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Rest Area Workout

I live in a smaller town just outside a larger city. I’ve been cruising truckers and others for a long fucking time. Most of my hook ups are in the pickle parks off the beaten path. Too risky in the larger more busy rest areas and Welcoming Centers on the Interstate. Most of the truckers that stop off in the smaller pickle parks are cattle haulers (cowboy type), oil field workers and road crews taking a break in a quite more secluded pickle park. At night is the best time, but I’ve had my share of hot man to man sex many a time during the day. Once I was in a small rest area getting my hot ass plowed by a cattle hauler in the back of my pick up when a State Trooper made a pass through the park. I heard him drive by and while my ‘current’ trick was fucking my ass, legs in the air type of position, he said he hoped the mother fucker didn’t see us. If he did, he blew it off or was cruising himself. About 30 miles from my place is a rest area with no rest rooms just picnic tables and a short trail through the woods. Imagine that! A trail in the fucking woods. I drove in late one night with a cold six pack and a bag of chips, hey, beats a boring movie!! I sipped my beer and watched for any action I might be able to join. A guy pulled in, middle aged, got out under the one night light and took a piss. The guy, from what I could tell had a huge donkey type cock. It hung down and the piss drained out the end like a water hose. While pissing he was looking around. At what? Don’t know, we were the only fucks in the rest area. As I set with my window down and a cold beer between my legs he walked over to my truck. ‘Hey, hows it goin tonight?’ He ask. ‘Oh, just taking a ride and drinking a few beers, you?’ I replied back. ‘A cold beer sounds good, how far till the next store?’ He ask me. ‘Hell with the drive to the store, have one of mine.’ I offered. We stood outside my truck and drank a few beers when he reached over and ask if he could suck on my dick. Well, no one has ever had to ask twice. I dropped my jeans to my knees as he dropped to his knees and started sucking my half hard cock. I was in a real bad need of blowing a load, and what better place to blow than in a guys mouth? Ever so often a car, truck, big rig would pass the rest area. So far, we were the only ones there and it looked like we had the run of the place. As he slurped down my cock, he had pulled out his large tool. That fucker was even bigger hard. I ask him to take it out back, in case someone drove up we wouldn’t be disturbed. I pulled up my pants he walked behind me with his huge cock hanging in the air. We got just out of the light and I pulled my jean all the way off. He too dropped his pants. To my surprise, he had two huge balls to go with that fat cock! My gosh! He sucked on my dick again and just about brought me off. He spun me around and spread the cheeks of my ass and rimmed my hot hairy fuck hole for what it was worth. At that time, a couple of beers! I leaned forward so I could feel that hard tongue of his go up my hole. My cock stood straight out. A pick up truck pulled into the rest area and parked behind mine. A tall redneck fuck got out to take a piss. He through a beer bottle in the dark towards us. About three more feet the fucker would had hit one of us. As I got my ass eaten out I was jerking on my ‘damn near close’ swollen cock. My balls had tightened up and I was ready to shoot my wad when my personal ass licker ask if I could take his dick. I turned around, he stood up, I sucked enough slobber on that huge cock, that would barely fit my mouth, and turned back around and in a few hard shoves I had that huge, big donkey cock up my ass. He shoved that mother fucker in as far as he could. My ass hadn’t been that stretched in a long, long time. His cock was so fucking big it forced the juice out of my prostate gland right out the head of my dick. I could feel his large milky load fill my ass hole. After a few grunts and a few jerks he was done. It hurt me so fucking good I had tears in my eyes. So the smaller pickle parks off the beaten path can be rewarding at times. Like the bigger ones, you have to have patience. Oh yeah, that fucking redneck? I sucked him off before I made my way home, yummy! Stan/Illinois

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