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Summertime Cruisin'

I wanted to tell you about the bet time I ever had in a rest area. I was traveling south on I-390 out of Rochester, Ny one hot summer night. The first pickle park is about 40 miles down the road at Mt. Morris, Ny. The truck lot is on the left as you enter and the car lot is on the right. The building and phones are in the middle of the two. It was about 10:30 at night and there were about 7 or so trucks in the truck lot, 2 pick ups and a small sports car in the car lot. On hot nights like that night, I usually hang out bare chested, wearing only jeans and my work boots. I entered the men’s rest room to find it empty, oh well, I took a leak and was stroking my meat when I heard another man enter. He took the urinal on my right side, a real hot looking stud about 27 years old, 5’9” tall and around 155, long hair, thinning on the top, wearing tight jeans and a tight t-shirt showing off a lean powerful chest and nice arms. He glanced my way now and then so I said, ‘Hi stud, how ya doing?’ ‘Ok’ came real quick as a nervous reply as he looked away. He wasn’t pissing or even showing cock, but he got a good look at mine a couple of times. ‘Ya like to fuck around?’ I asked. Again the reply was quick and nervous, ‘no!’ He then buttoned up and went to the sink. I could tell he was curious, but real scared. Maybe he was telling the truth about not fucking with guys. I said, ‘I’m really picky about who I fuck with and you’re the type that really turns my crank. You want to try fucking me in the mouth?’ The stud listened hard to every word and stopped to really look me over. I’d put my cock away by this time and was leaning loosely by the wall near the exit. He finally said ‘no’ again and slipped out. ‘Fuck!’ I thought. Oh, well, I hung out inside for a few more minutes, doused my face and chest with cool water and then I heard the pop machine being used outside the door. I waited. No one came in, so I stepped out into the darkness. The stud was still there, out in the yard near his pick up truck sitting on a picnic table, smoking a cigarette and sipping a coke. Well, I went right to him again. I told him what a fine stud he was and wouldn’t he like to try fucking my mouth a while, we could go to my truck, no one would bother us. The stud again looked me over, long and hard, and then gazed off to where the trucks were parked. Before he could say no again, I said, ‘Come on man,” and nodded my head toward the truck lot. He started to speak but stopped, took a drag from his smoke, and stood, nodded his head once and we were off to my truck. I explained that he should get in the drivers side, just like he owned it, on one would think a thing if anyone was watching. WE jumped up into the truck and back into the bunk. He told me he’d never been with a guy before and I told him ‘that’s ok, if you don’t like it, we’ll stop. I’ve never forced a guy to fuck me in the mouth if he didn’t want. I slowly started rubbing the hard mound in his jeans that I knew was his hot cock needing to get off. I asked him if he’d take off his shirt and he did. Just as I thought, nice chest, great body, made for fucking. I licked his chest and he ask, ‘do we have to do this?’ He wanted to get to the task at hand, so I opened his jeans and went right to work on that hard cock of his. He was tense at first but soon leaned back into the pillow and moaned as I fucked my mouth up and down his hot shaft. I made sure to position myself so he could see his hard cock moving in and out of my mouth. I knew he was watching, taking it all in. Every now and then he surprised me by putting one hand on my head as I worked my mouth up and down on his cock. And then it happened, his grip on my head became firm as his fuck shaft started pumping the stud’s cum into my mouth. He couldn’t moan or even move. His whole body was tense, every muscle. Tight so he could pump the juice from his body into mine. I swallowed it all. When it was over, I felt his body go limp as he released his grip on my head. I settled back releasing his cock from my mouth and watched as he lay there. Eyes closed, as his breathing returned to normal. ‘You ok?’ I ask. A big smile crept over his face, ‘Yeah, I’m ok.’ He collected his shirt and left the truck bare chested across the lot. I never even got off, but I was really satisfied. That was a Tuesday, Friday I came through and he was there again. He jumped out of his pickup and met me half way this time. His first words were, ‘every time I think of what you did to me, I get a fucking hard on.’ I said, ‘You know why?’ And a look of horror took over his face like I was gonna call him a faggot or something. But he just smiled and I said, ‘It’s cause that cock likes getting sucked! You gonna let me give it what it wants?’ ‘Hell yeah!’ He said. I fucked with him about 4 times. He even sucked me a little. Our work schedules made it hard for us to hook up. Now I never get out there. I sure do miss ya Dave. Maybe we’ll hook up again sometime! Mark R. Syracuse, NY. 

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