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Road House Fuck Buddies

I’ve been truckin for a long time. Back in the day where you could get a bunk at a truck stop about like you could get a shower. Some, but very few, truck stops today still have ‘rooms for rent.’ The very one in this story still has rooms for overnight or a daytime break. It’s the White’s Truck Stop in Virginia, I-81 north. The rooms are located upstairs above the truck stop, and on occasions when I have some time for layover, I’ll get a room for one day and one night. During the summer time, even today, that parking lot fills up early, and there is a lot of trucker cock to be had in that place, as well as cruisers to fulfill your every need. It was on a Friday night I broke down about 100 miles from the truck stop and thought it was gonna take for fucking ever to get back on the road. I couldn’t deliver until Monday, so, as far as the weekend went, I was screwed! I made my way to the truck stop, fueled, gathered my shit and went in for a hot shower, hot meal, and rented one of the rooms for the weekend. I was going no where until Sunday evening late. So, might as well make the best of it. At times, this truck stop and the rooms upstairs was like a bath house. Some of the guys pick up whores from the lot for a quick blow job or fast fuck, then the girls would be right back out in the parking lot looking for more action. The only truck stop where you could get a good blow job and a good case of the crabs from the lot lizards! They had one hell of a reputation. Mean while, upstairs, the guys were cruising the guys and having a grand time at it too! I should know, I was right in the middle of the weekend ‘hoe-down’ and I was one of the ‘hoe’s!’ My room was half way down hall of about six or eight rooms. I showered, had the usual grub, and was horny as fucking hell! I got to my room and noticed several guys making small talk in the hall way. Just like in the porn shops, the thought ran through my head. I got settled in, stripped down to nothing and lay across the small single bed for a few minutes. The doors, at the time, were about an inch off the floor, you could see shadows as people walked by. I could hear muffled sounds as guys shot the shit back and forth. As my mind wondered, my cock got stiff as a board. I hadn’t had any action since the pickle park back in Tennessee. That sucker was hot, he knew how to suck the cum right out of my balls. Any way, I got up, pulled my shorts on and opened the door. The hall was on the dark side, a few bulbs in the lights above were out, or unscrewed, I noticed a nice tall burly trucker looking guy standing at the far end. He had a cigarette in his mouth and peered out from under the bill of his Petro cap. I looked up and down the hall and stepped back into the room. I left the door cracked and thought, let’s see if this guy is up for some action. As soon as my ass hit the bed, he walked by my room. His hand was on his crotch. That told me he was looking for some relief, and that’s what I have to offer. My ass could us a good fucking about right now. I slipped my shorts back off, lay on my stomach and left the door cracked. Several minutes went by and I heard the door open and then close, that quick! He towered behind me and grabbed my naked ass. My cock was so fucking stiff I flipped over to show him what I had to offer as well. The tall burly guy dropped to his knees and started sucking my hard cock. Wow! He took that stiff shaft deep into him throat. He grabbed my balls and squeezed them, just about too much for my liking, but then let up. As he sucked my cock he unlaced his boots, pulled off his socks, undid his jeans, and got out of his tight clothes all while sucking on my cock. I was so fucking turned on I could hardly hold back that huge load of man juice I had saved up for the last day or so. He looked up at me with slobber all down his chin and introduced himself. ‘Hey, I’m Chuck.’ In a deep southern voice. ‘Rick’s my name, you suck a mean dick!’ I snapped back. ‘Yeah, you up for more? Is it OK if I hang around.’ He ask. Well, figure this, the mother fucker is twice my build, very much a burly man, butt naked already, sucking my cock, what the fuck does this guy think I’m gonna say? ‘Hell fucking yes, stay as long as you like, let’s get off together, more than once.’ I replied. ‘You are my kind of guy.’ He spoke back. He got up and the most beautiful cock I have laid eyes on in a long, long time stared my right in the face. That huge head looked like it was gonna say something to me. I could see a huge drop of precum dangling off the end of that huge head with a huge slit. I’m sure huge gobs of cum fly out of under much pressure. I couldn’t wait to see or feel the first heavy load come boiling out the end of that fuck stick. As that 8” long schlong hung between his legs, right in front of my face, I sucked that tool right in my mouth. Mother fucker! That sweet prejuice tasted out of this fucking world. I swallowed his whole shaft right down my open throat. He pulled my head closer and fed me that man hood. I could feel that thick swollen head scrap the walls of my swallow. My eyes teared up and I gagged once, gagged twice, and damn near choked the third time, but I gave it all I had. He pushed my head away and got on top of me in the small one man bed. He stuck his shaft back in my mouth and took mine in his. That was the first sixty-nine move I’ve done in a while. As he sucked my cock, played with my balls, he also toyed with my ass hole. I’m not into getting fucked too often, my ass opened up like a damn suit case. I was ready for a big rig to park in that shit hole. We sucked, and played with each other’s body until finally I couldn’t hold back. ‘I’m gonna shoot, I’m gonna shoot.’ Giving him plenty of warning. As I said that between deep breaths, he took my cock even deeper in his mouth. Cum shot out the end of my shaft and right down his throat. I came so fucking hard and so fucking long, it was like taking a long thick piss in Chuck’s mouth. In a few second I could feel his cum pump fire up and all of a sudden my mouth filled with his sweet juice. ‘I’m shootin too!’ He said with a mouth full of my cock. I couldn’t swallow quick enough. Cum ran out the corners of my mouth, over my bottom lip and down my chin. Hot, sticky cum was all over my face. What I didn’t swallow was running out of my mouth. I often read stories where the guys first get off, they just keep going at it. Their dicks don’t go down because they are so fucking turned on, well, that’s not just in the story books, guys. It happen to me that very time. I came so fucking hard, at first, I thought my cock was spent for the rest of the night, not fucking so. We both didn’t even take time to catch our breaths, it was almost like we were on a tight timed schedule and had to get it while the gettin was good. I mentioned before, I’m not all that good of a bottom, but my ass was so hot and turned on I wanted Chuck’s thick tool right up my ass. Real bad! Chuck moved over to my side, I stayed  on my side with him behind me. His hard wet cock slid between the cheeks of my ass. I could feel that huge head slide back and fourth on my ass hole. All that did was make my blood run that much hotter. My ass was wet from all the turn on, his cock was wet from fucking my mouth. He pulled my leg up and pressed that huge cock head against my hairy hole. I pushed as if I were gonna shit a large turd. My hole opened right up for his cock. My hole was like lips on a mouth it took that huge head and long shaft right in. I could feel the huge amount of pressure on my prostate. My cock was so fucking hard I thought it was gonna burst like a hot dog weaner on a grill. My fucking gosh! He shoved that huge shaft even deeper. I swear I could feel his cock head in my stomach. I was too afraid to make too much noise, the hall way sounded as if it were busy. In my mind I kept thinking I was in a bath house or back room to a porn shop, but that’s another story. Slowly Chuck pulled his cock out of my hot ass, only to shove it back in like he was trying to jab something up my ass hole. My gosh! The base of his cock was really large and round, my ass lips were wrapped around that mother fucker and was driving me close to another wild uncontrollable orgasm. He pulled that shaft in and out slowly and started picking up steam. The bed was moving along the floor with every push and pull. I turned my head back only to be greeted with Chuck’s long hard tongue. We kissed like two wild men in the bush. He tongued my mouth and I tongued his, in the mean time he was fucking my ass and making me love it. Fuck! It hurt so fucking good! As he pounded my ass my balls were beginning to tighten up again. Chuck whispered in my ear, ‘I’m gonna flood your hot ass with my cum. You’re gonna have cum all up in your bowels and it’s gonna drip out of your ass for days.’ He started grunting and fucking me harder and harder. The whole fucking bed walked across the small room. He kept pounding I kept jacking my cock, both of us harder and harder. Chuck started cumin up my ass, I could feel the hot goo filling my cavity. He gasp for air every time his shoved his cock up my hot ass. Cum was cumin out around his cock as he slid it in and out. Cum drained over my tail bone and down my back side. This man stud was breading my ass and dumping all his man juice right up my hole. I could feel that tingly feeling coming up my hard shaft. My ass opened up that much more as to take in all his cock it could possible get. A huge, long, stringy gob of cum shot out of the head of my cock and onto the floor. Stream after stream of cum shot out of my cock as Chuck shoved his shaft in and out of my ass. Every time his hard cock head scrapped across my prostate gland, I shot a huge wad of cum. He shoved his still hard cock up my ass one last hard time and I shot the very last of my larger than life load. We both were speechless. We were covered in sweat, cum and exhaustion! We feel asleep and stayed in that position for a couple of hours. When we woke up, we made small talk, went to the restaurant, ate, went to the shower, showered, and made our way back to my room, only to start all over again. For two full days, we both took turns breeding one another’s ass and shooting loads of cum. Oh, there were other cruisers around, but why waist time cruising for more? We were both about as much as we could handle. I have more stories and will send them in soon, thanks for the publication guys.        Rick/Central Transport

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