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Restroom Romp

The first time I was hit on in a pickle park rest room, it scared me at first, but once I got into it, wow! I had a hot load headed east, I was in the drive for a couple of hours, I had to piss like a fucking horse. So I pulled in the next rest area and decided to wash up a bit while I was here. I went in to piss and the first stall was locked up, the second had someone in it, so I went into the third stall. I pulled my cock out when I noticed a small, nail hole to my left. I could see some movement through there. The guy next to me was checking out my cock. Well, at first I thought this was fucking weird, but in the same instant, it turned me on. So, what the fuck, I was kinda horny, at least I could show this guy my hard on. I stroked my cock, and the more I thought about being watched, the more I pulled on my meat, I almost was ready to cum the guy tapped on the wall. There was no one else in the rest room. He whispered, ‘come on over to my stall, I wanna suck that cock.’ Without a thought, I got into the next stall. This guy was hung like a fucking horse! He had a tight body and was fairly good looking. He instantly grabbed my rock hard cock and started sucking. My gosh, it ran through my mind that if I could get him out to the truck, I’d have him fuck my hot hole. He took my cock all the way down his throat, way down. He gagged a couple of times, but kept on sucking. My fucking nuts were about the bust. I held on the back of his head and he had a grip on my ass cheeks. While he was slurping on my cock and I was moaning like a freak, another guy came in the rest room. I kept on fucking his mouth. I was just about to come when the guy in the rest room eased the door open and put his hands on my ass. Too late to worry now, I was about to fucking cum, when the guy sucking my cock, spit it out and turned me around. With his wet lips and tongue, he spread my ass cheeks open and started rimming my hole. The guy behind me, now in front of me, got on his knees and started sucking my ‘ready to shoot’ cock.  As I was ready to cum, the guy behind me was jacking off while he was eating my hole. He started shooting his load.  As I was ready to cum, the guy behind me was jacking off while he was eating my hole.  He started shooting his load. Long thick spurts of cum shot out of the large head of his cock, between my legs and in the face, neck, and chest of the guy sucking me. I pushed his head back, grabbed my hard cock and jacked a huge load in his face. The guy behind me kept eating my ass while I was shooting my rocks. The guy sucking me shot his load on the floor under us all. What a fucking cum bath. I wanted so fucking bad to take this party out to the truck, but, as fast as all this started, it was over. The guys jumped up, washed up and scrammed. Lickity split! Damn! Well, since that first time, I’ve had numerous encounters in rest rooms, t-rooms what ever you wanna call em. Anonymous sex is the best. That’s why so man guys have sex on the run, when ever, where ever they can. I know I’m always looking. Keep ‘em hard guys, see in the next park! Evan P. Zero Transportation

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