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Road Rape

I’m a local driver. Local delivery that is, I run a daily route from Birmingham, Alabama to Huntsville/Decatur, Alabama and all points in-between. I-65 North and South bound can be rewarding on some days, other days it can be quite dry. I know the large rest area that accommodates the north and south bound sides. I hit it three times a day on my route. This rest area is really busy most of the time, it slows down around dark. I pull in there to take a wiz and check things out. Usually, four out of five days I get lucky with a trucker, traveler or cruiser looking to get off. On my way back to Birmingham, on warmer days, I shuck my clothes and ride along in my bobtail truck letting my cock air out. There are three truck stops on the way up and down I-65 I frequent. There too I’ve had some pretty good luck. I once was having breakfast at one truck stop, fueled my delivery truck and a driver pulled up to the pumps to fuel his big rig. We made some small talk and I noticed he kept adjusting his cock in his pants. I could tell his cock was hard and he was having trouble getting comfortable with it. It was really turning me on watching him play with his stiff. As we chatted back and fourth with the pumps between us, he said he had been running all night, he was ready for a shower, hot meal and a really hot piece of ass. From out of no where, I spoke up, ‘I can help you with that hot piece of ass!’ He looked at me real funny, and replied, ‘let me pay for this fuel, meet me in my rig when I park. I’ve got something you will like.’ I could tell he was horny and ready for some action. I’m not really a bottom guy, but watching him struggle with that huge hard cock in his pants, it made my ass hole twitch. I made my way out to his truck. He was all horned up and ready to go. I got between his legs and started sucking that long hard fat cock of his. The head of his cock was purple and very large. Like I said, I’m not a anal kind of guy, but he pulled me of his cock, lay me back on his bunk, raised my legs up and spit right on my hot hole. He spit again and placed his cock head on my hole. My ass hole was opened up ready to receive what he had to offer me. My cock was so hard it was about to fucking pop a load over the both of us. I didn’t want to grab it, however I couldn’t hardly control myself. I had to cum really bad. He pushed his huge purple cock head against my hair hot ass hole and drove that mother fucker right in my ass. I could feel the head in my throat. My gosh! That felt like someone drove a fucking fist up my ass! Damn! He sunk that pole right to the hilt of his cock. He held my arms back and pulled his hard shaft out as fast as he drove it in! Then, he drove that son of a bitch back in again! My eyes felt like they were gonna pop out of socket! He pulled out again and drove it in so fucking deep it hurt like hell. This trucker daddy was raping my ass like a mad man. Fuck! After the third or fourth time it quit hurting and started really getting me hot. He drove that cock real deep and unloaded a gallon of spunk into my ass. I shot a very large load of cum over the both of us. It was fucking fantastic. I prefer to have my ass raped than to just give it up. That driver taught me a great thing! Keep on truckin! Ricky D. Birmingham, AL.

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