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Shower Room Bliss

Back in the day when I drove for a farm hauling produce out of California into Arizona, there was hours of hot man to man fun to be had at truck stops. In the 70’s, the 76 Truck Stop just inside the California state line on I-10 west, before it was remodeled had the open type shower room. Like what you would find in a big city gym these days. There were lockers in the dressing room just before the showers, and plenty of room for 10 or more guys. The urinals and toilets were just off the dressing room, so, to get to the rest room part you had to go through the dressing room. I usually ran local, my run started around 4 in the morning. I ran to Phoenix and back each day. I fueled there at the 76 Truck Stop on my way back each day, if I ran late I got a bite to eat there as well. Home every night, I had no reason to have to shower, but I sure did get some eye candy time when passing through in the late evenings when over the road truckers were taking showers. I’ll never forget one night I was running so fuckin late due to a couple of blow outs, I decided to sleep in my truck at the truck stop and pick my next morning load up and haul ass. I fueled and got a free shower ticket, like I always do, I never use them because I’m usually headed home. Any who, I got my towel, went in stripped and got into the shower. At the far end were three guys, truckers, standing in a circle. With one on the floor taking turns with the other two guys cocks. Two more guys came in and started up their showers. I was rinsing off with the hardest hard on I’d had in a long fucking time. The site of those three guys had me so hot, I could hardly keep my hands off my dick. The guy down from me a little, walked over, without saying a word and started stroking my cock. Fuck, I was really turned on then. I turned to face him, still under the showering water, grabbed his huge hard cock. We played with each others cocks and balls. He reached between my legs and fingered my hot

hole as well. The group behind me had grown to four, me and my new shower play mate had our own game going at the time. With water running and steam building, all you could hear over the noise was men moaning with pleasure. I got down on the wet floor and took this guys cock into my mouth. Steam, sweat and precum filled my mouth. I sucked and sucked as he pulled my head close to his crotch. While I was sucking him another dick showed up in my face. One of the four behind us broke off and came to our party. The steam was thick, the cocks were thick and it took all I had to keep from shooting my load on the wet tile floor. The first guy pulled his cock out of my mouth and the second guy shoved his in. I went back and fourth on each guy’s cock. The first one shot his load all over my face and in my willing mouth. Mother of pearl, this mother fucker was filling me up. After he came I started in on the other guy. He pulled me up off the tile floor and dropped down before me and sucked on my ‘hair trigger’ cock. It didn’t take much until my load was feeding this cock hunger fucker. The first guy showered off and disappeared. The group of three behind me was into some hard-core fucking. One guy was bent over sucking a huge black cock while he was getting fucked in the ass by a Hispanic stud. As I was shooting my load on my new found cock sucker, I could hear the Hispanic guy’s balls slapping the back side of his trucker fuck whore. After I milked my balls all over this guy’s face, he spun me around and rimming my ass while he lay beneath me and jacked his cock. I watched the guy getting it in both ends while I was getting the best ass eat out job ever! The guy with the cock in his mouth and dick in his ass shot his large load all over the floor. The guy in his ass dumped his load up his well fucked rectum and the black cock dumped his juice down the guy’s throat. Fuck! What a fucking night in the shower. I use to stop of and on most occasions ‘action’ was always to be had there. I’ll always remember those times, I still get a fucking hard on thinking back. Ray B. ‘Retired’

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