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Team Drivers

My lover and I drive as a team for US Express. The fleet is full of gays. Through the GTC alone we have met over a dozen single gay drivers and about four other couples. Some hot dudes and some average guys, but we all keep in close contact. Sometimes ‘fuck’ contact. One weekend in June we laid over at the terminal in Oklahoma City and the dispatch there had us run two separate trucks down to Dallas to pick up some empty trailers. I drove one and Bill, my lover, drove the other. Our truck had a CB and the one he drove had one as well. It was a single driver’s truck and he was on his days off. So we took advantage and took his truck and used his CB. It’s not like we fucked in his sleeper or nothing. We ran our ass off down to Dallas, we wanted to get back for Saturday night at the Habanna Inn. Thought maybe we could pick up some cock and ass there while laying over. Any way, after picking up the empty trailers we headed our ass back to OK City. We were ratchet jawin back and forth when this car came up beside me. The guy was jacking his cock off. A real nice dick, and balls to match. He had them pulled out of his fly. Bill was behind me in the other truck and I called back to him. “Hey Billy, I’m going to pull ahead of this guy next to me, look at what he’s doing.” I told him. “Ten-four,” he called back. Billy damn near ran off the fucking road. It didn’t take long for the guy to figure out we were taking turns watching him stroke his meat. It was real hard and the more he jacked on it, the more turned on we both got. Of course we were running on another channel, so no one else could hear what we were saying. “It’s a shame that guy doesn’t have a CB.” Billy said. “I know that’s right, we’d get him to pull over and let us jack that meat.” I said. ”I’ve already pulled my shorts down, I’m keeping up with him, my cock is about to explode.” Billy told me. “You horny cock sucker. Don’t get that white load on that guys floor!” I told him. “Floor hell, I’m gonna spray his dash with this load!” He called back. It’s been a while since a guy came up beside me and showed cock. I had some slug drive up beside me in Oklahoma City one night while we were passing through, and his girl friend or wife was fingering her pussy. He drove up beside me and turned on his light and she lay across the seat with that hairy gash showing. ‘Fuck!’ I thought. Anyway, the guy kept jacking. He was probably afraid to pull over with two of us, but kept putting on a show. Billy, in the mean time, was naked from the waist down in the other guy’s truck. The guy jacking off caught a glimpse of his huge cock when he stood up in the seat going down the fucking highway. “I think the guy wants to pull over.” He told me on the CB. “How do you know?” I asked. “I flashed him my big cock. He looks like he wants to jack on mine a while.” He called to me. “I tell you what, we will take the next exit, see if he follows you. See if you can get him in the truck, then I’ll come back and join in.” I told him. Sure enough the next exit, I took. I pulled off way ahead of Billy, and he fell behind. The jack off guy pulled in behind him. ‘Fuck, looks like he wants to play.” Billy called. By the time I pulled the brake and looked in my review mirror, the guy had already made his way up to the truck door. Billy stood in the door of the truck with nothing on but a t-shirt. His cock sticking straight out. I could see his ass in the side window with the door open. I was really surprised no one honked as they drove by. When his dick gets hard, he doesn’t think right. As I watched, the guy got up into the truck. I gave them a few minutes and went back to the truck Billy was in. They were both jacking each other off. Both naked, and hard, it was a treat to see all the nakedness in the truck sleeper. The guy was married, on his way home and just loves to get off with truckers. ‘What a fucking treat,’ he told us. ‘Two hot guys in a truck sleeper.’ While I watched him pull on Billy’s cock, I got out of my tight jeans and boots. My dick was stiff and was ready for some relief. The guy went down on Billy like a mad man. He loved to suck cock. Of course, Billy loves to get sucked. He has a nine inch dick and knows how to use it. He shoots huge loads every fucking time he cums. I jacked off while watching the two get it on. Finally Billy sucked on our new friends cock as well. His purple head fit just right in Billy’s mouth. It was a sight to see. Pre-cum was dripping out of my hard cock as I sat and watched. The guy sucked so good, Billy came in his mouth. I wanted so fucking bad to shoot, but the guy grabbed my balls and sucked on my cock. I too shot a wad in his mouth. The more white juice I pumped down his throat the more he sucked. Billy never lost his hard on, he got between the guys legs and sucked on his ass. The guy did have a nice body, and as Billy sucked his hole he jacked off. I figured what the hell. I bent over and sucked his cock. He pumped my mouth as I sucked his dick. I heard Billy with that familiar moan, he was wanting to shoot another load. I pulled back, they both got in the sixty nine position and went to town. The guy jerked as he pumped cum down Billy’s mouth. Billy, once again, shot a huge load in the cock suckers mouth. It’s been a while, but when Billy is turned on he shoots several loads within minutes of each other. Fuck! What a trip. The guy pulled his clothes on and made his way up the highway to go home. We made our way, with empty balls and empty trailers, back to Oklahoma City. JC-US Express

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