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Team Drivers

Hank and I were teamed up together by the company we worked for at that time. The company (I won’t list here) was big, very big on teams. That’s why I signed on with them, and later, that was Hank’s wishes as well. We both came from large trucking companies and had more than enough experience. I arrived in Dallas late Sunday evening, as well as the other drivers for that week’s orientation. This one lasted four days. The company paid for the motel and the three meals while we were going through the companies procedures. The first day was paper work, drug test and physicals. The second day was a run down on procedures, talk about pay and other bull shit you have to listen to. Hank sat next to me during the orientation and we started small talk. The group consist of ten paired teams from other companies that were changing jobs, and the other six were single drivers looking to be matched with someone to make a team. One lady was going through orientation so she could team with here husband whom already worked for company. Real nice low key crowd. We did have a lot of fun, eating out together and making new friendships. Fortunately, we all had single rooms in the motel where we stayed, ate and had the four day meeting. The second night, I walked across the street and bought a six pack so I could kick back and watch some TV. Down the street, under the freeway overpass was a 24 hour adult book store. After most of the six pack, naked on the bed, watching TV, I was getting horny and looking for a blow job. It was midnight and it seemed all the other drivers were in bed. I guessed. I made my way down to the book store, bought some tokens and made my way to the back. It was dark and full of guys. Most were trolls, but they need action too. I made my way into a large booth, locked the door, dropped some tokens and in no fucking time someone had their hot willing mouth up to the glory hole. I slid my hard cock in and in no time I shot my hefty load down the suckers mouth. I zipped up and was out the door. Six in the morning comes early and I had to walk back to the motel. The finale day, Hank and I made plans to be team partners on a rig. Sure enough, our credentials were approved and we were matched at our request. Over the next few weeks Hank and I got to know each other real well. We were both single guys, lots of driving experience and had a great time on the road. His hometown wasn’t but 70 miles from mine, so we got to take the truck home on our time off. After our first days off and we were back on the road, I’d get every chance to look Hank over when he was changing clothes or riding along, shooting the bull in the front seat in his shorts. I noticed on several occasions, when I was in the sleeper, he would pull over to take a piss or stretch his legs in the rest area and take quite sometime. I too, knowing he was good and asleep, would cruise every chance I could to get a good-buddy to give me a quick blow job. I didn’t think Hank knew I was a gay man, I didn’t think it was his business. We got laid over in L.A. for two fucking days on a load, we decided to rent a car and head to the mall and see some sites. On our way back, we picked up a six pack to drink for that evening and kill some time. We pulled into a liquor store and right next door was an adult shop. We both looked at each other and Hank said, ‘I’ve been looking for some porn, let’s drop in.’ It was cool to me. I told him I would hook up with him over there after I picked up the beer. He went on over, I followed a few minutes later. I went through the door and scanned the place, no Hank. Guess he was in the pisser, not sure. I went to the back, they took coins and dollars, and slipped into a booth right quick. I was so fucking horny for a hot mouth to suck my cock. In no time, a make shift glory hole about waist high had a hot mouth with a long tongue. I shoved my cock in the cock suckers mouth and this guy drained both my balls, quick! I pulled out, zipped up and hauled ass. As I walked around the store, wondering where the hell Hank went, out from the back booths came Hank. Funny, he was wiping his mouth, but I didn’t say anything. We returned the rental car, got back to the truck to drink beer, listen to the CB and shoot the shit. As we sat talking I noticed a dried, what looked like cum stain on his chin in his goatee. Imagine that. After six beers, I told him, with a laugh, I sure could use a blow job about right now. We both laughed and Hank agreed. He reached over and grabbed my cock through my jeans. Just the thought, my cock got rock hard, he unzipped and sucked me off. That suck job felt so fucking familiar. Come to find out, Hank was the one in Dallas, and the one in the adult shop that had sucked me off. He too, is a cock sucking trucker that loves to hookup with cruisers. We worked as a team for that company for three years. The entire time, we fucked and sucked and had our way with many a man on the roads from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Today, we are both owner operators, we run from Dallas to L.A. to San Francisco with air freight. We still fuck and suck when we get caught up with each other, and we trade hot spots, and names from our little black books we keep running out west and back. I’ve met several other teams, that play around, the last team I met our of Chicago, they both are married me, have kids, live in the same town, fuck and suck on the road, but stay close to mama when home. You’ll be surprised at the teams that ‘get off’ together. Some of us more extreme than others. Also makes great for cruising, someone to watch your back, and share your catch. Ben T. Dallas, Tx.

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