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Rest Area Suck-a-Thon

The CB is the way to go when cruising truckers. I should know, I’ve done it suckcessfully for several years now. Oh, I’ve had my slow days, called all kinds of names over the air waves, but who gives a fuck! Most, if not all is talk. Like in a chat room, you can be anyone you want to over the CB radio. Any way, to my story, just last week, cruising the near by rest area, I got into a conversation with a driver whom was a well built black man. We must have chatted on the radio for about an hour before I finally got nerve up to ask him for a blow job. ‘You want to give me one or me give you one?’ He ask me. ‘Oh hell no! I want to suck you off and make you feel so fucking fine you remember it for days.’ I replied. We talked a few more minutes, when he came out and told me, via the radio, that it’s been several days since he shot a good load and gave me instructions to meet him in the rest room there at the rest area. A little on the hesitant side, I ask him if we could just meet in his sleeper, well, he had a co-driver and that there was no way we could meet up there. His co-driver was at the phone booth with their dispatcher on the line, so, we could meet up in the rest room stall. So, as I watched him make his way to the rest room, co-driver at the phones, I made my way in only to find the two of us in the room. He was in the last stall, butt naked, with a huge hard on setting on the pot. I pulled the stall door open to find this nice looking black man with a 10 inch cock sticking straight up looking at me. Without a word, and after an hour of talking on the fucking radio, we need not say too much more, I dropped to the floor and sucked on that huge pole. He forced my head down on that shaft and I could feel that mother fucker swell that much more. His balls hung down low between his legs down into the pot. My skull road up and down that thick black shaft until he shot streams of cum out that big slit in the head. I damn near got all of it down. Some ran out the corners of my mouth and down my chin. He was right, he had not cum in a few days. After he caught his breath, we got up, washed up and he was off to his truck. I made my way back out to my car and watched them drive out of the park onto the highway. As they drove off, I keyed the mic once again and ask if anyone wanted a blow job. My favorite channel to tell them to go to is 33. ‘Blow job, channel 33, blow job, channel 33.’ I said in the mic. Usually someone, even if it’s for harassment, meets me there. I’d say two out of three end up letting me suck on that hot trucker tool. Trucker cum has to be the best tasting jism around. That night I sucked off one more driver, in his cab, and another cruiser that was passing through. He too, gave me a great blow job and he agreed with me about the CB being one of the best tools to hustle a hot, horny, willing trucker. Oh yeah, always remember some cops have CB’s too. Once I had a guy cruise me on the CB, come to find out it was a local cop, no, he didn’t arrest me, he gave me one hell of a blow job. Now that’s a prize in itself. But be careful any way. Cruiser Chuck. 

“Cum-cum Goodbuddy!” I’ve been driving for 10 years now and can’t count the times I’ve been picked up by other truckers and cruisers by the CB Radio. I’ve been picked up in rest areas, pulled off on exit ramps and in many, many truck stops. I’ve been sucked by more ‘married’ men than single gay men. Of course, you know the story about married men that suck cock! I travel I-40 from California to Tennessee on a weekly basis. Guys, let me tell you, there is a lot of cock suckers on that route! The worst blow job I ever got was really ‘wonderful!’ I’ve had my cock sucked in just about every fucking rest area on I-40 and even off the beaten path. The CB is where I get all, not most, but all of my action. I listen close for guys that ‘click’ the mic looking for action. I try my best to answer any blow job call there is, and if I think it’s a slow day, I make the call out myself. I’ve hooked up with some hot redneck drivers on that route and gave them the best blow job they have ever had. Just about any guy with a cock will let you suck his dick. It has to be at the right time and the right place. Oh, I’ve heard all the gay bashing bullshit from all these macho fucks, but they would be the first to pull their dick out to be sucked on. Especially married guys on the road. Most, if not all, think a ‘quick blow job’ from another guy isn’t cheating on their old ladies. Well, for the record, it’s not! So, pull that cock out and let a fellow driver or good buddy suck that juice out of your balls. I prefer to do my driving at night. I pull in my favorite truck stop to fuel, shower and sleep during the mornings when most drivers are getting back out on the road. Once in a while I’ll find an early morning call for a blow job, or someone wanting a hot ass fucked, but most of my action, getting and giving, happened at night on the lonely highway. One night that I will never forget was in the rest area  west of Albuquerque right around Laguna, New Mexico. I pulled in to pour some coffee and take a piss. I heard a bleed over from another channel. I searched the CB channels and came across a good buddy talking to another trucker. ‘I’m right behind you in the red pick up, meet me behind your truck.’ The good buddy instructed the driver. ‘You naked?’ The driver ask. ‘Hell yeah! And my ass is greased up for that cock.’ He replied. I turned off my head lights and got out of the truck to take my piss, when just in front of me was a red pick up. I could see three figures standing behind the truck just inside the dark. I eased up behind the small group and to my surprise were three guys, all butt ass naked, two taking turns fucking the hell out of the one. I walked around behind them in the dark shadow to watch these three guys get it on. The two fucking the good buddy were team drivers that met up with this guy on the CB. One standing watching the other caught me out of the corner of his eye, ‘come join us,’ he spoke out load. What the fuck, I shucked my clothes and fell right in the line. As one fucked the good buddy the other and I played with each others hard as hell cocks. He had a huge large head on the end of his 9” shaft and very large balls. The one pulled out, the other stepped up and continued plowing the good buddy’s ass. He was a younger guy with a hot ass for fucking. All three of us left our hot, juicy man loads in that young fuckers ass. He stood up when we were done with his ass and shot a huge load all over the back tandems of the truck we were fucking behind. So, if you want my attention, get a fucking CB, and let’s hook up on the road. BadtotheBone, Total Transport.

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