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Rest Area Stall Fuck

I’ll never forget one time I pulled into the rest area just outside of Houston on I-10 east. It’s the one before all the truck stops. I pulled in there to catch up on my log book and take a quick piss. I didn’t want to get in all that truck stop traffic seeing it was getting late and truckers were hunting a place to shut it down for the night. I got out to head to the rest rooms, the park was had several cars, trucks, but the foot traffic was dead. I walked into the rest room, now, this is one of those rest areas that had the short walls between the pots, and or urinals. Standing in a stall, you could see the head of the guy next to you. Smile, say hi, type of shit. Any way, out of 6 stalls, there was a guy in the next to last stall. Most people that walk in  usually take the first stall, and get out. Well, not me, I went to the last stall. As I walked by the guy sitting in the 5th stall, I took a quick look going by, he had the biggest fucking hard cock I’d seen in for ever! He was steadily stroking it too. I got in the next stall, and peeked over while I was taking a piss. He looked up and said, ‘you want some of this?’ I walked around to his stall, leaned over and started sucking his thick shaft. I could barely get it in my fucking mouth. His fucking cock was huge! I went down on him as far as I could. He reach up between my legs, pulled my sweat pants down to my knees and fondled my cock and balls. My cock was hard and waving in the wind. He pulled on it, teased my balls and rubbed on them. I stood up and he took my cock in his mouth. He fingered my hole while he was sucking. I was getting fucking weak from the hot action. He turned me around and spread my ass and spit. He massaged his spit into my hole with one, then two of his fingers. I squatted down so he could get his fingers deeper inside me. He grabbed my hips and pulled me down on his lap. Of course, there was a fucking telephone pole sticking out of his lap. As I worked my tight hole around his pole, a couple of loud mouth guys came into the rest room, I ducted a little but kept bouncing on his rod. The guys bull shitted, pissed and never knew we were in the place. I kept bouncing on his cock. I could feel that my ass was spread wide, wide open. My cock stood out like a flag pole. He reached around me and started jacking me off. Our rhythm was perfect. Every time that thick cock of his went deep inside me, he would pull on my cock head. I started cumming inside of me and I took as much cock of his I could. I shot too, the same time he unloaded in me. It was fucking wild. I have fucked a few guys before in a rest room, but never gave in to a huge cock like that, right then, right there. Hey, never pass up a huge cock that’s looking for some relief. Jason D. Texas Southern Express

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