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Rodeo Wrangler

I went to work for my uncle hauling cattle when I was eighteen. Never had a clue that I would end up a cum bucket for some real cowboys. It all started when my uncle picked up a contract hauling bulls for a rodeo show. We would haul this guys ‘meaner than hell bulls’ to local, county and some out of state rodeos and fairs. When we ran a circuit, all the guys in the crew, six trucks, six drivers, would be out on the road for six to eight weeks, sometimes longer. We would unload these fucking mean ass bulls for local guys to bust their fucking nuts riding these bucking monsters. You just don’t know and can’t imagine the man on man action at these rodeos. My first trip out was with a much older guy that has worked for my uncle for several years. Mac was a tall, well built looking guy, but his face showed his years. He has a rough voice and barks at you when you don’t do things his way. One night we waited at a stock yard to load some fresh bulls up. It would be several hours before we could get going, so Mac had bought a six pack of beer. We set out by our rigs, shot the shit and drank the beer. We were both feeling pretty good when Mac pulled out his huge cock to take a piss. Haveing a good buzz going from the beer, I pulled my cock out and did the same. ‘Boy, I’m feeling pretty horny tonight, might have to find me a cow to fuck.’ He laughingly said. We finished up taking a leak, I pulled my cock in and turned around to see Mac standing there with his huge hard cock in hand. It was so fucking inviting, the damn thing was calling my name. ‘You want some of this boy?’ He barked at me. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face to his crotch. Of course on my way down, I opened my mouth to recieve Mac’s big tool. He drove that cock down my throat and jerked it out. He forced that cock in and out of my mouth until his juice shot all over my face. I swallowed as much as what was running down my chin. ‘You like that face fuckin, boy?’ He ask as he tried to catch his breath. Before I could say a word, still trying to swallow all of the cum in my mouth, he shoved that hard cock back in my mouth. I started sucking again. I was in cum heaven. I’ve been sucking cock since I was 13. I sucked all the cum my cousins could give me. Still do when their girlfriends don’t put out, but that’s another story. Mac actually came in my mouth a second time that night. I was hooked on that old fuckers cock from then on. Trust me, every circuit we run together, I suck that old man’s cock till he can’t take it anymore. Out of the six drivers on one run, I suck most of them. When they want it, they give it to me. As long as I don’t ‘push’ the subject, I pretty well get good and fed on all the runs. One night at a county fair in Colorado, two big buck Bubba’s took me on. Well, the first one was drunk and couldn’t find his buddy, so I talked him into letting me see his dick. He bragged how big it was, so we stepped out back of some bleachers and he pulled it out. I told him he was too drunk to get it hard, so don’t worry about getting any pussy that night. ‘Oh yeah?’ He said, ‘If I get this mother fucker hard, you’re gonna suck it!’ Worked for me! He did and I did and his friend walked up in the mean time. ‘What the fuck are you doin Paul?’ His buddy ask him with a frantic voice. Paul looked over at him without notice and replied, ‘Getting a fuckin blow job, what’s it look like to you?’ I kept sucking on his hard cock. He had his hands on back of my head as I sucked up and down that redneck cowboy’s cock. ‘You wanna join in? No fucking girls are gonna fuck with us tonight, besides, get off in this guys mouth, and I’ll open that bottle of whiskey in my pick up, and we can really get smashed.’ He told the guy. The second cowboy pulled his cock out I wasn’t too impressed with the small size, but, as it started getting harder, it grew a whole lot. I pulled off Paul’s cock and started to suck on Lewis’s cock. I would trade back and forth. Most, if not all, of the crowd was over on the other side of the arena. The rodeo was over for the night, they had one more night to go, so we didn’t have to load the bulls until the next night after the show. The crowd was where the food, beer and band was. You could hear everyone in a far distant, we were safe where we were. As I sucked on Lewis’s cock, he ask Paul, ‘You think we could get this faggot to let us fuck him in the ass?’ I unbuckled my belt and pulled my jeans down to show my ass was willing. My cock stood up, stiff and dripping. ‘Looks like he wants some of this manhood up his ass Lewis.’ Paul answered. I stood up in the dark and pulled my jeans down to the top of my boots. Lewis grabbed my head and forced me down on his hard cock again. ‘Get this big fuck stick good and wet, I’m gonna breed your hole, faggot!’ He instructed me. I slurped and left his long cock wet. He stood behind me and drove that hard mother fucker in. Damn! That hurt so fucking good. I could feel his cock way up inside of me. He pulled out and pushed me to the ground On all fours, he got down behind me to get a good toe hold. He grabbed my naked hips and worked his cock back up my ass. Paul knelt down and put his cock back in my mouth. He tried to force it, but I was too willing to take the monster back down my throat. These guys were really worked up. My ass was being worked over by one horny cowboy. In their conversation together as they bred both my holes, (mouth/ass) they said, ‘Man, this is better than any pussy I’ve had,’ Lewis said. Paul replied, ‘Man, I didn’t know guys knew how to give blow jobs like this, beats jerking off.’ They kept fucking and bucking, finally, Lewis said, ‘Man, I’m cuming up your ass, and it’s a big load too!’ He started cuming and pumping harder. With no signal, Paul’s cock started dumping that familiar salty taste I love so much. When they were done, Lewis stood up, pulled up his jeans, Paul did the same. Paul patted Lewis on the back as they walked off and said, ‘let’s go drink some of that whiskey, buddy.’ The two well drained cowboys walked off into the darkness as if it never happened. I pulled up my pants and made my way to the motel we were put up in. I could feel cum running down my leg out of my well worn hole. That night as I was in the shower, I heard a banging on the door. I stepped out of the shower and there stood Mac, of all people. He had been at the dance drinking beer the whole time, and stepped in the room. He jerked my towel off and said, ‘looks like you’re ready for some cock, boy!’ Down on my knees I went. Mac pulled his hard cock out and I went to work. As I mentioned before, I was his personal cum bucket. Mac was an old married guy, kids, grand kids, the whole smear. But I was his personal cum bucket and loved it. I took his huge man load down my throat, he pulled his cock back in his pants and made his way down to his room. As the door shut, I sat there on the floor and jerked my cock off at the thought of all the cum I had in me. I shot my thick sticky load all over the floor, got in bed and went to sleep. What a fucking road trip! Besides sucking Mac off twice, sometimes three times a day on our tour, I hit a short dry spell. These horny redneck cowboys need to be on the ‘buzzed’ side before you even dare to approach them for some action. We were in Kansas at a county fair rodeo, it was held at the same place their high school football team played. So the cowboys used the locker room, which had rows of lockers, rest room stalls, and showers. They would stretch, dress and bull shit with each other while getting ready for their rides. After the rodeo, it seemed the best place to hang out, talk about their ride, shower and get ready to party with all the rodeo goers. Man oh man, the cocks I saw that night. I was out back checking the bulls, when the rodeo clown walked up. He doubles as a rider and protector for other riders. He road a bucking bronco at the first of the show, changed and then worked the bulls as a rodeo clown. It was dark behind the pens where I was checking the water and feed for the bulls. ‘Hey man, you one of the guys that handles the bulls?’ He ask. ‘Yep, sure am.’ ‘You guys got some good stock for rodeo.’ He said. ‘Thanks, I’ll let the boss know.’ I told him. He had most of his makeup off. He still had his clown suit on, which looked more like those pants the kids wear today. He pulled them off and only had a pair of insulated underwear on. His horse size cock was situated down one leg. Every fucking bit of ten inches, soft! I couldn’t keep my eyes off it. ‘Damn clothes are a bitch to wear, run in, I got to get out of them. You don’t mind do you?’ He ask. ‘Oh hell no! It’s a hot humid night anyway, I don’t blame you.’ I told him. He pulled off his long handled underwear and stood butt naked, except for his pair of lace up work boots he had on. As he bent over digging for some shorts he said was in the pant pocket of his large pants. ‘I got some shorts in here somewhere. He bent over and his huge cock and balls dangled between his legs. I could make out the curly hair around his hole. My oh fucking my. He pulled out his shorts, stood back up and turned around. My tongue was hanging out, drool was all over my face, and that huge limp cock hung down as he caught my eyes feasting on his manhood. When we made eye contact at that moment, I figured what the hell. I ask him, ‘Can you get that huge mother fucker hard? And if so, what does your wife/girlfriend say?’ Kinda cheesy, but what the fuck else was I going to say? ‘Oh, it’s the same size hard, I’m a shower, not a grower.’ He replied. ‘No girlfriend or wife, fuck dude, I work the rodeo circuit like you do.’ He added. We kept talking as he stood there butt ass naked. The more we talked, the more I looked at it, it started swelling up. I could had hung my clothes on it, it got so hard. The veins in it popped up, the head was damn near purple. ‘Damn dude, talking about it has made me hard.’ He laughed. No one was around when he said, ‘Don’t be scared, touch it.’ He laughed again. I reached down and felt that huge hard clown cock. ‘Funny you should admire my cock, you’re not the first guy that wanted some of this.’ He said. Without a word, I went down on this huge monster. I couldn’t get it all in my mouth much less down my throat. He leaned back against the fence as I took his cock all the way in. In no time he was dumping his hot load down my throat. I gagged a little bit, but kept swallowing. I sucked him off one more time that night, and once the next night. He enjoyed my cock sucking, I could only wish he would fuck me, but he wasn’t into that kind of sex. The last night of that particular rodeo, I was gang banged by three drivers I was on tour with. I know all these guys, they got a hold of some pot, got fucked up and in I walked, not knowing what was going on. In less that ten minutes, they had me sucking two, and one fucking me. These guys are supposedly straight, two of them are married. I’ve sucked them all off, one on one, but that night, these guys were on a fucking frenzy. They battered my man pussy like it was going to be their last. Two were average sized, one was short but had the girth of a beer can. He tore my fuck hole wide open. I took four loads down my throat and three up my ass. I had to soak in ice cold water to keep my hole from burning. Oh, it was great! If you guys work for a rodeo, or would like to, be patient, be seen, and watch for those drunk horny cowboys. They will breed your ass like stallions in heat! Bobby K -Rodeo Specialties.

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