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Shower Time

Nothing like a hot(ish) shower after a long day in the yard. All sweaty and sticky, it's always better with a shower buddy. Did you ever shower with your classmates in high school? Some of my fondness memories, nude with a bunch of dudes. Today, as a nudist, it's second nature to be nude with others. Nudism/naturism is a life style. A good one at that. No, not in a sexual nature, but an over all natural life style. Nudist are more 'real human' than clothed people. Why? When you put on clothes, you put on a character, you're not the real you. Nudist are more laid back, relaxed, normal people, nude. You should try it sometime. Live life naked. If you'd like to see my full shower video, join my Only Fans Page, it helps to keep this site free! More nude news and kink, coming up! Stay naked.

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Me gusta
16 jul 2023
Contestando a

Thank you! Hop in, the water feels great!!

Me gusta
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