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Summertime Cruising

Let's hang out, naked,,,,,

Back in my younger days, I had the body that could stop a freight train. I was very athletic in school and was blessed with a high metabolism. As a closet horny gay man, I did have my fun with choice buddies in school and from various jobs I worked at before graduating from college and becoming a lawyer. Every summer I’d take a road trip from one coast to the other. Along the way I kept record of how many guys I could score with and try to beat it the next summer. I even went as far as hanging out in a rest area, without facilities, butt as naked, showing and strutting my stuff to truckers that were willing to look. Once, I ended up having six truckers join me, naked, sun bathing. Of course, I sucked every one of them too. I got caught standing on my car, nude, in a deserted rest area in the hills of Kentucky. The officer ask me what I was up to. ‘Oh nothing sir, I’m a nudist and had to get out and stretch my legs.’ Yeah right! On the top of my car. He told me as long as I didn’t ‘deliberately’ flash anyone, it was OK, just be careful. He sure eye balled my dangling cock. I could have sworn he licked his lips as he turned to go. It scared me a little, but I enjoyed my body and enjoyed showing it off. Oh, I wasn’t conceded, hell, I’d suck any cock and let any guy suck on me. Summer is the best time to cruise and get cruised. Seems guys are always more willing to play with another guy in the summer time. One summer night I had pulled into a rest area that was pretty active near my home. I sucked three truckers and four travelers that night. One trucker fucked me really well, I would had packed my bags and left with him if I could had. His cock was huge and his stamina was unfucking believable. He fucked me three different times that evening and I sucked him off once. I had more of his man juice in me than he did. One traveler was a doctor. He dropped his pants and let that 9 incher cock of his out. It was hard in no time and I sucked on it for 30 or so minutes before he rewarded me with his juice. Summer time is the best time to cruise, I’m telling you. Today, in my early 50’s, I can still cruise with the best of them. I don’t hang around naked as much as I did in earlier years, but active cruising is best in the summer. I got caught up with a van load of church guys going to some summer time retreat. They had pulled into the rest area to piss, and walk around a bit. The group of eight were all in their 20’s. At that time I was pushing 30, so they were close to my age. The guy that saw me playing with my cock was the leader of the group. He came over to my car and ask if he could join me right quick. He got on my hard cock in no time. He was on a mission to suck my balls dry. One other guy noticed us, soon, all eight guys and myself were in the wooded area, most of us nude or near nude, jacking, sucking and rimming ass’s. These guys went fucking wild. In less than thirty minutes, we all shot huge loads, I ate six of them. And last, once I hooked up with a trucker in L.A., he was headed back east and so was I. He was in a big rig, I was in my car, so, no way was I going to keep up with him. He was one hot fuck, let me tell you. His cock was average but his energy was overwhelming. We fucked for a solid two hours. My asshole was raw for days. He made sweet love to me the first half and fucked me like a rag doll the second half. He pumped gallons of man juice in me, I was in love for the moment. After we said our good byes, believe it or not, we hooked up again for a fantastic fuckfest on the east coast. Small world. Donnie B. Myrtle Beach, SC.

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