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Road Action

I get ask quite often about the action on the road, yes, it's there, unlike the past, now you have to hunt for it. I remember before cell phones, cameras on phones, no hook up apps, the trucker action was in high gear after dark, truck stops yes, rest areas were the place to be at night. Usually the wooded area behind the rest areas were the most active. I remember several hot orgies that took place in the no facility rest areas along I-59 North and South bound in Mississippi. Cruisers and truckers alike were hooking up all fucking day long. Several times parking a these rest areas, you could see the burning cigarettes in the woods, you knew some action was waiting to be had. Late evening before dark, several trucker and a hot younger cruiser were drinking beer making small talk, we all ended up in the woods having our turn with the younger guy, he had on fucking his skull and one in his hot tight ass, three of us took turns making this guy moan. He was in fuck buddy heaven. Now days, and it's a good thing overall, the bigger rest areas have full time attendants, which is good, so much bad shit going on now days, however, truck stop cruising is still alive and doing well. I still use my trusty CB to make some connections, I"ll post some 'CB Cruising Tips' real soon for you that might be interested. Remember one thing, 'cruising for sex in public' is against the law, so, hook up at one place, take the action to another. That's pretty easy to remember. I've been ask about truck stop showers as well. Back in the day, the mom & pop truck stops had communal showers, sorta like they high school gym locker rooms. Now there was some action. Of course, you have all ages, all sizes and all kinds of fun! Today, the name brand truck stops have really nice individual showers, you can still smuggle a shower buddy in, my partner and I when we ran team took showers together most every time. Sometimes other truckers would see us go into together, no one said anything, no one really cared. A couple of times we did have the guy cleaning the showers join us, talk about a mother fucker that could suck a dick! Man! Bottom line, the action is there, and my theory is, if it can get hard, it can be had. Married guys, single guys, straight guys what the fuck ever, they won't admit it, but they'd love to have a buddy to get off with. Be safe, more soon. Tim.

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