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Ride 'em Cowboy

Riding That Trucker Cock

I love to ride a stiff Trucker Cock! I have worn out two CB radios cruising Truckers. I love to hustle them in the truck stops near and far. I once had four Hot Hung Truckers in a shower at the Petro in West Memphis, Arkansas. It was a trick, but by golly I pulled it off. It was kinda lame, but I took a full days worth of laundry to the truck stop and washed and dried it there most of the day. One by one, I put the cruise on the single Truckers that came in to wash clothes and shower. It really was quite easy. I was really surprised at how the Men of the Road took to me for that man to man pleasure. I got screwed three times and fucked the hot ass of a younger Trucker as he bent over in the shower. I had so much Trucker Cum in my by the time I was done, it dripped out of me for fucking days! Once I got fucked by a Hung Cowboy Trucker in a rest area, right on the picnic tables. I know I’m not the first to tell that story, but there is nothing like laying back with your legs up and ass out for a huge piece of Trucker meat to open that anus up. He too rammed my tight hairy hole like a bitch in heat! While he fucked me there on the table late one night, there were three other Truckers that watched him breed me like a mad man. It was totally fucking wild! He dumped his man juice deep inside my bowels, I could feel the hot juice shoot out of the end of that thick head. I love to be fucked by Hot Horny Truckers. Once I was in a Trucker Friendly porn shop. I had a dark booth with two glory holes. I bent over and let a hot guy fuck my ass through one hole, and I sucked a nice uncut cock on the other side. It was fucking great! Both holes with a thick cock in them. I was sucking the cum out of one cock, while the other was dumping his in my hot hungry ass hole. Cum to find out, both guys were team drivers and loved the fuck and suck I gave them. Again, fucking wild! I once sucked a Hung Trucker in his cab while his wife was asleep in the bunk. Talk about really crazy! This guy wanted more, much more. I gave it to him too. He sat up in the driver’s seat and I straddled his large thick shaft and rode him really hard. We fucked while his wife slept. It was crazy but really great! I love you Truckers, every one of you! ‘Keep On Truckin!’ Ron in Tenn.

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