headed home. Again, my pants was full of cum that drained out of my twice well fucked hole. Before I made the Texas, Louisiana line, my cock was stiff yet sore. I was so fucking turned on about my last two encounters, this should keep me jerking off for some time. I didn’t have anymore clean pants, so I had to sneak on into the terminal with cum stained pants. Oh what a ride both those guys gave me. Being the boss’s son has it’s benefits, sometimes, but I get all the trucker/cruiser cock I can handle. I have more to tell, but that’s for another day, I have truckers to tend to and two mechanics that get pretty fucking horny. Ricky D. The Boss’s Son.

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