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Rest Area Sex Pig

No joke about it, I’m a sex pig! Most men are, well, the one’s I hook up are. I learned about sex in a pickle park back in high school. Friday nights my buddies and I would hang out at a near by pickle park. Drink beer, smoke pot, you know, the things teenagers do. We just used the rest area because in a small town, there’s not too many places you can hang and not get bothered. Late one Friday night by buddy Jimmy and I met up at the park after out Friday night dates. Two young men trying to get laid before we got out of high school. We met around 11pm, that lucky night (for me), and Jimmy ask if I had luck with my girlfriend. Naturally no, I really wasn’t interested in pussy or even girls, what I wanted I couldn’t share with anyone due to the small town, and the ignorant people that go along with it. ‘Nope, no luck, guess I’ll just jerk off later.’ I told him. ‘Yeah, looks like Rosie Palm once again.’ He replied. We dug in my ice chest and grabbed a cold beer. Truckers were coming and going, most were idling, guess they were taking their breaks. I often wondered if guy like that played around? From out of no where, Jimmy asked, ‘do you think truckers jerk off much? They are away from home a lot, so you know they get horny.’ At first I thought I was dreaming, that was a strange question coming from my buddy. ‘Don’t know, guess they do? I know I do every chance I get.’ And we laughed it off. I’ve seen Jimmy naked before, nice cock and balls, just the right amount of hair around his crotch, and a nice hairy trail that goes up to his belly button. We’ve showered at school many times, I’d give anything just to touch. Jimmy pulled his dick out to take a piss, as I took a quick peak I saw his cock was really huge. ‘Damn Jimmy, you turned on or what?’ As we both looked at his hard on. My heart started beating so fucking hard, you could hear it pound in my chest. He laughed and said, ‘thinking about those truckers having to beat off made my fucking cock hard. Guess I need to beat it off to get it back in my pants.’ And he started stroking his cock. He unbuttoned his pants and pulled his jeans and shorts down. ‘Wouldn’t you like to get off with me? I’m so fucking horny, I gotta shoot a load.’ He ask I almost freaked! Almost. My cock started stirring in my pants. ‘Well, I’ve never jerked off in front of anybody, but it could be fun.’ I replied. We stood on the dark side of my pick up. I pulled my pants down and started stroking. My uncut 8” cock caught Jimmy by surprised. I’m more of a grower than a shower. My cock is almost less than average soft, with lots of fore skin. But when he grows, he doesn’t stop until he’s every bit 8 hard dripping inches. Talk about pull on it all day long. At that time in my life, I was either eating, sleeping or pulling on my cock. Mostly pulling on my cock. Jimmy looked down and ask, ‘hey man, can I touch your cock? I’m not a queer, just interested in feeling that monster.’ ‘Sure, if I can do the same for you?’ I replied. Before we knew it we were jerking each other off. In no fucking time we were both blowing loads all over the dark pavement. It was dark out, but the dim lights from the park cast a light shadow over the two of us. We stood there for a little bit, pulling on our dicks. ‘Whew, what a fucking load.’ I said. Jimmy reached behind us and got another beer. Standing with his cock still out, still hard, sipping his beer, he ask, ‘can you go again?’ ‘Hell yeah,’ I replied, ‘I can do this all fucking night long.’ Jimmy ask, ‘lets take some beer and go back behind those truck into the woods, that way, we won’t have to be looking over our shoulder.’ I agreed. As we walked back behind the big rigs, I noticed Jimmy knew what the hell he was doing. I didn’t ask questions though, this is what I’ve wanted for a long, long time. We got just inside the woods to a small open spot. We both pulled our pants off and lay them on the ground to set on. Both cocks standing straight up, we started jerking. Jimmy moved over closer so he could get a grip on my dick. I grabbed his too. Man, I wanted to try sucking on it, but was afraid to ask. Well, it crossed my mind, if he ask to jerk me off, surely he won’t mind me sucking him off. ‘After two more beers I got the nerve up. ‘Jimmy? Can I try sucking you off?’ ‘You ever suck a guy off before?’ He ask. ‘No, can’t say I have, just got an urge to see what it was like.’ I told him. ‘Sure, suck me off.’ He said. I got down between his legs and started sucking his cock. About the fourth or fifth deep throat I did he shot his thick wad down my throat. It was fantastic. From then on, for the next two years, I sucked Jimmy off every Friday night. He finally married and moved out of state, but during that time I got hit on by a friendly truck driver. He let me suck him off in his rig and from that point on, I was hooked on truckers, and learned real quick that sex in a pickle park was much more than I expected. When traveling, I cruise every chance I get. I’ve had fantastic sex in many a truck, many a rest area, and that’s not counting the pleasures I’ve had in truck stop! Not paying much attention, I stopped at Flying J in Eloy, Arizona. It was late, but the restaurant was full. I went in, ordered and ate. During this time I had made occasion eye to eye contact to a rough looking guy at a far table. Every time I looked over, he was looking at me. I noticed he had changed his seating position where I could see this huge fucking package in his pants. Finally, about done and ready to leave, he walked by and dropped a note on my table. This freaked me out. I was 2000 miles away from home and this guy acts like he knows me. I reached over and picked the note up and it read, ‘like to get to know you, call my cell.’ And gave the number. I hesitated, but made the call. He was parked out in the lot and wanted some company. Without even thinking about it, much, I found myself naked, legs up and this rough looking man between my legs fucking my hole. My cock hadn’t been that hard the whole fucking trip. I had both hands on his ass as he worked my hole over. His long thick cock was tearing my ass up. He would set back and grab my cock and stroke it while he eased his cock in and out of my ass. He flipped me over, with my ass in the air he fucked me doggie style and jerked my cock until I came furiously beneath me on his bed. In a rough voice he whispered in my ear, ‘you’re a hot fuck, I could breed your ass all night long.’ And he did. He wasn’t much for conversation, which suited me just fine. My motto ‘Shut Up and Fuck!’ When this tough mother fucker was done fucking me, he took me back in the truck stop and we showered together. I sucked him off one more time before we got out, said my good-by and took out of there. His man juice dripped from my hole all the next day. I pulled into a rest area in Louisiana once and got bred by a huge black guy. He was on the phones and I’d often heard hanging out around the phone booths can get you laid as well. Today, the day of the cell phone, not too many guys use the pay phones like they use to. But I gave this black stud a shake. I pretended to be on the phone next to him. As he waited for his dispatcher (so he said) I pretended to do the same. ‘Who you work for?’ He ask. For a second I felt fucked, but I replied, ‘dedicated for FedEx. I’m on my day off, got to keep in touch in case plans change.’ I made it up as I went along. I kept looking into his eyes and his crotch. He said, ‘You see something yo.....’ His dispatcher picked up and he started talking to them. What was he going to ask? They kept talking for what seemed like for fucking ever! I was just about to give up when he turned around and this huge pole was hanging down the leg of his loose jeans. He held his hand over the phone receiver and ask, ‘you want some?’ I smiled, he hung the phone up and off to his rig we went. A real nice guy, part time preacher, drove for Werner. He pulled his cock out of his sweat pants and I’ve never seen such a beautiful cock. I took my time sucking and gnawing on this massive meat. It was so fucking big I wasn’t sure he could fuck me, but I gave it a try. With him on his back, I straddled his body and put my hole on the big head. He had it lubed up and ready for me to slide down. I did. It took a little time, but I had that huge fucker up my love tunnel. I was in the squatting position, and I bounced up and down the big pole for a little while. I could feel his cock get even harder before he dumped his load in me. I kept going up and down and jerking my cock. He pushed my hands away and jerked it for me. I held back as long as I could, I really wanted to shoot a large load. I could feel my prostate being massaged by the huge cock head on the end of that pole. It was swelling up and wanted to be released bad. I could feel my hot man juice work it’s way through my cock. I kept holding back. Before I could let the cum fly, he, again, started cuming in my ass. His cock, my ass, was well greased with his massive loads of cum. Cum, out of my ass, covered his now empty balls. I finally let go. The first of many thick streams went way over his head and to the wall of the sleeper. The next several streams went all over his face, neck, and chest and ended up dribbling down my hard cock and onto my balls. I got up off his massive meat, it lay over, cum dripped out the large head. A heavy flow of cum drained out of my well opened ass. We cleaned up and I was on my way. I’d like to be known as a versatile sex pig, I like to have a tight ass hole wrapped around my cock too! Not too long ago I went into an adult shop and learned what glory holes are all about. I love to have a hot mouth on my cock as well. I left several cock suckers real happy and sucked a few off myself. Once I got in a large booth with two guys. A first for me. The one guy was Hispanic, didn’t say much, but wanted his dick up one of our ass’s. The other guy was young, married, fooling around on the side, I later found out. He wanted a cock up his ass as well. I pulled my pants off over my work boots. I offered my ass to the Hispanic guy. While he tried to work his spit lubed dick up my ass, the other guy was down sucking my cock. I was getting bred by the Hispanic when the younger guy got up and turned around. He’d already been fucked, I could tell, my hard root slid right in his waiting hole. Being the meat in a sandwich is fucking wild. The guy behind me was in perfect rhythm with me fucking the young married buck. I reached around and grabbed the guys cock, he moved his hand from jerking it, and I took it’s place. His cock was short and thick, real thick. The kind that opens your hole up real big. I could feel the long Hispanic cock deep into my bowels. He grabbed my hips and started fucking me hard. I could tell he was about to cum. I grabbed the hips of the guy in front of me and did the same. Our rhythm was fast and furious, we both cam at the same time. He in my ass and me in the other guy’s ass. The guy started shooting his load in front of us on the wall. We all came together. It was fucking wild. Before I got out of there, me and the Hispanic got it on one more time, and I also fucked the younger married guy once more too. You see, I’m a fucking hard core sex pig. If there’s a guy around that’s looking for some real man to man pig sex, it’s gonna happen if I’m in the house. I’ll tell ya more later, I also have great times in a bath house, even a warehouse parking lot. Got caught by a cop sucking a guy off, well, I sucked him off too! Cheaper than a ticket! Sex Pig Randy. NYC, NY.

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