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Team Talkers

My partner and I have been team drivers for several years now. We were together for two years before we took up ‘over the road’ driving. I was a local delivery driver, he was a UPS delivery guy. We have read many stories about the action a guy can get running the highways from coast to coast. So, we answered an ad for over the road drivers and took off. It took some time for us to set up a driving routine, but once we got use to the road, we started looking for some road action. We are both versatile, love to suck a hard cock and be fucked as well as swap out. We play one on one and team up when we find willing guys to take two on. Our best tribute to the action we get is to our trusted CB radio. My partner always had one in his pick up, he chatted with local rednecks but never thought about cruising with on. Now, the shoe is on the other foot, we get cruised ‘all the time’ off our radio. Most pickle parks we cum across, it seems, there is someone looking to suck a trucker cock. And most of the time, we oblige. One night in a pickle park in Nebraska, off I-80, my partner woke me up so he could fuck this young guys ass in our bunk. The guy was nervous, but once he laid his eyes on our hard cocks together, we fullfilled his wildest dream by filling up both his holes. I shoved my huge uncut cock down his throat while Randy fucked his tight ass and shot all up inside his shit hole. This guy was so fucking horny, I didn’t know if we were ever gonna leave the rest area. I fucked him twice and Randy did the guy three fucking times. Hell, there are two of us and only one of him. Damn, the boy must have taken his vitamins before cruising the park! One time we were picked up off our CB by the security guard at one of our delivery points. You have to sign in, wait for them to call your truck number when they have an open dock. Well, we got a lot more than an open dock. This black guy had a 12 inch dick and wanted to streach our assholes with it. He called our truck nuber no sooner than we parked and ask one of us to cum up to the guard shack. The tall black stud told me to turn our CB to a different channel than the one the warehouse calls you on. We did, and he did too! He called our truck number to see if we had changed channels. We could see the guard shack from where we were parked. He ask if we had a load out of the area. At that time we had not talked to our dispatcher because we were not unloaded yet. The very next question black beauty ask was, ‘do you guys have some time to play around?’ You could had heard a pin drop, even with the engine running. ‘What are you asking Mr. Gate Guard?’ I ask back into the radio. ‘I’m asking to you have time to ‘do a black guy?’’ He ask. Well, needless to say by the time he walked out to our truck he had two white boys, naked, hard and with sweaty ass’s. He was on his lunch break and had an hour or so to fuck hour holes. He was total top and his hard foot long cock never went soft. I don’t thin my ass has ever been explored that fucking deep. Randy couldn’t get enough, he came twice before the guy ever shot his first fucking load. We were both bread like bitches in heat that day, and we always request freight back to that warehouse when we head out west. Last fall we came across a dust storm off I-10 on the Arizona/New Mexico line and had to pull off at a truck  stop until the roads were opened back up. We ate lunch, fueled up and fucked around the truck stop around two or three hours. Randy went to the truck to sleep and I cruised the truck stop. I had a lot of lookers but no takers. I was on my fifth cup of coffee when a guy in a three piece business suit striked up a conversation with me. ‘Hey, hows the road out there, besides the dust storm?’ He asked. We talked for 30 minutes or so, when he ask about ‘action’ on the road. ‘You know driver, sex. Many loose whores every give you guys trouble or try to sell you some pussy?’ It sounded like a loaded question to me, but half buzzed with caffeine I figured I was either gonna get in his pants or run him the fuck off. ‘Naw, not too much. Around the bigger truck stops you have some speed whores looking for some quick cash to buy their next fix, but most of the action a driver can get is from other horny drivers for horny guys wanting to get off.’ I told him, and waited to see the look on his face. ‘Well, that’s what I thought, and that’s what I look for too! A hot man looking to get off with anther man.’ He quickly, calmly replied. Well, guess who had the funny look on their face? Me! I replied to the business man, ‘well, that would be me too! My partner and I are always looking to please and get pleased by other horny men.’ We cut to the chase, we headed out to the truck for some sleeper action. We walked up to the rig only to find the mother fucker rocking like hell. Seems Randy had been cruising the truck stop with the CB. The business man and I got up in the truck, I pulled back the curtains and there was Randy getting plowed by this Werner driver that was parked right next to us. They both looked at us as we looked at them. Randy choked and said, ‘hell, theres room for more, get naked and crawl in.’ Crawl in we did. The two of them picked up where they left off, I and the business man got on the top bunk and sucked each other off. We did, however, have an intermission and swapped our ‘catches’ out. Randy, with cum dripping out of his well fucked ass, drove his hard shaft up the business man’s ass. The Werner driver gave up some hairy ass for me. That was one of the best fucks I had in quite some time. This guy could really take a dick. Randy had the business man begging for more. We swapped out one more time and left each other full of man juice in each and every hole. By the time the highway was open back up, Randy and I took another couple of hours to recoup our energy to make it on down the road. Oh, by the way, this happen on a Friday, our load didn’t have to be in San Francisco until Monday, so we had plenty of time to play around on the way. The Werner driver headed on out, the business man bought our supper, Randy and I stayed naked the rest of the trip, except when we had to get out of the truck. We have a couple of fuck buddies in northern California, so we had to rest up for that orgy as well. As we took off late that night, my cock stayed hard just thinking about the action we had at the truck stop. Most all drivers have CB radios, and if you really are into cruising horny Truckers, you should have one too! Keep in on and find you some hot cock in your nearest rest area or truck stop. Good luck, and thanks GTC for your publication. EHP

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