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South Carolina

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Shout out to all the guys that hit me up in Columbia, SC this week on Grindr when I was passing through, sorry I didn't have enough time to hook up or at least correspond more than what I did, it was one of those 'in & out' trips. Next trip over will be the 16th of this month, I hope to hook up with one or five of you guys, usually stay at the Petro or the Loves there in Cayce. And to those guys that hit me up on the way there, thanks for the comments, I try to do my best to make time, but you know how trucking goes.

You can 'always' reach me at

For my everyday life 'on and off the road' check out my Only Fans HERE.

Comments and suggestions ALWAYS welcum! Tim/webmaster

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