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Rest Room Wrangler

Door open, dick out? Come on in..........

I live near a very active Truck Stop. I cruise it several different ways and for the most part, I have a lot of good luck. First, I usually start in the parking lot with my CB. Can be tricky, and scary at times, the way some guys talk to you on the radio. But they don’t know where I’m at, so, fuck them. Sometimes it takes a while to get even a nibble, but when I do, I work it until I have the trucker, or cruiser, on another channel all worked up. Most of the time, it’s a score. I like to meet up in the rest room. Each toilet has it’s own private cubical, makes it safer to play in. I had a bearish trucker fuck my hole right there while guys walked in and out of the rest room. It was more a turn on knowing what we were getting away with as much as me getting plowed by this huge trucker. Another great way to pick up truckers, take your laundry and do it in the truckers laundry mat. Most bigger truck stops have a laundry mat for tuckers. No, you don’t have to have a CDL to use the trucker laundry mat, just go in, grab a machine, put in the quarter and you are on your way. Make shit up, yeah, got a load going east, hate the east. Usually, guys start talking. I hooked up with a tall, skinny CRST Driver some time ago. After a couple of hours bull shitting over laundry, he has a raging hard on in his loose jeans. We never took our eye off each other while we were talking. I knew what he wanted and he knew what I wanted. That was my first time to get fucked like a damn dog in a cab over truck. This guy was real thin, but he had a huge fat cock hanging between his long hairy legs. I sucked his sweet man juice out of his cock twice and he laid the meat to me three times during that night. Yep, I stayed with him all fucking night long. I ran to the quick mart for some beer, we drank beer and talked, sucked and fucked, naked, all fucking night long. One Sunday morning, I was all horned up and made my way to the truck stop. A group of people were there in the restaurant having breakfast. I figured it was an early morning church group, but one guy kept his eye on me. I made my way to the rest room and shortly he came in behind me. Standing at the urinal we started up conversation, before long, I was on my knees sucking this guy off. He in a three piece suit, me in cut offs and a t-shirt. His cock was rock hard, long skinny shaft with a huge head. He dumped his load in me and without saying much he was on his way. Never know who you’ll get lucky with at a truck stop, just takes some time to get in and see what and who’s going on. Truck Stop Cruising, my very favorite. Jerry J.

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