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Soakin' Up the Sun

My favorite time of year, spring/summer, of course here in Texas winter days are short & sweet just the way I like em. I'd rather be nude. As you well know, at home, work & play. I've planned an RV trip about an hour west of where I live to a Nudist RV Resort. I also have a few trips planned to Hippie Hollow just outside of Austin, Texas. The only Texas State Park that's clothing optional. Maybe some of you have been there. (Look it up) And as you well know, my many work related road trips are spent in the nude, not just for sexual encounters, I believe in body positive, let your body breath, totally. I have some other nude adventures to share, and if YOU have a nude experience to share, please, by all means, let me know, I'd love to post it. Send pics too! And please, 'like' and 'comment' on my post.

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Want to see the 'Kinky' side of me? Check out my videos HERE

And as always, please leave a comment, share a pic (or two) or ask me anything. Enjoy your day, NUDE!

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