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Shower Room Attendant

I’ve often read stories about the shower room attendant getting it on with truckers and others while on the job cleaning up shower rooms at a truck stop. Yeah, I thought, that shit never has happen to me. Up until now. I pulled into the (you could had guessed) Petro Truck Stop to fuel, eat and shower and them relax for an eight hour break. I had some laundry but talked myself out of it because I did have a load on that was taking me home for a couple of days. I’m always looking for some action, when I can get it, but it really wasn’t on my mind as much as eating, showering and getting the hell out of here. The lady at the shower desk gave me a shower right away, I took my bag and made my way on back. The laundry room was packed with guys, some with their wives doing laundry. I went to shower number 4 but the cleaning guy was finishing up getting it ready. ‘Be one second driver, I’ll be out of your way.’ The guy told me. ‘No problem, I’ll hold up out here.’ I said back to him. He wore the usual Petro uniform, all green, tight pair of pants, and a nice package. Looked like to me, he had a hard on. A nice huge wad in his crotch area. He stood up, grabbed his mop and out of no where, he grabbed his crotch as if to adjust himself and said, ‘man this job makes me horny.’ Didn’t know where that came from but I quickly answered ‘hell, stay in, was my back, I’ll see what I can do.’ Jokingly of course. He stepped back, moved his mop and cleaning tray, grabbed his bulge, looked me straight in the eye and said, ‘bring it on trucker!’ Without a word, I stepped into the shower room, dropped my bag and started stripping. Before I could pull my boots off he had his pants off and hard cock looking up at me. He had slipped his boots off and was down to his shirt and cap. He stepped over to me and grabbed my half hard cock and started stroking. ‘I’m just into getting my rocks off with other guys, no kissing, sucking or fucking.’ He said. I answered, ‘me too!’ He stroked his cock slow at first and finally was on a fast beat. I too caught up with the action. My cock got hard watching him pleasure himself. He couldn’t keep his hands off my cock and balls. I stood back against the door as he played with my cock and balls and toyed with his also. Finally, he looked up at me and said, ‘I’ve always wanted to suck a cock, but I’m too afraid guys will think I’m queer.’ ‘Never crossed my mind,’ I told him. He bent down and teased my cock head with is tongue. In my mind I’m thinking, ‘yeah mother fucker, this ain’t your first cock to suck.’ He squatted before me and engulfed my cock. His lips were tight around my shaft. I felt pre-cum dribble out the head of my cock and into his mouth. He sucked on my root for a few minutes, driving me fucking wild. He stood up and ask, ‘you suck cock?’ I dropped down and took his cock in my mouth and sucked it like no tomorrow. I knew this wasn’t gonna last long. I wanted him to dump as much juice in me as he could. He placed his hands behind my head as to guide my face to his crotch. I sucked as hard and as fast as I could. I had my hands on the back of his ass and played with his ass cheeks. I thought about working my finger in his ass, but didn’t want to push my luck. I kept sucking and in no time at all he was pumping his seed in my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could and as much as I could. I sucked real hard on the head and the slit. He wiggled before me as he dumped his juice in me. I could smell his man scent in this pubic hair above his cock each time I pressed my face against his stomach. He was done. Spent. Drained. He pulled me up and dropped and took my shaft into his mouth. As he sucked on my shaft I was still tasting his juice. I shot several milky loads in his mouth. He too swallowed my seed. He kept sucking and I could feel him sucking the left overs out of the head of my cock. He had a slight hold on my dangling balls as he worked up and down the shaft. My eyes were closed when he stood up and pulled his clothes back on. ‘Gotta get back to work, thanks for the relief, driver.’ He said on his way out the door. I gathered my thoughts and got into the shower. I stood in the hot stream as it covered my well spent body. That sleeper never sounded better. As I left the shower hall way, I walked by shower room number 2, I could hear a faint voice, ‘oh yeah, you suck good cock.’ A mop stood outside the door. I wondered how many cocks that guys sucked in a day. LJ, Ideal Trans.

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