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Road Sex at it's Best

Cruising is my middle name. I’ve sucked off more truckers and travelers than I could ever count. I don’t count the local cruisers, once you’ve had them, well, you know the story. Don’t get me wrong, I’m after the ‘next guy.’ I’ve fucked, been fucked, sucked, been sucked, even had a three way with a guy and his wife. I don’t prefer that action, but it was fun, and we all got off several times with each other. She was more a watcher, he was more of a sucker and did me good. I cruise every chance I get when not working or screwing with family. The nearest rest area is about fifteen miles from my home, the perfect place. Deep woods in the back of the place, plenty of places to hide when the rest area is patrolled. If you are a seasoned cruiser, like myself, you know when, when not to cruise, whom, whom not to cruise. You learn that as time goes by. My usual routine (which doesn’t change too often) is to find my place in the rest area woods. Tons of action goes on in those woods, and I’m usually in the middle of it. I strip down to nothing, hide in the bushes, and once in a while let the drivers at the phones know I’m here. How? By showing some skin. Pull on my shorts and walk along the woods behind the trucks. Most every time, a trucker will come on back and get serviced. Just last week, as I made my way to the woods, I was approached by a Hispanic driver. He had his shirt open and sported a carpet of jet black hair all over his chest. He was late 40’s early 50’s and in good shape. No big muscles, but an average slender guy. We made our way back to my ‘hot spot.’ My favorite spot in the woods I like to play. In no time my shorts were off and I stood there watching him pull his jeans off. His cock fell out, yes, I said fell out! Soft, it was thick and long. Hard, it was thicker and longer! A beautiful uncut cock that stood straight out. I dropped and started sucking on it. He too, was butt ass naked. I was getting a good tongue hold to his thick cock when he pulled me up, turned me around and started eating my ass out. I bent over a bit and held my ass cheeks apart for him. His tongue was driving me fucking wild! Without saying too much (which I prefer) he pushed me down on my knees. Ass cheeks still apart, he worked my ass over with is wet hard tongue. He got up on his knees behind me and played with my now wet hole with the head of his cock. I could feel the pressure as his cock head entered my hot ass. The head popped in, and he worked the long thick shaft in my ass as if he were making love to me. Finally, he was all the way end and started fucking me. My chest hit the ground as I held my ass up in the air to accept his hard long fucking. He held my hips and fucked me good. He pulled his shaft out and turned me over and started fucking me again. My gosh, this guy was wearing me out. He ask if I was ready for a huge load, and without an answer he started moaning real loud as his jism shot inside of me. Shit, I could feel the hot streams of cum bursting out of the end of his shaft. When he was done he lay on top of me. In the background, we could hear the idle of trucks, rigs pulling in and pulling their air breaks. He lay beside me there on the ground and we made some small talk. He ask how often I cruised, I ask how often he fucked other guys. The conversation went back and forth, nothing deep, just chatter. I noticed his cock, hard again. ‘You looking to fuck again?’ I ask. Without a word, he rolled over between my legs. As I pulled my legs back and he lifted them, he worked his cock in my well fucked hole. He went at it again. Fucking me slow at first and then tearing my fuck hole up. I could feel his cock deep inside of me. So fucking deep it almost hurt, but hurt so fucking good! He pounded my ass, and once again he ask me, ‘you ready for another hot load of Mexican juice, white boy?’ Before I could get ‘yeah, pump it in me,’ he was pouring more man juice deep in me. Again, I could feel that hot juice filling my rectum. He kept pounding and pounding as he got every fucking drop out. ‘Wow! That was fucking fantastic!’ I told him. We both lay beside each other again, both with sweat beads all over us. His heavy breathing calmed down and we went back to some small talk. It wasn’t quite dark, but the woods were getting dark. As we talked, he sat up on his knees and played with is half hard cock. ‘You ever play in your rig?’ I ask. ‘Naw, got a co-driver, and it’s hard to even play here, but he’s a heavy sleeper, so he’s not missing me. You want to give up your ass one more time? I love fucking your ass.’ He said. I got up on my hands and knees and he reentered my well fucked hole again. Cum from the last two explosions was running down my legs. Great lube! He pushed his cock in me and fucked me long and hard. I figured he didn’t have anything left in him when he started that load moaning again. More cum in my ass. He fucked me three times in an hour and left a huge gummy load every fucking time. What a fucking stallion! While pulling his jeans on, I gave him my cell number, usually don’t do that, but hell, if he could fuck me like that every time he passed through, I wouldn’t need to come up here that often. Well, he’s got my number, we’ll see. After that triple fuck, I went on home for he night. I was done. Cum drained out of my hole till noon the next day. He had left plenty of sperm in me. I get a hard on at just the thought. It was good. The next day, after work, I decided to go park, jog the rest area and see if I could get some action to follow me to the woods. After a jog around the place, I noticed a driver looking out his mirror at me behind his truck. I grabbed my cock through my shorts and walked on down past the other trucks. When I came back by, there he stood. A full sized guy, kinda clean cut, big wad in his pants. ‘Hey guy, you wanna play?’ He ask. We went back to his rig. The guy knew what he wanted. By the time I got in on the passenger side, he had gotten out of his jeans and sat there in the driver’s seat with an unbuttoned shirt, cap and a huge grin. He held his short fat cock in one hand and rested on the other. The cock was short, but had a huge cock head on it. Wasn’t sure I could open wide enough for that one. I got down between the seats and took the huge head into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head and large piss slit. If a stream of cum shoots out of that slit, I’m gonna get a fucking cum bath for sure. I opened my jaws as wide as I could get them and worked on this hard big headed cock. Precum dripped out, some what, the driver lay back against the door, his cock standing up and me bobbing my head up and down doing my best to get this horn dog off. I took the cock as far down as I could. Both his hands were on the back of my head. Each time I went all the way down, the huge cock head would choke me, and he would push harder. It was kind of a turn on, being forced like that. He mumbled, ‘I’m gonna cum buddy, I’m gonna cum.’ About that fucking time someone turned on the cum hose. Cum filled my mouth in no time, the rest ran down my chin. It was fucking phenomenal. He was quite satisfied. He thanked me and I left his rig. You learn to know the ones that want a quickie and ones that want to really fuck you good. I’ll do any or all. No problem. Another one of my favorites, sucking a guy off while his old lady is in the car with the kids. Those guys can shoot a load. You see, the theory is, ‘a guy know’s what feels good when getting a blow job, that’s why they would rather have a guy blow them, than their wives.’ Face it, women don’t have dicks, they have no fucking clue how to satisfy a man, let alone give a fucking blow job. It was midday on Saturday afternoon, rain was pouring down, traffic was slow, I dropped in and cruised the rest rooms. I sat in the stall nearest the urinals. If I couldn’t get a cock to suck, I could at least see some kind of cock candy, right? Seems I sat there for an hour before the door bolted open. A guy stood at the urinal, nice cock, average guy. I tapped my foot several times. The guy flushed, walked to the sink, washed his hands, came to my stall door and pushed it open. He had his nice looking cock in his hand. Hard. I took it deep into my throat, he whispered, ‘make it quick, wife in the fucking car waiting on me.’ I sucked that much harder. I pulled his balls out, as I squeezed on them I sucked that much harder on his cock. His hands grabbed the back of my head and he rewarded me with his load. Man, it was sweet too. He pulled his cock out of my mouth, zipped up and was out the door. Shit, it happened so fucking fast I wasn’t sure if it really happened or I fell asleep here on the john? Shortly after he left, the door opened again. A tall redneck, bubba looking mother fucker stood at the urinal. He had a fucking horse cock in his hand. ‘Am I fucking dreaming or what?’ I ask myself. I looked through the crack after rubbing my eyes and yep, there he stood with a horse cock in his hand. Fuck! Of course, he was ugly enough to be mean, I wasn’t too sure if I should tap my foot or not. I looked one more good time through the crack in the partition between us. This time, the large limp horse cock had started coming to life. Nervously I tapped my foot. ‘I was wonderin if you were gonna ask me in there, good buddy.’ The voice on the other side of the partition said. Damn, he sounded like a fucking hillbilly, but that cock, my gosh! ‘Come on in here,’ I said nervously. He opened the door, with a huge toothless grin he held his huge cock up and forced it in my mouth. He closed the door behind him and locked it. I didn’t go there, I just sucked on his huge cock. ‘You like that, huh, cock suckka?!’ He proudly said. The door opened and closed several times while I worked on this massive cock. Guys were coming and going, but had no clue I was sucking this large meat. The guy kinda stunk, but the cock taste so fucking good. He pulled my head back and forth on his huge cock. It was thick and long, and wonderful. His hands picked up the pace as he neared orgasm. ‘Eat my cum bitch! Eat this fucking load, eat my baby dough!’ He demanded. All of a sudden, spurt after spurt of hot jism came from the head of his dick. I held the head just inside my lips and felt every bit of that juice spray my tongue and throat. As fast as he got hard, he went limp. I squeezed the last drops out of his cock, as to clean it up for him. He stepped back and said, ‘thanks man.’ And was gone. Cum still dripping down my chin and a large gob on my shirt. You just never know what’s coming through the door in the way of cock. When the weather changes to colder months, I cruise from my car. I’ll purposely drive through the truck lot to spot any drivers doing paperwork, or talking on the phones. I once sat at a picnic table near the phones, made a lot of eye to eye contact, and believe it or not, I got an offer or two. Those big rigs are mighty warm in the winter time, and just as hot guys that drive them. Late one cold night I was the meat in a driver/co-driver sandwich. These guys cold rock a rig. The younger one wanted me to fuck him while the other driver fucked me. The co-driver lay on his back, I shoved my uncut cock up his ass. Nice and tight, and had just enough hair around it to make it even that much hotter. The other driver drove his cock up my ass. He and I got in a good rhythm and started fucking. As he pushed deep inside me, I was going deep inside his co-driver. The faster he pumped the faster I pumped. We both came, he in me, me in the other driver. The driver I was fucking came and came. What a fucking treat. Of course, all my tricks are treats!

Cruiser Claud, Mid State Illinois.

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