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Skinny Dipping ~ Shared Story

The Phil story: Part 1 For quite a few years now, I’ve been taking what I call a ‘MEcation” at the beach in the Outer Banks of NC. My birthday is June 2nd, so I can usually work it around both Memorial Day and my birthday. Often, I either go to the KOA campground, where I get a cabin, or I rent a small cabana down in the Hatteras area. It’s a great way to have a totally self-indulgent few days where, if I want to read, I can read. If I want to lie around, sit on the porch, I can. If I want to take my paints, I do. If I want to go out early to catch a sunrise, I’m not disturbing anyone. If I want to stay up all night, no problem. When meal times come, I don’t have to ask anyone else, “Where do you want to eat?” or “What do you feel like eating this evening?”I’m a total nudist, so I have a few places in OBX where I like to hang out on the beach all day, mostly secluded, buck naked. I can swim, lie in the sun, walk,, or whatever, and often, especially on weekdays, I can hang out all day, and not see any other people. One of those places is on the island of Ocracoke, accessible by public ferry. It makes for a long day, but it is always very gratifying. I drive to a specific place where there is a crossover through the scrubby dunes, and once on the beach, I can walk south a half mile or so, even if there are people up near the crossover, to a spot where people can’t really tell even what gender I am, or whether I’m wearing anything. I keep a wrap handy, just in case the ‘turtle people” come by on their 4-wheeler to check turtle nests, etc. Or if the random person takes a beach hike, and I see them coming, I wrap a sarong around my waist and wait for them to pass. I have no intention of making someone uncomfortable with my nudity, nor would I want to either get a citation, or ruin the nude experience perhaps for others. So, pre-pandemic, in the end of May, 2019, one beautifully sunny day, I pulled onto the ferry, and was directed to a spot very near the front of the boat. I stayed in my car as they loaded the rest of the cars on, according to the rules. When a car pulled up beside me, I noticed a rather rugged handsome driver. I tried not to stare, but I found him very attractive. Once all the cars were on board, and we finally took off, this handsome guy got out of his car, and I couldn’t help but notice he had a very similar camera to mine (I’m an amateur photographer). He strolled around taking photos from the ferry, and so I secretly gave him the “once-over,” except I did it many times, and from quite a few angles. He was about my height, very masculine, very tanned, dark hair and mustache, some very thick chest hair spilling out over his shirt where he’d left the top two or three buttons undone. I began to fantasize about all kinds of things. The fact that he was alone, as was I, was making me wish I had more confidence and more hutzpah. Eventually, the announcement came over the system that everyone should return to their cars, as the ferry was fast-approaching the docks on Ocracoke. Geez, I thought, mentally kicking myself, why the hell didn’t I just get out and talk to him?  Ugh. There went that opportunity!So, the ferry docked, of course, and as always, I drove the few miles to the ‘ramp’ where I always hit the beach down there. I grabbed all my stuff, threw my chair on my back, and headed through the scrub. There weren’t any other cars there at the time, so I was elated that there probably weren’t going to be any other people out there that day to worry about. Still, I walked my usual half- to ¾ mile down the beach, and I picked a spot. Just a short distance south of me, most of the beach was blocked off by yellow tape to protect a large turtle nesting area. This meant that if people walked up from below my spot, they wouldn’t likely go any further north, so further protection! I was sitting out there in my chair, very naked, slathered  up in sunscreen, and loving life, when at some point, I looked up and saw someone walking down the beach toward me. Now, I have had the occasion a time or two for another nudist to come either by me and strip down and plant themselves down the sand, or on at least one occasion, a gentleman nudist stopped to talk to me, and asked if he could sit with me. He suggested it would be helpful if we could keep an eye out for each other, etc. So I don’t get too excited or perturbed until I know what’s happening. Indeed, at some point, I was able to discern that it was a man walking toward me on this day. I don’t keep looking because I don’t want to be too obvious. But as the guy got closer, it hit me….same red shorts and white shirt as the guy that was next to me on the ferry!! Seriously??? Could it be??? My mind was whirring. As he walked, I also quickly realized he was doing the nudist stroll….which means he was constantly turning around to see how far he’d come, and if he was going to be far enough away from the ramp and the people way up the beach. Could he also be a nudist??? When he got close, and was about to pass me, I nonchalantly looked up and waved, and said something profound like, “How’s it going?” Smooth, George! He waved back, said something that I couldn’t really hear, and walked down the beach just about 75 feet or so. I had my sunglasses on, so I was trying really hard to see him without actually turning my head in any obvious way. He put his towel down, kicked his shoes off, and began emptying his pockets onto the towel. Off came the shirt. Then….wait….was he really doing it? I could see him out of the corner of my eye as he undid his red shorts and dropped them right there. There was almost this flash of bright white when his little ass became exposed. He stepped out of the shorts and dropped them on his towel, so now was my chance. I turned my head, as casually as I could, but trying to be obvious, just in case he was looking….he was…..and he looked right back at me. He was adjusting his cock and balls with one hand, and he waved and me with the other and smiled a big smile as he turned and walked toward the water. My heart was beating so hard, and I momentarily wondered if he could hear it! He walked smoothly and without hesitation into the water, and sat down. It was only then that I realized that where he’d stopped, there was this perfect tide pool, probably 2 feet deep, maybe 15 feet long, and very little waves at all, so he was sitting in the tide pool with only his head, and the big toes of both feet peeking up out of the water. So there’s this rakish, handsome man, buck naked, just like me, who’s bobbing around in the most perfect tide pool about 75 feet from me. What to do? What to do? My mind was whirring again! Should I go down there? Should I try to holler ridiculously banal at him…like how’s the water? Come on, I told myself, you won’t get this opportunity anymore today….you MUST get up and walk down there and introduce yourself! Here goes, I’m pretty sure I said out loud to no one in particular. I stood up very casually, since I was pretty sure he was looking at me….and after all, I was sending signals at this point….and I slowly picked up my sarong from my chair and wrapped it around my waist. I turned and walked toward him. He was, indeed, watching me I realized, and he continued to watch me until I was close enough that he could call out, “Hello! How’s it going?” “Great!” I said. “Man, you got the good spot! How’s the water? Is it warm in there?” Obvious? Who cares at this point? “It’s perfect! Not cold, not hot, just perfect!” He said. By this time, I was standing in the wet sand very close to where he was. I could see in the clear water his very white untanned region between his waist and his mid-thighs, and his dark pubes in the middle, and I could just barely make out his cock in the ripples. “Why don’t you join me? Throw your wrap up there on my towel  and come on in!” Well, of course, he didn’t have to tell me twice! I took off the wrap on my way to his towel, tossed it down, and down the sand and into the water I went! I sat down about 6 feet away from him. It didn’t go unnoticed that he watched me carefully, especially focusing on my crotch, as I walked down, and then he kept glancing toward my cock in the water. I was loving it. We talked…general stuff like where we are from, that we’re both nudists, that we both love this stretch of beach, that the weather that day was perfect, that the tide pool was so damn wonderful. I wanted him not to have to struggle so to see my cock, so I allowed myself to sort of float on the surface, which literally made my cock bob right above the water where he could see it really well. I remember we were talking, he was staring at my cock, and suddenly, he moved toward me and his mouth was on it. His hands were under my ass, kind of holding me up in the water, and he was sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow. Holy shit! I must admit I wondered for a minute if I was dreaming!! Stuff like this just doesn’t happen to me! After a few minutes, I was worried that I might blow a load too soon, so I reached down and pulled his face off my cock, and I aimed my face toward his, and he didn’t fight me as I planted my lips firmly on his and began a long deep kiss. Lips, tongues, intertwined legs and arms, exploring hands….holy hell! It was so damn passionate! I pushed him back so that I could get between his legs, and I maneuvered my hands  under his firm furry ass so that I could float his cock toward my mouth. He tasted so good, especially in the salty water. He watched me suck, and periodically would throw his head back and moan. So, if I wasn’t dreaming, I thought to myself, this was one of the best days of my life! I continued ot suck and jack is now-very-hard cock, and he was writhing at that point in my hands. He was getting close. His balls had retracted, and he was thrusting his hips toward my mouth. He half-heartedly grabbed my face, and warned me that he was going to come, just in case, I guess, I didn’t want to take his load in my mouth. I just sucked harder, pushed upward with my hands, still on his ass, and he convulsed about 5 times as his load flooded my mouth. It was sweet, salty, perfect, and I swallowed it all! He was very sensitive after he came, so I went easy on him and let go of his cock. I pushed his pelvis down until it was on the sand in the bottom of the tide pool, and crawled on top of him so that I could kiss him deeply again. Damn, he was an incredible kisser! “Your turn!” he said, and he turned me over again, pulled my cock to the surface, and he began sucking me again. It was almost no time until I was warning him that I was going to cum. “Lemme have it!” he said, and I did! We kissed some more, and lazed around in the water until we had pruny hands and feet. Oh my God, this was such a hot experience! Eventually, we pulled ourselves out of the tide pool and spread our naked bodies on the towels. I went back to my original spot and grabbed up all my stuff and moved it down to where he was, and we spent the rest of the afternoon there, kissing from time to time, fondling each other’s parts, reapplying sunscreen to each other. It was magical, romantic even. When we eventually decided to get out of the sun, we talked about what we could do next. We decided to go to the local brewery to have a couple of beers, and get a bite to eat. As we left the brewery and made our ways back to the ferry in our respective cars, we had already decided to stop over at the ferry docks on the other side to snap some pics of the sunset, since we both had our camera equipment. We got out of our cars on the ferry and continued to chat about stuff…just generally getting to know each other better. He was from a NC town about 5 hours away. He was divorced, had a daughter back home, but she was grown. Like me, he considered himself bisexual, although, also like me, most of his encounters the last few years were with other men, and he was enjoying them more and more all the time. I didn’t want this day to end, needless to say. I had no idea, though, at this point, how he was feeling.

 PART 2: When the ferry docked back at Hatteras, we met in the adjacent parking lot and took our camera equipment over to the marina to take some sunset pictures as planned. It was a stunning sunset kind of evening, and with the marina in the foreground, we were pleased with our photos. As it was getting dark, I suggested to him that he come up to the campground where I was staying. I told him we could both shower up there in the bathhouse. He said that he’d like to come, but since his campground was on the way, he’d just stop there and get himself cleaned up there, and then he’d see me in a bit. I gave him the cabin number to look for, and we set off on our respective ways. I went back to my cabin, grabbed up all my stuff and headed for the shower. All squeaky clean, I returned to the cabin, straightened up the mess, tucked shoes under the extra bunks, hung up my wet towels outside, and made the bed up. I got a beer out of the cooler and sat down to relax a bit. It seemed like no time until I heard him step onto the porch and knock on my door. I opened the door and he stepped inside and shut the door behind him. He immediately leaned in and kissed me, and we were in each other’s arms and exploring with hands and lips, and grinding hips together. I pulled back briefly, and suggested we get on the bed, which we did. We quickly undressed each other, and began some long and very passionate lovemaking. We took turns sucking each other, with breaks in between for lots of kissing. At one point, while I was sucking him, I rolled his legs upward and used my mouth and tongue to explore his scrotum, his taint, and then dove into his clean sweet hole. He began moaning. It just made go that much deeper and more aggressively after that ass. All the while, I was jacking his beautiful cock with one hand. FInally, when it seemed like he couldn’t take it anymore, he rolled those legs down, wrapped them around me, and kind of flipped me over on my back. He crawled up, and began kissing me, all the while straddling me and grinding his cock onto mine. By now, I was rock hard, and he was loving it. He pulled his own knees slightly forward on the bed, and spit onto his fingers, reached behind his back and used it to jack my cock a few times. He did it again. Then, at one point, he spit into his fingers and rubbed it into his hole. I sensed he was ready. I was right! He aimed my very hard cock at his tight little pucker and began to sit back on it. Slowly, methodically, he was working my cock into his ass. At times, he would throw his head back and take deep breaths, then look me straight in the eye again, and he would pull forward slightly, then push down harder. When I was balls-deep, he stopped to relax a few minutes, and tell me how this was the biggest cock he’d ever tried! He then began to ride my cock, slowly at first. I was playing with his hairy chest, and twisting his nipples, and he was looking directly at me and riding my cock. Sometimes his eyes would roll back in his head. Sometimes he’d moan slightly, or say, “Oh, fuck!” He was playing with my chest hair too. He was totally absorbed. He leaned down and kissed me, then straightened  up and continued bobbing on my cock. I noticed he was getting faster and faster. His head was rolling from side to side, and he was looking at the ceiling! I began jacking his cock, which just made him ride harder and faster. Suddenly, I could feel his sphincter tighten on my cock, and he began to shoot a beautiful load on my belly and chest. He indicated that his dick was very sensitive, so I let go. He recovered after a couple of shutters, and he started riding my cock again…very fast. I was bucking my hips now too toward his beautiful hairy hole. Pretty soon I was groaning, and eventually stifling a small scream, as I unloaded in his beautiful ass! I felt like that was one of the most intense orgasms I have ever felt. We lay in each other’s arms for some time talking about what a great day we’d had, about the fact that we were both driving home the next day, about the fact that I had to leave early in the morning and I still hadn’t packed anything…and eventually he decided to decline another shower with me, and he began to dress to drive himself back to his own campground. We did, however, decide to keep in touch, and hopefully to meet up again when both our schedules would allow us to be there in OBX at the same time. Lots of kisses at the door, before he opened it and walked out. I slept like the proverbial baby that night. 

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Thanks for considering my story share-worthy! Ahhh...sweet memories!

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The thanks goes to you, thank you for sharing, great read!!

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