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Surprise Delivery

I’ll never forget the first time I had sex on the road, ‘with another guy!’ I had often thought about playing around with another guy, but never got enough nerve to cross that line. In the past, I’d jack off thinking about getting other guys off. Sucking, fucking, what was it all about. At the time, I was a single driver with a company that ran me all over the country. I was suppose to deliver out in Tracy, California on a Wednesday morning, I showed up at the warehouse late Tuesday night. The gate was open, and three dock doors. So I pulled in, backed into one of the docks to see if I could get this load off now, or just stay put till morning. I backed in, got out and hopped up into the open dock door and went into the warehouse. It was quiet, no one around. I could hear some muffling around at the far end from where I was parked. As I walked down the dock, the muffling sounds turned into moaning sounds, kinda like a someone was rolling around in the freight. I got to the last dock, inside the trailer we two bearish looking guys. Both had nothing on but ball caps and work boots. One was sucking the other, and he was fingering the guy that was sucking him. I froze as I watched in disbelieve. Two huge, beautiful men going at it right in front of me. I stood in shock! They looked over at me and kept doing what they were doing. Both had nice size cocks and bother were hard as hell. They traded off sucking one another and feeling each other up. The two guys are what one would call true bear men. As I stood watching these two go at it, they kept looking over at me. One would wink, the other would wave his hand at me to join them. As the shock wore off, I found myself taking my clothes off. I dropped my papers, took off my boots, dropped my jeans and shirt. I walked over to the two huge studs and fell victim to these two men. They pawed me like animals. It was almost scary at first, they were forceful for me to suck their cocks. The first time, ever, I had touched a man that way. Here I was butt naked with two bears that could eat me. Well, one did. They spread my legs and tongued my slit for what it was worth. It was driving me crazy. The more I squirmed the more they sucked and fingered and played with my ass. All of this was a fucking first. Right there, naked, with two men, in a warehouse not doubt, and I was wanting these two men to bread my hot ass. They lay me on my back, pushed my legs up and as one ate my hole, the other shoved his hard cock down my throat. He fucked my mouth like he was breading my ass. Then, they switched out. The other one fucked my mouth as the other ate my ass. He finally got up and worked his hard cock up my ass. Virgin no more. He fucked my hole and made me love it. The other one came in my mouth and I choked as I swallowed every bit of that man juice. As the one fucked me he jacked on my stiff cock. The guy that had cum in my mouth sat his ass on my hot cock. As the one fucked me, I fucked the one straddled over me. Every time he shoved his cock in my ass, I could feel my nuts wanting to shoot a hefty load. I started to cum and as I was dumping my juice in his ass, the guy fucking me started loosing his load as well. We all came together. It was fucking wild. I had never cum so hard and much in all my life. We lay there a bit to catch our breaths. We got up and all three went into the warehouse showers. Cleaned up, and made some small talk. These guys were the night shift for the warehouse. They didn’t accept deliveries, but they did for me. After they unloaded my trailer, we all three got in the back of it and gave each other a blow job. It was unreal to me. I sucked both guys off again, they sucked me. I took off from there to the truck stop for the night. I fueled, took a shower and couldn’t wait to try to find some more trucker cock. I’ve often heard and have even seen guys cruising in rest areas at that time, but was too afraid to do anything. Needless to say, from that day forward I’ve had coast to coast action with guys of all types. Today, I team driver with my partner whom I met while being cruised in the rest area one night. He and I both still cruise and get cruised all the time, and love it. We have had some really wild times with horny guys. Trucker, cruiser action is there, some spots are hotter than others, but it’s there. You have to be patient, and look for the signs. We do all we can to let guys know that we are looking too! Guy B. Transport Express. 

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